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I have no idea who this Jack Schauer is but he is absolutely correct and I have no problem using his quote.

Well, with the Senate Intelligence Committee declaring there is no evidence of Obama having wire tapped Trump, and likely FBI’s Comey confirming it this coming Monday, this all pretty much is yet another outright… well… you gotta call it a lie.

I might be more generous and call it a serious error of omission because this has all the earmarks of yet another Trump tweet gone awry.  He reads some crap somewhere, listens to some conservative talk show schmuck.. then presumes there’s truth to it all and tweets up a storm, rather than calling around to verify; he’s the damn President of the U.S., for Pete’s sake, and has at his fingertips complete access to all legal and intelligence agencies to verify.  But he’s a prisoner of his own incompetence to govern… and impulsive knee-jerking to the world.

Of course, all this spreads through the administration as the likes of Spicer and Kellyanne, et al, are dreaming up alternative support (excuses) for what the president tweeted and why.  These people are to be admired in some way; there is no way I could work that dedicated for someone who is such a loose cannon and I have to help bail him out constantly.  I’d have quit by now.  Spicer is becoming unraveled at press conferences more and more lately (the 3/16/17 conference, with it’s confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta, is an example).

As an additional  part of Spicer’s “unraveling”  he brought up in that same contentious news conference some FOX News idiocy about the Brits having wiretapped Trump back in the 2016 campaign and suggesting the President was giving it any consideration toward the reason for his own accusation against Obama.  Yes.. I agree with Trump on one statement, Just what the HELL is going on (over at the White House)?  Apparently today the White House has apologized formally to the Brits.. which shouldn’t have ever been necessary if Trump and his people just had lifted up the phone and checked with those 17 intelligence services.  Trump has got his staff so rattled in his demands to defend him unto death, they are just confusing their responses to the press.  Britain is a KEY ally and to a degree more than  any other country, we share historical roots.  They deserve respect… and I am totally embarrassed our sub-standard president is even president.  They (the Trump Administration) still don’t comprehend that words matter.

Back when the President was candidate Trump it was one thing when he outright lied or just threw verbal crap against the political wall to see what stuck.  But as president one really has to maintain the confidence of the American people, if not with the world as well.  Back when he was listing all his “Day One” bravado accomplishment plans any fool could see that doing those things on Day One was not possible.  Trumpsters believed him and his rhetoric and tweets and they elected him.  Since the Day One agenda has pretty much failed, now the Trumpsters are saying “don’t take him or his tweets literally.”  Does that mean what he says, or tweets, is subject to some psychological interpretation of his behavior at the moment?  Is the last tweet a “pissed off Trump” or is it a “melancholy Trump”?  Is it a “conniving Trump” or a “benevolent Trump”?  Maybe we need Sean Spicer to act as Presidential Tweet Interpreter.


Then there’s still those who venture that absurd concept… “We need to give him time to govern.”  I still have absolutely no idea what that means.  Thanks to the Republican Congress that was just going to presumably rubber stamp all his Day One initiatives and his decrees that failed the Constitutionality test, apparently he will need a LOT of time to learn to govern.  If he had any experience in politics he would have understood the process before he used all that Day One campaign bravado that so many voters fell for; and when is he going to activate all that “art of the deal” strategy anyway?

Then I ponder, amidst all the domestic chaos… our new Secretary of State Tillerson, the former oil baron CEO with no political experience, in charge of a department that is having its budget cut nearly 30{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41}… a department the President obviously has little faith in, is out wandering Asia, visiting countries who have their own experienced diplomats, trying to hammer a deal to address the threat from North Korea.

Also, as this is being written.. Germany’s Angela Merkel is in D.C. town for a visit.  I’ll wait for that photo of him holding HER hand outside the Oval Office; the Groper-in-Chief.  In the meantime, we have his impending press conference with Merkel to entertain or shock us.

Why am I not feeling so warm and secure these days?

In the meantime I’ll sit and wait for the next presidential tweet, doubt the truth and credibility of anything he says, and continue guessing the future of the country.

Carry on, America.