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Fellow blogger, CitizenTom, the one conservative blogger that hasn’t just laughed me out into the wilderness that makes up the current political divisiveness ravishing the land, has oft lamented to me in various posts and replies,  about the absence of liberals (or.. liberal-types, of which I probably qualify) addressing specific issues of the Trump administration.. rather than continuing to attack the man himself.

I have also read and heard this same critique from others on the conservative right.  Apparently they are getting tired of the media and public opinion as reflected in the polls constantly banging away at Trump, the man.  Frankly I am getting tired of that too, but for different reasons.  Nonetheless, I have mentioned that I feel you cannot separate the issues from the man himself; one begets the other, so to speak.  But, for the sake (and enjoyment) of us armchair political pontificators and prognosticators let’s try making this separation.


No Question… Election Candidates Can and Do Lie –

Seems this comes part & parcel to being a politician.. make promises to get elected, and who cares after.  The one thing that perhaps peeves me more than anything during presidential electioneering, and this has nothing to do with Trump specifically, is that most times candidates have absolutely NO idea of the numbers, the stats, the demographics… no idea of the detail regarding many social programs or issues, to make a solid opinion.  They make promises based on contemporary feeling, a measure of populist thought at the time,  or flat out personal stereotypic bias (I’ll tip-toe away from using “racism”).

But this last election had a unique set of circumstances with the two major candidates, Clinton and Trump.  One is completely inexperienced in pretty much every aspect of politics, government, and international and domestic diplomacy.  The other is basically the complete opposite… after nearly 30 years in public life and an ex First Lady.  Now.. while I risk here making you righties wince.. consider for a moment Clinton’s experience, but remove from the picture Benghazi, those damn 30,000 emails, Whitewater, and all those luscious conspiracy theories that are allegedly making the Clintons rich beyond their wildest dreams (but not quite as rich as Trump).

Obama once remarked that in his own mind no one has been more experienced for assuming the office of president than Clinton.  Well, comparing just experience and not the person themselves, for both candidates, that’s very true.  No one can deny that.  Now, that does not mean Americans are required to vote for anyone more or less qualified.  There are no qualifications for the office other than being a breathing, at least 35 years old, natural born American citizen.  Now, common sense will suggest that if one has some level of traditional experience for the job then that person might be a bit more credible in what promises they can deliver on, and that they have a good chance of negotiating the political landscape of Washington D.C. to have a chance to carry them forward.

So when separating the issues from the man I find myself immediately conflicted of what he decided was indeed an issue.  So many of these things he made into issues truly had no statistical support (based on government tabulations of the GAO or other agencies).  In other words, many of his issues were simply a reflection of political bias (I will not say “racism”) rather than any true threat to society, the economy, or national security.  Also consider, he never had any specific “solutions” to these issues (other than “stop”, “halt”, “discontinue”, “reject”, rescind”.. and all done “immediately on day one”, and presented in fits of rage).  We will explore that individually.  By contrast, Clinton had presented specific and thought out plans.  But Americans can be picky voters sometimes… and image alone can make a difference.  This is also part of our election process.  In essence, my feeling is that some of this has been much ado about nothing just to fulfill personal bias and utilize populist right wing disenfranchised  rhetoric.

But my being perturbed with candidate falsehoods aside.. let’s continue to separate the man from the issues at hand.


The Issues At Hand –

I will make a post on each of these issues in order to spend some time in discussion.  Let’s face it, we all know how we feel and what we like and prefer so it’s not likely anyone will be changing their views one way or the other.  But… it’s communicating.. and maybe understanding the basic things that bother people.  Most times disputes on issues hide other agendas.  That does not mean hidden agendas are automatically nefarious in nature.  Therein lies an element of compromise; knowing the true reason for the dispute.

The following list is by no means all of Trump’s campaign issues.  This list is also presented in no particular order other than the order in which I will make a post.  Some of these issues have been doubled-up… like the border wall and immigration.


  1. Repeal and replace Obamacare
  2. Build a U.S./Mexico border wall – Deport millions of undocumented immigrants
  3. Re-build America’s infrastructure
  4. Withdraw from TPP – Withdraw or re-negotiate NAFTA
  5. Halt Muslim entry into the U.S – Halt Syrian refugees – Create a Muslim registry
  6. Bring jobs back from overseas – Reverse environmental restrictions – Greenlight DAPL and Keystone pipelines
  7. Withdraw from Paris Climate agreement


So, hang on to your seats and let’s explore… Just The Issues.


Carry On America.