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Actually… I’ve been in a more conciliatory mood lately toward Trump supporters.  Yeah, my blog is anti-Trump in its theme but while Trump supporters mystify me as to their incentives and motivations to believe what they believe so fervently (especially this fanatical obsession of “love” with the man) , I do try to avoid getting personal about it all and reducing myself to name-calling.  Indeed I’ve used group descriptives like “ignorati” and “Trumpsters” but that’s assigning a collective label rather than personally demeaning.  I mean, I don’t call Trump supporters dumb-asses or douchebags.. or even “deplorables” (that does not mean I have not been tempted by the devil to do so from time to time).  On many of the conservative blogs I’ve visited  I’ve been treated very badly simply for trying to exchange views and ask for feedback (and I should acknowledge Citizen Tom’s blog as being a welcome exception).

From the get-go I’ve been very “vocal” about Trump himself as being incapable and totally inept, regarding his lack of political experience, very limited business experience (he’s never had to answer to any superiors… like investors), extraordinarily poor management style and limited management background (you don’t need to have a constructive management style when you are absolute ruler CEO), but most importantly it was so obvious to me his deficient social personality and narcissistic behavior to the point of all that being an operational detriment.

The sad part is that everything that is happening is exactly the behaviors and results I would expect to happen with this sort of personality.  Of course I did not predict the specific events… no one could.  But all this chaos, dissension, political failures.. is easy to understand… for me.  Even as I sat down to write these thoughts, thinking there might be a break in the chaotic news cycle long enough for me to compose a coherent sentence… Trump dumps Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff.  There is no end to this swirling vortex surrounding this president.

Note:  If you are keeping score it’s nine so far.. in six months.  Need details?  check here…

Yet as they say, appearance can mean everything.  Consider this.  Most of the republicans in that room did NOT agree with the content of this repeal.. but were willing to vote for it under the promise and assurances from the House that the House would not pass it but rather begin the greater process of going beyond a repeal WITH a sound healthcare plan.  A huge political risk for all of the Senators just on Ryan’s word.  While the two lady senators,  Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), deserve their own recognition for standing up to their party, it was apparent the “hero” in the room was John McCain of Arizona.  Not only does he carry the image of war hero, POW, and long political service in being a bit of a maverick, and carries the respect of most everyone… but he now faces his greatest battle with a likely incurable cancer.  A few days after brain surgery that resulted in the bad news diagnosis he makes the valiant effort to return to the Senate to be part of the vote.  He makes a speech chastising the lack of progress in the Senate and using emotion to call for a return to compromise and debate… and people listened and clapped.  So right now the man commands considerable public interest and political respect to the point that the networks were all reporting the mystery surrounding how he might vote; the nation’s eyes were on him.  Then as the votes were being registered he walks to the front and in a dramatic McCain way he holds up his hand.. pauses for effect… then does the thumbs down, ostensibly in defiance of the wishes of his own party.  Everyone in the room has a sense, albeit unspoken, that McCain was presenting his legacy.

The  measure does not pass.  The symbolic result is the GOP, especially Trump, has suffered a major political defeat, unrecoverable.  But here’s the image I got from all this.  As I said, the Senate GOP was not in favor of this repeal actually passing, but trusted in that the House would use it only as a vehicle for hacking out a new healthcare plan.  So the rank-in-file was already squeamish about voting for this.  But the political pressure was on to get them all in line to vote the party line.  The hero of the Senate showed in very visible defiance, his disdain not only for the repeal, but the process, and the divisive spirit, and voted against his party.

I encourage you to watch this 19 second detailed video of the McCain vote and specific reactions from fellow senators…

Here’s what I interpreted from all that…

Every one of those GOP senators are feeling not only defeat on the party line, but defeated in having lost a major battle.. to prove absolutely nothing, and FOR absolutely nothing.  Right now the average GOP senator is likely more willing to align with the spirit of McCain and defy the chaotic, unpredictable and embarrassing President and whatever parts of the President’s agenda doesn’t fit.  Add to that the very real “crisis fatigue” from the total chaos constantly emanating from this president.  I saw the possibility that this defeat will end up in a collective defiance to the President… and this will translate in the future to less obstruction to impeachment, IF impeachment is on the agenda.  Mark my words on this one… when they look back to try and determine where the breaking point occurred in Trump’s administration it will be this vote and the imagery and symbolism of McCain’s defiant vote.

Now, there are likely many who will view McCain’s actions as somewhat treacherous to the party; a last minute turncoat in support of those nasty Obamacare-loving liberals.  Feel free.  I contend that the party leadership took advantage of the rank-in-file by trying to make them vote on something they were mostly against anyway. Everyone in there new if something got messed up in the House and the measure passed that the result would have been a nightmare for healthcare.  McCain didn’t vote to side with any liberal action; he voted his way because to him it was flat out wrong.

Anyway, the point to all this is that I feel a sense impending disappointment with all those voters who actually trusted Trump to make a difference.  Actually, that’s mostly those red state folks who switched their party on a hope their personal situations would be improved by this guy.  The hard line conservatives of the right and ultra-right are not going to change their views or admit Trump is anything but the greatest president that ever lived.  They cannot separate political views from the ability to govern; if you are breathing and conservative (and can toss in the occasional “hell” or “damn”, or drop the occasional “F” bomb in your speeches) you’re good enough to be president for those folks.  But there are a large segment of Americans who will be disappointed, and if unknown events happen and Trump falls on his face or makes things worse… disappointment might shift toward feeling responsible.

No.. I am not gloating or being condescending one bit here.  I don’t like what’s happening at all to any of us; I saw this coming from my perception of who the guy is.  Now.. if Trump does a 100{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} turnaround … forces Putin to resign, North Korea surrenders without a shot being fired, Mexico pays for the wall, and Trump replaces all cabinet secretaries with only LGBT people (including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs)… or something of equal accomplishment.. I will concede I was way off base in what I thought.  Unlike the far right (and Trump’s inner circle), I don’t kiss anyone’s ring… liberal, conservative, or in between.

But I don’t consider any Trump supporters anything but… “my fellow Americans”.

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