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Our current diversity is a toxicity of tribal complicity, of uncompromising rigidity, racial disparity, sexual fragility, genderizing effrontery, questionable humanity, all fed by blunt force stupidity.    -Me

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If there’s any Russians “listening”, pay attention to this.

At first blush I am sure a fair number of readers will read that title and mentally shrug it off with a “Why should I care how the hell you do that?  Doesn’t matter to me one bit.”  Well, that’s certainly a valid opinion.  Others might anticipate I am going to try and assert why I am right and “you” are wrong and stupid in the process you use, thus following the current tribal divide.  That’s another valid opinion… but not overly correct as it relates to the purpose of this post.  “And just what is that purpose?”, you might mumble to yourself.  Ok.. let’s go there.


My Purpose Agenda Alt-Motive Angle Reason For Writing This Post

The primary reason… to foster discussion by comparing thought processes.  Our individual votes can be used for any reason and no reason is any more or less valid than the other as it relates to how we cast our vote.  Also, we generally change from election cycle to cycle on how deep we get into our own decision-making process based on the outside or inside influences of life.  There’s even been past elections where I essentially fell back on the… “Both these candidates suck and I don’t give a damn… so I’ll just flip a coin.” or… do a write-in vote for “Mickey Mouse” (well, ok.. I never went that far.. but thought about it).

The secondary reason… is to illustrate why I didn’t vote for Trump… and why I will not vote for Trump should he make it to the next election.  But not to worry… this post isn’t all about boring Trump-bashing.  He’s self-imploding good enough on his own.


American Royalty (But Not Family)

Americans are no different than any other human beings in that it’s natural to want national leadership that represents more than just handling domestic problems but also represent to other human beings around the world those values, ideals, and traditions that our little group of humans hold dear.  Whether a nation has a king, queen, prime minister, president, or any other potentate, leaders are given respect by default simply because they are the leader.  Popular respect is also given to leaders who can actually lead by example and lead using an uncommon composite of being able to communicate, display some wisdom that proves universal, and can foster relationships to benefit everyone.  All this is nothing new from the time humans first selected a tribal leader.  But leaders are also selected based on their value to the lives of their subjects.  Specific needs and being able to maintain the status quo or change from the status quo also becomes a valuation toward accepting one leader over another.  America has no royalty.. but there is an expected exalted-ness that emulates a bit of royalty toward the presidency.  We expect our leader, the president, to live,breath, act, personify, the office 24/7.  The last I checked, I am also human.  So I use my own criteria for selecting the leader.  It’s important to note that there are many other people who also judge in the same manner.. and many who judge with far different criteria.


Variety Is The Spice Of Voting

I might mention, given the subject is of current interest nationwide, that one of the different criteria people other than myself may use to cast their vote one way or the other is if it affects the ability to earn an income directly.  For example.. government rules, tariffs, legislation, controls, etc. that may affect certain industries do have direct effects on those in business who rely on that business for their own incomes… and their employees.  Right now the trade war with China is hurting the farmers fairly heavily.. hence many of them will not be voting for the incumbent guy in the White House.  The loss of rural manufacturing jobs affected those “red states” that tipped the election in Trump’s favor in 2016.  Of course we all know the fossil fuel industries have been affected by automation and market demand shifting to alternative fuels.. in spite of Trump belaboring the fear that all those industries went “overseas” because of lousy trade deals.  But my point here is to acknowledge that people.. voters.. do not think using the same thought process in casting their votes and that many times it’s purely for economic “survival” reasons and less about politics, persona, and promises and more about a campaign promise to make the family business continue to stay in business.   Again, we are all voting for our own self-interests.

A year ago I visited some of my significant other’s family directly affected by that GM Lordstown Ohio plant.  What made them all vote for Trump was that the factory… the major employer in that rural farming community… was cutting back and some people lost hours or their job completely and they believed at the time it was because the business and manufacturing was moving outside the country, specifically to Mexico, under Obama.  Trump was going to put a stop to that.  In the 18 months to follow there was a surge in full time employment at the factory.. but after all the promises, the company decided to stop manufacturing the Chevy Cruz.. and announced the factory was closing down.  Now when you ask them about Trump breaking his promise… seems the former employees have selected the GM CEO as the villain in their lives… and Trump is still the good guy.  But regardless of politics and failed promises, the folks there typically will vote for the candidate who promises to keep the factory going and the jobs alive.  Can’t fault them one bit… but it illustrates that many Americans do indeed use different reasons to choose where their vote goes.  Again I reiterate… no one formula for deciding how to cast your vote is better than the other.

