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I just got finished watching the event and excluding the honoring of a fallen American hero I couldn’t help but be filled with “mild” rage in Trump presenting the medal.

Even on a “good” day Trump is a hugely.. or bigly.. example of not being qualified to even look at a military uniform, much less award a medal to a fallen soldier who wore one.  But given the results from yesterday, that Trump is complicit in illegal felony campaign activities, it appalls me even more.  I found myself uttering under my breath, “I’m sorry, son.”, equally as much for his ultimate sacrifice as well as someone like Trump was giving him the deserved medal.

Of course I understand until such time that he leaves office he is the Commander-in-Chief and presenting medals and awards to the military is the role the electoral vote gave him to do.  As I said, on a good day (prior to the legal revelations of yesterday), it’s bad enough knowing he can do that when he’s never served a day in the military and he’s unable to even serve as a decent president.  Now he’s been declared complicit in illegal activities… and he’s still passing out medals.  UGH!

Now, I know a few of my readers will likely point out that Cohen is a known liar, it’s not proven that Trump is complicit, yada, yada…

  1. As I understand it, there is a basic vetting of the truth that is done to verify Cohen is telling the truth. This has to be done to assure Cohen is being true to whatever deal he’s hacked out with the government.  It seems the deal is more about getting a reduced sentence.  Not likely Cohen will lie about that; if later it’s proven he’s lied he gets the full sentence relative to his crime.  Kind of a good incentive to avoid lying.  [Note:  Since writing this the news is reporting yet another variation of this story (about the third since all this started); apparently Cohen has NOT made any deal for having given his testimony, not even for a reduced sentence.  Since I have heard more than one variation of this story thus far it’s likely prudent to wait a day or so to understand where all this settles.  Therefore, from what I can discern right now, there is no direct incentive for Cohen to maintain truthfulness for a deal, so we would have to rely on any verification the prosecution has done to vet his confession and Trump’s complicity.  It’s being reported that Cohen is willing and seeking to talk to Mueller where a deal might be struck.]
  2. Trump is likely not going to pardon Cohen, hence it adds to the above incentive to tell the truth.
  3. Trump himself is an established liar.. as is his legal “team”; why would anyone believe anything coming out of his mouth. He has absolutely NO inducement to tell the truth.  He can do and say (and has) anything he wants, then pardon himself.
  4. Trump will likely NEVER testify in any legal setting, never be indicted to prove himself one way or the other in a court of law. All we have is his word (see #3 above).

So.. since Trump likes himself above the law, then my personal decision will be above the law; I believe Cohen for the reasons in #1 above.  I will never believe anything Trump says because of his own horrible credibility.  Trump will never take his own case to a court of law to prove his (alleged) innocence.  Therefore, I have assigned, in my mind, Trump being guilty as charged.  My opinion of course can be swayed should he decide to submit evidence and testimony to the contrary… in a legal setting.


But, my rage against Trump aside, this was NOT a political event….

The Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded  to Air Force Tech Sgt. John Chapman posthumously for heroism on a mountaintop in Afghanistan back in 2002.  His Commander-in-Chief at the time was President George W. Bush.  I encourage my readers to read the entire story of Chapman’s heroism HERE


At a time when pride in America is being challenged we can look at his heroism, courage under fire, and ultimate sacrifice with some measure of inspiration in  knowing that battlefields can be anywhere and that fighting for America is every American’s duty.


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