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“You better watch out, you better not cry…”, will something be coming to your town this year?

I truly don’t want to be an alarmist and I certainly hope fate or someone less influential can tell me I am totally off base here, but there’s a number of things seeming to be ticking away.. and this can all, maybe, turn into some perfect storm of political and economic events in the country in the coming year that could get a bit violent.

Remember that meeting at the White House between Trump, the uninspiring Pence, Schumer, and Pelosi.. where Schumer seemingly pushed Trump into declaring a government shutdown would be all on him?  What’s been bothering me since that moment was the look of jovial glee on Schumer’s face (God, his body language told a lot at that moment…) that he got the President to shoot himself in the political leg.  Then the media jumped on that band wagon… Trump was admitting that if the shutdown occurred that it would be his fault.  Whoppee!  A political victory for the Dems!

Well.. no.  And since the shutdown you can just feel a different tension oozing out that was certainly so obvious to me from that meeting.  Both sides in this thing are hunkering down for the long haul with the issue being totally about a wall that really isn’t a wall, rather a fence with slats; a watered down version of Trump’s campaign promise of some huge concrete behemoth Great Wall from sea to shining sea that was going to cost something like $15 billion.  The current debate is over a fence, not meandering over the mountains and through the woods, but in the more vulnerable areas of passage… and costing $5 billion, which includes a bunch of other protection funding.  So what’s this different tension I am seeing across the land?

The 900,000 government workers currently out of work due to the shutdown, and the public at large on the receiving end of services cut off, are NOT sitting around bemoaning Trump’s sucking up the political blame.  The country is turning their political heads east toward D.C. meaning the country is “blaming” D.C. politics.  No one is separating out the who to blame.. and it’s going to get worse as this shutdown continues.  It’s the politicians!  That’s the growing perception, and when that happens no one wins and everyone loses in the public eye.  People are increasingly pissed at Washington… meaning the White House AND Congress.

To complicate the out-of-work, loss-of-services results of the shutdown you have the market in sad shape, and while that alone doesn’t dictate the overall economic growth, years of great economic recovery seems to be faltering a bit causing the Fed to mess with the interest rate.  The result there is a bit of a jittery feeling among economists and banks that we could be entering a period of recession and inflation over the next year or two.  It’s not expected to be anything huge.. but it does add to the growing economic consternation.


Let’s Keep Going With This Tension Build Up

There’s no question our national divisiveness and political mood has just gotten worse now that we are two years into Trumpism.  Then the election  has shifted completely the Congressional dominance away from Trump; certainly in the House.  As soon as the Dems took over and finished with the Pelozi affirmation…. there’s some cracks appearing in the priorities.  Some House members want to start right away with impeachment; the “Impeach the mother******!”.  Others prefer to wait until Mueller’s investigation is over… thinking that it will be easier to impeach if Mueller provides a legal reason to justify the “high crimes and misdemeanors” definition.  There’s already 17 ongoing legal court investigations across the Trump empire… and Mueller isn’t finished yet with his investigation yet.  We already know a number of House committees will be investigating various aspects of the Trump administration.

As soon as a Mueller hammer drops there appears to be little question that the great legal and political battle that will ensue will embroil the nation deeper.  There will be Supreme Court wrangling, the various federal district courts, and state courts.   All this, and you have a rather volatile one-third of the electorate as die hard Trump supporters that contain some who might lash out violently at the effect of the world picking on Trump.  Just visit any Trump-supporting Conservative blog at any time and it’s made up of nothing to do with the here & now, of current motivations that feed Trump his wacky numbers, current issues in the news.  There’s little about current issues.  It would seem the only concern about America under Trump is the intense lamenting about the Clintons and Obama; citing conspiracies, corruption, and the “obvious” liberal contamination of the FBI and the DOJ that’s preventing justice from being applied against Hillary… as if Hillary going to jail somehow vindicates Trump from anything that pops up from Mueller.  A close second on these blogs is of course thinking the Second Amendment is on the verge of extinction by Liberals who want to destroy the Constitution for their own ends… and the not-so-subtle right-wing willingness to kill fellow Americans in some grand civil war.

C’mon… with a part of America is thinking like that it’s not a far jump to imagine some of these people in this demographic loosing their grasp on reality and lock & loading the family AK-47 and go cruisin’ thinking the attacks and legal accusations on Trump are simply conspiracies to overthrow him in some soft coup.

You see, the first two years the economy was churning along just nicely and when that happens folks tend to be more accepting of divisive politics knowing that there’s a basic status quo of them working and paying the bills at the end of the day.  BUT… when the economy starts to flutter across the board then employment and wages can take a hit… and people feel less confident about their personal survival.  Those working might save more, spend less anticipating the employment uneasiness, causing a further economic shift.

International events may inspire some safety doubt as well.  The China trade issues are already tossing seeds of economic doubt… the unpredictability of North Korea and Russia are spreading some security doubts.. and Trump himself is the most unpredictable element in all of this.

All this discontent and doubt.. from the political to the economic to the international… just might force some to get a little violent.  No, I’m not talking a civil war here.  But the seething cauldron of the current governmental shutdown, our political diversity, tribalness, and cultural impasse that has very likely been kept in check because of our amazing economic growth.. just might be threatened when that “growth” itself becomes threatened and the trickle effect edges down Main Street America and into our homes.


The Fear of the Unknown

Anything additional to increase our national “agitation” and tenseness in the coming year will be like adding salt into an open wound.  The Mueller report being made public will be a big deal… pretty much no matter what his results are, sending Trump favoritism down even further, triggering even greater discourse on impeachment.  Some major international confrontation forcing Trump to try and be presidential in a response.  Trade war escalates.  More random mass shootings to set off again screams for gun control.  Maybe even the occasional natural disaster or two.  There will be no wiggle room to absorb some “hit” to public opinion or deflect some reactionary response whatever the form.

As this is being written Trump is scheduled to make a prime-time speech to the nation tomorrow evening, followed by a visit to the Mexican border on Thursday.  We can likely expect the speech will contain the usual mumbo-jumbo about him being a victim of past presidents, loaded with historical hyperbole (lies) to deflect, and blaming a Democratic House or Representatives.  But I am expecting he will again push his case for a wall… and defend the current government shutdown, and could quite possibly make another of his arbitrary announcements, in this case, forcing the wall by using his national defense powers.  What the important thing here is that everyone will be watching and listening, fearful of the unknown that symbolizes Trump.

I welcome anyone who can tell me I’m reading everything wrong for 2019.



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