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There’s no question that I consider McCain a great modern day hero, if not just for his selfless courage as a POW, certainly his exemplary integrity as a human being.. and as a politician.

The man deserves any and all accolades, and our national respect.  Oh, in spite of being inside the same political party, I am more a liberal conservative, so I didn’t always agree on McCain’s ideas.  But that doesn’t matter one bit because McCain was first an American, as I prefer to think of myself.

But there is something more to his passing that makes us reflect… and reflect with great admiration as much as disappointment that he will not be here to carry hope forward.  He spoke up when he felt strongly.. and that included speaking up regarding the current President.  He was a member of that part of traditional republicanism I was a member of.. what most GOP members of Congress used to be.  He was a “country first” politician; not party.

He received insults from an incompetent President with grace yet struck back with tempered but assertive tenacity when very few of his own political kind were standing up for America before party.   Just realizing that alone.. a man dedicated to the Constitution, freedom, to the point where he served his country under fire, respected the authority of chain-of-command… respected the institutions of freedom we hold dear… and above all respecting the office of the President of the United States… until such time that even THAT was suddenly in question as the result of the last election.  A President so fearful, behaviorally starved for attention like a child, and feeling so personally inferior that he had to belittle those Americans across the gamut… suddenly insulting McCain as if he were on a school playground.   What kind of American president has that kind of resentment for the office he was voted to serve?  What kind of President, elected by the people, has so much disrespect for the institutions which serve to protect our freedom and way of life?  What kind of President has to resort to schoolyard bullying tactics to disparage a true hero just to prop up his own perception of himself?  What kind of President consistently lies to the point that it’s an anticipated response each time he Tweets or talks.

In watching the news coverage of his demise, I sense something in the background that might go a bit farther than the condolences.  One of the nation’s greatest contemporary statesman/heroes has been specific that he does not want the President at his funeral.  That might be a pretty good smack across the President’s jaw in itself.  I am sensing that the national mourning is a bit more than just mourning the passing of a great American.  It seems the nation is having a heavier heart at McCain’s passing because McCain WAS what the nation used to be, before.  It was a similar feeling to the realization that Obama was leaving the White House and turning over the keys to the new guy, who most of us all feared.  So far our fears have been founded as true.. and McCain represents a displaced hope that once was.  There’s a general, collective sadness for more than just his personal passing.

If McCain had passed during the Obama administration, the accolades and mourning would be just as compelling.. but the spirit of hope emanating from his passing would be far less because those were different times where we still were filled with a measure of hope, faith, and trust in our President; Obama respected the office, the American people, and traditions and institutions.


So.. what do we, as Americans, do with this “feeling”?

Well, if you’re part of his base you might pause for a moment of reflection, but quickly dismiss all the events and media reporting as ongoing liberal bias; they need to protect Trump (because Trump is going to need it).  If you are part of the rest of the country… maybe we can draw from McCain’s passing, and the hopes he had and that we all had, for a greater America, and get focused on carrying the Senator’s fighting spirit forward.  I’m not suggesting everyone sign on to McCain’s politics… but to build on his spirit of reaching across the aisle, limiting the divide, create compromise.

Think of it for a moment… each and every major item on Trump’s agenda has an element of possibility if there’s some measure of compromise.  Some of it has some merit.. but there’s no reason to force-feed Americans or use blunt force to get things done… or make ill-conceived demands to upset our international relationships.  Trump needs to go and McCain knew it.  Whether it’s done by vote or by Congress… the current president must go.  McCain understood that.


Anyone in the wings?

The question now remains.. who picks up McCain’s torch to carry on with the struggle?  Who starts sending the message to the American people that there’s hope for America’s continued greatness, rather than the constant pessimism that America has lost that greatness.  It never has.  McCain knew that too.

No..McCain is not a martyr to a cause, unless you want to assign every American who gave their life in service to the country as a martyr.  A patriot?  No question of that.  But the measure of an American is not how one flies the flag, bends a knee to the playing of the National Anthem,  dry-fires their gun to the Second Amendment,  or refuses to go home from being a POW unless his fellow soldiers could go home as well.  It comes from something deeper in taking our history as a country and using that to form an America to meet a changing world future.  That was McCain.

I share three things with John McCain…

  1. We served the same Commander-in-Chief, and we respected same during our service.
  2. We were both Americans.
  3. We were both human beings

Perhaps we all share something with him.

I heard a talking head today say that “…they don’t make them like John McCain anymore.”  In a practical sense to the attributes of the man himself, that is correct.  But someone, somewhere… spiritually IS made in the mold of McCain because he epitomizes what most Americans feel.  We just have to get off our duffs and communicate with our Congressmen… and vote to get the ship of freedom back on course.


Oh.. and as for Trump…

It will give me great satisfaction knowing that Trump the Incompetent, shunned by McCain the Hero, will be standing alone while the bulk of the nation.. and the media… devotes the next couple weeks to McCain’s memory and memorial services.  He can sit alone in his Oval Office stewing, knowing that the person who “surrendered to the enemy” has garnered more respect than he could possibly fathom for himself; that his child-like jealousy and envy over the far greater accomplishments and personal sacrifices of others will just eat away further in his deep psyche.  More than likely he will try to get some attention in the days to come; maybe resurrect his “project” of taking clearances away from his list of enemies.  If that’s all he does we should consider ourselves fortunate.

Perhaps McCain can inspire us further to do something about that.  I look at McCain and weep for a hero; I look at Trump and weep for America.


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