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Well, most of us are aware of the post-election trauma & drama over the ObamaCare debacle in Congress.  If nothing else, the dust settling from the health care battles in Congress has revealed a progression of Congressional GOP members falling from grace with the President, and more so, vice-versa.  This fallout in itself will make fulfilling his many campaign promises most difficult if not impossible.

But at the outset he was making the call for repeal & replace, in my opinion, only because it had Obama’s name on it.  As I will keep echoing, he is totally obsessed with anything related to Obama or Clinton.. hence the difficulty in separating issues from the man.  But here’s the substance as I see it.

ObamaCare is not working for everyone and the stats show that.  A large segment of the working class seems to be paying the burden of the reduced or eliminated rates afforded to the poor.  In the meantime insurance companies have been leaving the program because the economic balances are off… as not as many new healthy young people are signing up.  In the end, there are less insurance plan choices being afforded on the exchanges.


Ok.. ObamaCare has major problems –

Yes it does.  No disputing that.  So.. Congress can fix it, improve on it, or replace the thing.  Easy.. in theory.  Obama himself said when ObamaCare went into action that things will likely need fixing or improving down the line.  So making some adjustments should have been expected.  Again, Congress (the GOP) had seven years to assemble something or fix the existing.  Along comes the campaign and Trump just hates the thing for no other good reason than he hates anything Obama.  So once he takes over there’s this rush-rush to slap some crap together and, thank the Almighty, the public wouldn’t stand for it.

But here’s the more crazy part to all this.  Trump had NO cohesive plan of his own for repeal & replace of ObamaCare.  Nothing.  Nada.  He just spouts off that ObamaCare is bad; nasty Obama stuff.  Makes good rhetoric to his supporters that he’s making Obama a villain… but his base falls smack into that category to be negatively affected with any GOP plan being offered.  Oops.  Screaming townhalls.

Look, I was always for fixing, or replacing… but take the time to make it good.  Talk to EVERYONE that’s involved in the process.  As of this writing I see no Congressional, or even any Presidential commission, to try and make a great plan.

A lot of damn smoke that went absolutely no where… and unfortunately, is still going nowhere.  Lots of smoke, no fire, but getting difficult for Trump to breathe in Congress.