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…Let’s Congratulate Ourselves!  We’ve Achieved Complacent Normalcy!


My girlfriend told me a few days ago she was going to take a vacation trip to the capitol, Covfefe, Nambia.. and she sent me this pic to prove she was really there.  You think I need to worry?  Is this a safe place?


The future of my relationship with her aside… it certainly appears as a nation we’ve fallen into the apathy of accepting Trump for the duration.  It’s a surrender of sorts.  There’s absolutely no question his supporters are a significant minority and if the election were held again those red states wouldn’t matter because of the increase in voters voting.  But that’s neither here nor there.  The fact is, he’s here and we are “accepting” because those of us disgusted with the Buffoon-in-chief have gotten so acclimated to the barrage of bizarre performance.  There’s been so much asinine behavior slammed against us from the White House on a daily basis that we have become tired, frustrated, and numb from experiencing all the political (and emotional) pain.

We’ve watched helplessly as our country has been turned into a laughing stock of democracy run amok, diplomacy by Tweets, incomprehensible speeches, ignorant grasp of facts, gross untruths (flat out lying), temper tantrums, strange and perverse obsessions with fear of “enemies”, obsessive toward the Obamas and the Clintons.  We’ve watched with shock & awe… daily… his short attention span, his behavioral absurdities, many times childish, more often bullying, being exposed to the world.  We’ve witnessed his racial sidestepping regarding his racist supporters, and misogynist remarks about women; from his “locker room” discourse to his “bar room” banter.

Across our TV screens we’ve watched… daily… as the new administration literally ripped through traditional staff appointments, displayed notorious irreverence for procedure, vetting, and even improper completion of required paperwork.  Nepotism is the norm.

As this is being written, Trump is yet again holding a rally of his supporters (ostensibly to support a re-election bid for Senator Luther Strange, but we all know it’s his “drug of choice”) and, again, there’s pompous bravado about accomplishments that never were, policy that’s not effective, Congressional endeavors not realized.. and his base keeps on cheering and following him to the ends of the earth regardless of his ill-suited persona and performance shortcomings.

Back when Hillary coined the application of a segment of Trump supporters as being “deplorables” I winced a bit simply because I tend to consider Americans as Americans and not some divisive label for political ideology.  But when you think of it… what a core of his die-hard supporters have done is exchange a measure of common sense for a candidate, and ultimately a president, that is unfiltered, not politically correct, upsets traditions, vilifies the media… as being authentic; more authentic than any perception of whether or not the man is qualified and experienced enough to be president.  Of course there’s no intellectual or practical requirement to be president.  But to blatantly support for president someone with absolutely no “presidential” attributes for simply the idea of upsetting the proverbial social and political applecart?  That somehow, somewhere, his supporters are actually gloating over their choice for the White House and relish in the chaos and confusion reigning in the country?  That his supporters could care less what he does, just as long as he keeps providing guttural admonishments of the “outside” world?

Maybe the word is not “the deplorables” but rather “the disingenuous”… toward themselves and toward the country.  


The “Real” Turncoats

Think back to a time before this last November 20… before the election; a time long ago and far,far away.  Back to a time when most of us were laughing at that idiot, candidate Trump.  He was the guy Tweeting, accusing, and exemplifying every bit what a president never should be.  “Loyal” Congressional republicans like Ryan.. McCain… Graham…; all the media conservative talking heads, all the party leadership.. were “astonished”, “horrified”, “appalled”, and any other word you can think of… at Trump’s theatrics, vulgar outtakes, ill-experience………………

…and then Trump got elected.  Remember what happened to all those Trumpian naysayers?  This is the part that sickens me most… the total betrayal by these same people to stay true to their feelings for political expediency.

So.. what happens now?  Impeachment is certainly not the strange word it was at the beginning of Trump’s administration.  But while that word is being uttered more there’s not any activity toward that end at the present.  One can only hope this lull in the public outcry for an end to the chaos is due to waiting for what Mueller uncovers in his investigation, and the upcoming mid-terms in the hopes this shifts the Congressional majority.


It was “refreshing” watching Obama speak.. both when he was defending Obamacare and recently while speaking at the Gates Foundation.  As Steven Colbert commented following a clip of Obama’s speech during Colbert’s monologue… his face filling the camera, “I miss you.”  It was the last time we had a commander-in-chief that could captain the ship.