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As usual in Trump World, each day and each week carries new absurdities.  Although this week is a culmination of outside events not under Trump’s direct control, it’s bound to reveal more interesting topics of international importance.  It also is likely to reveal more of Trump’s incompetence and embarrassment  to the world as the U.S. president.


The G20 Conference…

One could look at this as an assemblage of world leaders as having mixed, if not confused, perceptions toward our Dear Leader .  Our traditional European allies pretty much have Trump’s number and consider him a bit unrealistic and “off the reservation”.  Merkel of Germany is very cold toward the President… May of the U.K. is rather ignoring him… the new French president is already looking the other way.  Poland, on the other hand, seems to find Trump appealing and welcomes him with open arms (and hopes for continued NATO support).  There are some leaders of smaller nations who do seem to enjoy Trump’s rhetoric as it supports their internal governance and makes them birds-of-a-feather of sorts.  Trump has managed to alienate a couple Asian allies… and while last month China was our new buddy and likes our chocolate cake, they’ve turned out not being any help in restraining North Korea.  I think Japan just tolerates us and hopes for the best.  Bottom line… this is going to be just another stage where Trumps acts out his inability to lead in the manner America has always been a leader in the world.  Watch his body language compared to the others.  Maybe he will pull another embarrassing stunt like he did shoving aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro to get at the head of the line at the last G-meeting.

It’s these kinds of world events… and the guy we send over to these parties… that truly make me embarrassed being an American.

Last night Trump met with the Polish president and they had a press conference.  As usual Trump was no comparison to the experienced head of state in the ability to sound like a leader and speak with some level of informed articulation.  We are looming on a nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula, we have Russia making a direct cyber assault on our democracy… and he spends more press time playing down Russian involvement and playing up Obama not doing anything about it sooner… and directly blaming CNN and NBC as originators of fake news.  On top of everything else this guy has no sense of priority.


The Anticipated Putin Meeting…

I keep recalling “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, (Putin the Sorcerer.. and guess who is his apprentice?).  Trump is way out of his league (as he is in everything) meeting with this guy and expecting a constructive sparring of wits.  Putin will have done his homework on this guy; psych people evaluating Trump’s moves, body language, mental stamina… he will know what buttons to push and what strings to pull.  Our President, on the other hand, thinks he is so hot as to be able to size up a person by a handshake; he could care less about detail.  He believes his own press on being the master of the deal and don’t sweat the small shit.

Hey.. I hope I am completely wrong about Trump when he meets Putin.  But Trump has a history of talking and not saying anything of substance.  Putin will command the discussion.  But here’s what will piss me off more than anything… our President will not defend our country against the Russian cyber attacks on our election process.  A clear and present danger if there ever was one.  But Trump wants to make Putin a buddy.  Well… Putin is going to tap dance right past Trump.. and America.

I would like to think Trump might confront Putin’s hacking involvement much like Detective Columbo did.  Right when he’s bored Putin with his nonsense rhetoric and argues Putin’s designs on the  Ukraine and the Crimea, and it’s obvious Putin is losing his patience… and as Trump is heading to the door he turns and says… “Oh.. one more thing, Sir.”  Yeah.  Set the hook.


North Korea…

The Land of Few Options is still looking for attention.. from the U.S.  One of the problems in spewing out an opinion about how to handle North Korea is the inability to have all the intelligence a president might have.

  • Do we have a human assets inside N. Korea? How close to the Dear Leader and can we determine where he is at any given time?  Is it reliable?
  • Are we in to communication with anyone in N.K. government?
  • Do we have the technology to interrupt their ICBM missile launch command and control to throw a launched missile out of control? Lasers?  Radio jamming?
  • Given the short distances and comparatively small geographical areas to cover, do we have the ability to detect and shoot down a missile as soon as it leaves the launch pad?
  • How detailed is our satellite spying and how well is our interpretation of images? Is it photograph only or real time?
  • What about intel regarding China and their intentions?

That’s just a few of the unknowns that would be critical in being able to form just an opinion, not to mention actual policy.  The news is reporting that the recent launch of a liquid fuel ICBM by NK was a surprise design to the intel community.  If that is the case then we could speculate that there is no human intel asset with knowledge of NK missile production and design.  We obviously have no human asset or otherwise to reveal launch schedules or test schedules.  The idea that  our satellites can pick up the fueling of liquid fueled rockets is apparently not foolproof detection.  Also, this thing was fired from a mobile launch vehicle hence it’s easily hidden and deployed; this didn’t launch from the NK version of Cape Canaveral.  Given it’s been 70 years we’ve been involved on the peninsula I am wondering why there is such a critical lack of intel to begin with.  You’d think South Korean assets over the years would have been the best bet for penetrating NK government.  Why were we asleep at the wheel for 70 years?

If I were a new president likely my first question would be.. why are we still on the Korean peninsula anyway?

CNN has  a segment on why North Koreans hates us.


In this segment it’s being presented that all this animosity was the result of the Korean War… nearly 70 years ago (Talk about wanting to settle old scores!).  If this is the case then would it not seem logical that the U.S. (and its allies who fought back then) would sue for peace, like decades ago?

It seems to me, and fellow Americans who are conservative should appreciate this concept, that South Korea has sucked on the “welfare” of the U.S. long enough.  It’s population is double that of the North.  If one of the symbolic threats of the North is that million man army.. well, the South should be able to field far more than that.  The South also has the world’s 13th successful economy.  It’s very apparent that the North’s issues are not with the South but with the U.S.  It’s also very apparent that the South could easily conquer the North and unite the peninsula again… the way it should be (and likely the way China doesn’t want it).


Here’s one possible suggestion for keeping the peace.

Immediate lifting of all humanitarian sanctions; gradual withdrawal of American troops from the peninsula over the next five years.  In exchange… no further nuclear testing. As a condition… the North Korean government must inform their people that the Korean War is over… and America is leaving, and restoring their economy.   At the end of the five years, depending on their compliance, lifting of all remaining sanctions and an exchange of diplomatic offices.  If during the five years nuclear efforts still continue, then American troops return to previous levels and sanctions are reinstated. 


I’ll make another observation here.  It’s being described that this crisis with North Korea is threatening to be a “nuclear crisis”.  I’m not too sure what exactly that might mean in this case.  I mean, back during the Cuban Missile Crisis that was considered a nuclear crisis because the threat existed that us and the Soviets might lob a few nukes back and forth.  If this ends up a nuclear crisis I cannot for the life of me imagine us nuking North Korea for anything, even if they did toss the first one our way and it actually hit something.  I’m sure we likely have battlefield nukes in the South with limited yields to cause localized damage but I cannot imagine we would lob megatons of nukes on them and risking the fallout drifting south, or over Japan,  and/or paying for the result of radiation sickness casualties for the next 30 years.  That peninsula is cramped and there’s really no place to go to escape nukes going off.  On top of that, you’d have millions of radiation sick refugees scrambling into China.  But… I suppose dumber things have happened based on human history.


So where do we go from here?

For now we just wait it out… and see what develops over the weekend… and hold our breath.

Carry On, America.