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I wish Trump would move… out of the White House.

Well, my move into a new home across town is completed.  Now it’s unpacking the boxes of all the crap I am wondering why I have to begin with.

We had a successful yard sale.. but that was more her girlie stuff and not the cool man-things the male customers want to buy.  I keep the cool man-things for me.  But I’ve turned more into a news junkie and as such one of the first things I did was hook an available TV up to a new cable connection inside the garage.  Boxes everywhere and I am slinging cable wire across the rafters to satisfy my need for news.  I need some intervention before I become the next “breaking news”.

Well, while I am back to posting again I will not be including the audio for now until I.. unpack yet another box.  Yes.. I know.. it’s a great disappointment.  Since I’ve mentioned disappointments…

…this brings us to the new normal of the Trump administration; the ultimate in reality TV.  BTW, speaking of that…

Reality Leigh Winner… Poor Girl.

 She’s the young NSA vendor accused of leaking some Russian-related hacking secret to the press.  I say “poor girl” because you hate to see a young person probably going to pay a burdensome price for some stupid decision.  Normally that’s the realm for adults (like our President, for example, who constantly does that).  Today in an interview between Anderson Cooper and her mother, she revealed her daughter’s terror and fear when the FBI came up to her.  That’s understandable… but she also added her daughter was fearful of being made to “disappear”.  I find that interesting.  Sounds like she might have had an idea why the Feds were arresting her.  It’s not normally a response an average person might make when the FBI arrests you.  While she has admitted, allegedly, to leaking secret stuff to the press, her mother is correctly worried that her daughter may have a biased trial because of the current national mood about leaks and the desire to set an example.  I’ll speculate she gets two years, if determined guilty.  But who knows how political this thing will get… but it likely will.

The Comey Show!

Here’s a something you can find a little vindictive joy in…  likely all the networks will be covering this thing on Thursday.  TV viewers will likely set records.  Now, normally the networks make a ton of money on commercial time.. like at the SuperBowl, or some similar popular viewer event.  But… Congressional hearings do not have neat commercial breaks for the networks.  Also, the networks themselves  won’t dare cut to a commercial in the middle of the hearing… unless the hearing has a recess.. and that does not happen often.  This coverage could go for hours and the networks will not be making money on it.  Well… at least not millions for a 15 second spot.

This should be entertaining as well as a measure of historical.  I am hearing that there’s speculation the Conservatives will be running ads in advance in an attempt to discredit  Comey and his testimony.  Remember… Trump tweeted… “I wish him luck.”  Uh huh.  The battle begins.  Your tax.. and PAC… dollars at work.

Sessions… A Fall From Grace?

As this is being written the press is frustrated that no one from the administration.. even Trump himself.. is willing to answer, “Does the President still have confidence in Attorney General Sessions?”  Apparently staffers are fearing a similar misstep as happened on the day Flynn was bounced out when Kelly Anne, earlier in the day, told an interviewer that the President had confidence in Flynn as National Security Adviser.  This White House is a damn mess.  No wonder Trump hasn’t filled all the appointee spots.. no one want s to work for this administration.  Hint, hint.

Well, it seems there’s been some heated words between the Prez and Sessions and he’s threatened to resign (Sessions, not Trump -damn-).  Stay tuned.


A number of countries in the Arab world have broken diplomatic relations with our ally, Qatar, because of that country’s support of terrorism.  Trumps supports that move.  Now it’s been revealed that the Russians planted a fake news story on Qatar state news that was apparently the deciding factor on those nations splitting from Qatar.  Our dear President remains, again, an embarrassing dumb-ass.  Now we have to wonder what will happen with the military command there.

Europe.. and June 6th

Not a whole lot of reflection on the D-Day anniversary from politicos, networks, or the talking heads.  But while some of us who understand history can pay our respects in memoriam… the timing is a subtle irony given the Trump-induced state of miss-affairs he’s created over the last couple weeks with our traditional allies.. the one’s we helped liberate with the D-Day invasion.  Our Buffoon-in-Chief has managed to piss off the world… well, except the Saudis (good choice there, Donald).  In the meantime, the former Stalinist KGB operative, is waging cyber war on the world.  But that seems typical for the Russians… pretend to be friends while stabbing you in the back.  Trump admires that in a world leader.  Wait… did Trump just do that to those that signed the Paris Accords?

Ahhh… wonderful knowing we are on the road toward making America great again!

What concerns me more is that there are Americans out there who actually are applauding everything Trump has (or has not) been doing.  Scary.

Carry On, America.