I’ve owned three businesses in my past… one was carpet cleaning (a service business, 1 employee), one was an electronics store (retail business, 4 employees), and the third was a computer data processing company (service business – 19 employees).  It’s apparent that my service and retail entities were not directly associated with other more volatile industries that get affected quickly with certain changes in regulations and/or market conditions.  Generally manufacturing takes direct hits before any trickle down would have affected my endeavors.  Now.. this has allowed me over the years to utilize a different formula for deciding who gets my vote that has little to do with the formula used by farmers or manufacturing employees.


It’s All About Perspective

I have evolved, because of my business background and political interests, in being a “big picture” person.  This explains much as to why I tend to think in global concepts.  It also explains a bit as why I have more traditional GOP interests.. free trade, balancing the damn budget, minimal government controls (but realizing some are necessary.. ie, compromise is big with me), global trade agreements, developing Third World to create market involvement, universal military agreements to emphasize regional control, etc.  No question I am America First as it relates to strengthening global relations that broaden America’s effectiveness as a world economic and military leader .

Ok.. that’s my personal body politik.  How does that impact how I use my vote in a presidential election?

First – Is The Candidate Positive And Has A Mental Process To Problem Solve? – For the most part all political issues are about the same… and after my 68 times rotating around the Sun I can say that.  What is different is the intensity of each issue that establishes itself as a current priority.  Tell me what the problem is as you see it… why you think it’s important in the here & now… establish your facts… but most important, how you plan on handling it.  In presenting all that… referencing previous administration policies is one thing… I surely don’t want to hear about blame.  That’s a waste of time on working the problem.

Second – Appearance – Believe it or not.. appearance is a big thing for me.  Whether you like it or not, humans do find a measure of appearance important when selecting their leaders… and more often than not appearance helps in acquiring respect.  The American presidency is a very highly visual component to our American democracy.  You can call it marketing if you want… but when it comes to selecting our president it’s likely the most discriminated job position in the world.  One of the big attractions I had to Obama as president was a basic commanding presence, he was taller than most, and did an excellent job presenting his body language and it really came through when engaging with world leaders.  I never could imagine Chris Christy and his obesity winning the office, or a William Howard Taft-type in girth winning.  I find Candidate Elizabeth Warren as being way to thin and animated, yet highly qualified for the position.  Mayor Pete I admire greatly for his speaking ability and ideas… but he’s a bit short, and slightly “cartoonish” to me… yet he is also very qualified.  V.P. Joe Biden… image teetering on looking aged, and pretty much if you want Joe you better vote for whoever his running mate is because there’s a strong chance his running mate will be running the show soon enough.  But that’s just my personal bias.

Third – Ability To Lead, And Compromise – As I said earlier, people have different reasons for their vote decisions.  My past jobs, my income, was not directly dependent on Presidential or Congressional action or inaction like much of the manufacturing and mining base.  My jobs were not directly dependent on international trade practices like many Americans.  So it’s always mattered to me how personally dynamic the candidate would be to command respect via determined process of engaging in relationships.  In other words, a basic charisma and credibility in being sincere and have an outstanding ability to communicate… and a willingness for compromise when possible.  Obviously in practice no one person can hardly exhibit all those attributes and that is where I also weigh the values that do rise to the surface during the campaign.

Fourth – An Actual Possibility That The Campaign Promises Might Come True – The reason I so emphasize the elements in Three, above, is the idea that the candidate has a basic chance of implementing the promises they are going to make during the campaign.  The problem exists that if the new President does not have at least one House of Congress he/she pretty much ain’t gonna get nuthin’ done.  So part of my thought process evaluates how effective the candidate might be concerning the party affiliation winning seats.  Makes little sense getting the best man/woman in the office only having to watch them get nothing through Congress.

In the end all these steps are, are my own thought processes and are constantly challenged by myself at each election cycle.  In my own way I am glad I do not have to vote for a presidential candidate to support my personal ability to earn a living… rather than using all these allegedly “cerebral”parameters.  Half the elections I don’t feel “cerebral” one bit.


What About This Election?

I am a card-carrying GOP’er and if there is another GOP person running in the primary I may vote for that person.  Otherwise I will not vote in the primaries… and I will vote for anyone not named “Trump”.  This election rather tosses out most all I have written here as to my own thought process as all I am concerned with is Trump leaving office… because I totally see him as a clear and present danger to the safety of the nation.  Gotta do what we gotta do.

I do not favor all the campaign ideas being tossed out by the Dem candidates.  But I’ve also been around long enough to know that a lot of what they promise will get diluted to some measure before it has a chance of becoming a law.  So I tend to not get all worked up on some of the more wild and crazy ideas that get tossed out.

All we can do is hold our breath… but for how long?



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