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U.S./Mexico border wall – Deport Millions Of Undocumented Immigrants

One of Trump’s campaign promises has been the popular “build a wall” between Mexico and the U.S… and make Mexico pay for it.  I think when you couple this with the deporting of millions of undocumented immigrants, the Muslim Ban, the refusal of Syrian refugees, and the current DACA “dreamer” reversal… suggests Trump has definite ideas that illegal foreigners in the U.S. are responsible for all the nation’s ills.


The Wall –

If you break this down… at the time leading up to the campaign there was already a slowdown of so called, fence-jumpers, fence-tunnelers, river-swimmers, and other illegal border crossings at the Mexican border and these numbers were from the federal government, the reduction attributed largely to the additional Border Patrol hiring’s in the Obama years.  So there really wasn’t as urgent a need to lock down the border with a wall as Trump was suggesting.

Stopping rapists and other “bad dudes”?  Has he sat down and researched the actual government stats on those illegal’s who have committed serious crimes, and performed any statistical analysis between those immigrants here illegally and those engaging in serious crime?  Has he had an outside organization do that for him to make recommendation to him for policy determination?  I think not.  It’s just his gut feel, based on bias.

What about stopping drugs?  Well, besides the fact that drugs enter into the country more ways than just illegal Mexican border crossings, in an interview with Associated Press in April this year Trump admitted that the wall would stop about 1 percent of illegal drug trafficking.  The question must be asked.. is the cost of the wall worth only 1 percent reduction (if that’s even accurate)?  There are different wall construction estimates popping up but at the time of this AP interview Trump was scoffing at the proposed MIT research suggesting $25 billion, saying he could do it for $10 billion.  Forgive me, but he has no record of being one bit accurate just pulling numbers out of the sky.  I’ll believe MIT.  So why spend even that much money for an expected stoppage of only 1 percent of the traffic?  Using Trump’s own numbers and logic the reasons to build a wall seem to fall short.

But Mexico will pay for it all!  Well, no need to go further with that one.  We all knew the answer to that from the beginning.  Although, while you can give him a good grade for trying (the famous phone call), he did manage to piss off the Mexican government and the Mexican people with his wonderful demeanor.  Thank you, sir, for your fine diplomacy.

Now he’s threatening to shut down the government when the time is up shortly if Congress doesn’t give him his wall.  This is turning into his obsession because he made such an idiotic major campaign stink.  Forget this thing.  Life will still go on.. and so will America.


Deport Millions Of Undocumented Workers; And Those Dreamers –

These illegal workers are taking jobs away from hard working Americans!  Sorry.  That’s kinda…. wrong?

First off, if the jobless in America are hard working, what are they hardworking at.. being jobless?  Most of these illegal immigrants are filling positions at the very lower levels of the economic strata; doing jobs most Americans would not do (especially if their other option is Welfare).  Now… we DO need to secure our borders from illegal immigration, no question about that.  The current argument is what to do with people already here… illegally.


Who’s Responsible For This Immigration Problem?

I am sure the short-sighted and vindictive conservatives and right wingers are thinking the entire problem rests with Obama and Clinton… as if all this suddenly happened in the last 8 years.  Think a little harder on that.

Personally, America should accept responsibility for its own shortcomings in enforcing the borders, specifically the southern border, for many, many decades.  One shortcoming rests with the training and discipline of the border guards (not suggesting one bit individually they did not perform well.. but the tools, training, equipment and supervision were very lacking).  Also, agency followup to control and monitor the authorized immigrants on various permits and not allowing them to remain on expired permits.  The prosecution of illegal immigrants was very lacking.  But likely the most important entity responsible… the American people via the U.S Congress.  Years of apathy and inattention to a hugely growing problem.

In fact, I have a personal story on just that.  Back in the early 80’s when my kids were attending school, one the parents of my daughter’s friend, her father, and I were talking at some school function.  He said his job was with the (old) INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service)… although currently assigned to the Chicago area.  I asked about the difficult job securing the southern border since it’s so porous and Mexico so poor economically.  He told me… some of the “looking the other way” mentality emanated from the top in government.  When I raised an eyebrow he went on saying that all during the Cold War (which was technically still going on at the time we were talking), the Mexican government was in a precarious situation politically and they had a somewhat active Communist movement going on that apparently our intelligence services read as maybe being a future threat in taking over in Mexico.  So, in part of limiting that influence we “looked the other way” in illegal border crossings as an effort to be a sort of “pressure release”; presuming those entering the U.S. illegally were getting paid and sending the money back.. thus influencing the Mexican economy positively.

My point with all this, we DO, as a nation, bare responsibility for our current state of illegal immigrants in this country.  If there’s a decision now to clean up our collective immigration act, secure the border, AND monitor authorizations and permit stays, then we develop an acceptable plan to allow those already here to follow the path to citizenship.  We also stop this nonsense about even thinking of deporting the 800,000 Dreamers.  They are already contributing, and will continue to contribute, to our economy.  Likely our tax dollars have in some way brought them this far.. so why in gawd’s name do we simply toss out that investment in our nation’s future?  Ask yourself the question… what’s the lifetime income and tax revenue of those 800,000 people we are just going to toss out?  Statistics alone indicate that a percentage of those 800,000 people are going to be very professional, entrepreneurial, and very successful.  Maybe even a few future politicians.

Dare I suggest the GOP wants to keep 800,000 future citizens from voting democratic?  Far easier doing that then trying to actually win them ideologically.  Well,  Trump isn’t that smart nor does he ever think that far ahead.  Maybe some in Congress think this.

We also need to revise the idiotic rules that define what crimes or misdemeanors or simple traffic violations that result in someone being deported even if they are here legally.  We don’t even hold our citizens that responsible for a traffic stop.

Focus, focus, focus.  The problem is NOT the illegal immigrants already here.  It’s securing the border.. not with a wall that does nothing but cost money we can’t afford; manpower, technology, and monitoring… and proper followup with the courts.  That’s called constant vigilance.  Something we should have been doing for decades.  And honestly, we should include our northern border over time, because history has shown that events and politics can cause change.

Actually, Trump making a big deal of illegal immigration is not a bad idea… but he brought it up for very different reasons.  I am believing that deep down he’s frustrated with seeing “white America” changing color.. and having to listen to all the Spanglish being spoken… and advertising and official documents having multiple languages.  His objection to this is the attraction to the far right base that’s racist.

A little off the topic… legal immigration, people who are here legally, do also need control and regulation and a revised immigration system will serve this end as well.  We are certainly a nation of immigrants but we may have to re-evaluate the numbers we let in to more adequately represent growing population demographics as well as national growth and population stabilization.  This is where science and theory come into the decision making.  But this idea that if you don’t have a speech accent then you are entitled to a job over a person who has an accent because they are a foreigner, is a bit racist.

In previous posts I’ve hit hard about the relative apathy of the nation regarding the population growth affecting us in so many ways.  As this is being written yet another hurricane (Irma) is approaching Florida and there’s no question in my mind that if this hits hard it will be more deaths and more financial bailouts because there is way more people living everywhere.  It’s all a matter of what our economy can absorb.  We are going to need the economic power of all the people here.. including “democratically domesticated” illegal immigrants and their descendants.

The country is NOT going to hell like the President of the United States wants to sell to the people.

Carry On America.