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Methinks all this tribal diversity is just confusing which tribal drumbeat to listen to, and it’s making us natives restless… and our leaders listless.  -Me

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“The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate.” – John McCain, 2018

As fate would have it, our Commander-in-Cheat has been out of town this Memorial Day; praise the gods!  A lot appalls me these days on the public scene… but little raises the BP more than Trump “trying” to recognize military people… either with medals, awards, or memorials.  Yes, I know, it’s his job as the sitting Commander-in (cough) Chief.  But as I said in a previous post, even seeing his photo in the lobby of all the VA locations (as current president) with real heroes sitting around appalls me.  Trump has NOTHING in common with the military or in serving in the military… and he’s insulted a number of living and dead heroes  simply for political theatrics.  So.. when he isn’t in town on Memorial Day (pretty inconsiderate in itself for a sitting president) it’s welcome because he won’t be a reminder at the various memorial wreath-layings.  There’s no question he’s happier where’s he’s at today anyway because the Prime Minister of Japan and the Emperor himself  are lavishing him with boundless pomp & circumstance… and a round of golf.

Yet.. Trump has still managed to diss the intel and military communities in their reporting the recent Rocketman Kim  lobbing of a test missile or two… conveying in all his wisdom that it’s no big deal.  In  addition… Trump has gone out of his way to side with Dear Leader Kim in Kim’s analysis of Biden’s intelligence.  So.. even when he’s out of town… the Trump-beat still goes on.   He always does manage to spoil the mood of whatever is being celebrated.  (Let’s forget the irony that Trump is making nice-nice and agreeing with a thug dictator of a nation in which technically we have been at “war/undeclared conflict” with for nearly 70 years and has not completely returned the remains of our military fallen from the conflict… and this is Memorial Day, the day we remember those same soldiers.)

But in spite of the fruitless effort it is to make today “greater” than Trump in the media, it still is a day to pause and reflect.. not just to the fallen themselves in their greatest sacrifice to duty and honor and country, but to also reflect on the reasons they were called or chose to serve when they did.  They all fell serving their country at time when local policies favored certain action.  Those policies were not always correct in their intentions or noble in their causes, or even fully thought out.  Some actions we engaged in as a nation were led by populist emotionalism and others by pure political expediency and even a level of political corruption.  We have never been a perfect nation nor will we ever be because the simple fact remains, we are a nation of human beings.  But if we can’t be perfect we can certainly display a measure of benevolence because our economic values and technological achievements allow us to do so… and we can display  a basic compassion because our national moral fiber is far less about maintaining a single culture, ideology, or a spiritual doctrine but rather we are a composite… a conglomerate of many.  The cement that keeps us together is in our Constitution… and all the world needs to know is that it works for us here in America… and the world has been, and will continue to be, a beneficiary of our existence, not because we are asserting dominance but because we are dominant in pushing that one idea… freedom CAN exist.  Yes, at times we’ve gotten a little pushy on that idea.  No apologies there because we want to spread around the successes as it makes ourselves stronger as well given we are all stuck together on this planet.

But this is Memorial Day and we reflect on those who fought and died.. whether the conflict was glorious, noble, honorable, or not.  Whether the conflict was historically positive, morally just, or politically sound; whether or not the end result was the result we were fighting for or if history has yet to determine the results.  American servicemen and service women were there when asked to serve and a lot of them died doing so.  That’s because, each in their own way, were fighting for a cause… whether the greater cause to serve their country and their Constitution, or a more immediate cause of saving their comrades on the field of battle.  I’ve lived through 68 Memorial Days… and four of those was during my own time of serving in the military.  The fact any of us is here today right now are able to celebrate this day is illustrative that their sacrifice, for whatever their personal reason at the time, has contributed to the here-and-now we enjoy today as a nation.


Our Continental Divide –

Which brings us to our current political divisiveness and… well, this is not a “Constitutional Crisis”…. I would call it more simply.. just another “growing pain”, although on the pain scale I would rate this for the doctor as a “7” (to compare, I would rate the period of 1968-1970 as a “8.5”).    I’ve spent the first two paragraphs of this Memorial Day post essentially “bitchin’” about Trump, seemingly reflecting that political pain level.. at least to me.  When a person serves in the military they serve the nation and not any sitting president… even though that president is their commander-in-chief.  Nixon was my C-in-C for four years.  He gave me an 80% salary increase overnight.  I have a photo of me on duty filling out my absentee ballot.. and voting for him… back when republicans were Republicans.

But here’s my point.  The greatest threat to the nation right now is the unpredictable and incompetent performance of Trump as President.  All the current investigations.. the Mueller Report… Barr’s idiocies, all that reflects essentially his pre-presidential and some post-presidential meanderings and results of who Trump is and how he has acted most of his life.  A lot of this is that he’s just plain ignorant of the law or has little concern for breaking the law because he just pushes more lawyers into the hole to deal with it.  The threat and risk to the nation is how he carries forward his concept of what he wants vs. what he thinks he wants and vs. what is good for the nation… and how he applies all that to international diplomacy.  Recently Howard Stern was interviewed by Anderson Cooper and he said that he was told by credible persons that Trump’s run for the office was a PR stunt in support of his new book.  He never expected to win.. and he really doesn’t want the job.  I conveyed this exact thing in the first couple weeks of this blog back in 2017, not that I care a damn what Stern thinks one way or the other.  Point being, there’s this same speculation out there by many folks.


Here’s where we are likely headed… my SWAG guess (scientific wild-assed guess).

  • There are likely a few more silent GOP members on both sides… the House and the Senate… that are leaning toward impeachment than we realize right now. In fact, given the Senate in general has been silent through most of this investigation and Mueller reporting, both parties, I would not be surprised that Schumer is laying low forging some wait-and-see deal with the Senate GOP to give them more reason to impeach.
  • As these court actions reveal themselves against Trump avoiding the subpoenas.. we are likely going to see some Trump financials fairly soon. Subpoenas to testify?   In the long run that may not matter.
  • Impeachment? With each passing investigation result the cry for impeachment will increase.  Pelosi will have her hands full holding it off… but even she will let loose the dogs of war soon enough.
  • Keep in mind that with every passing revelation or progress on any of these 20 investigations, there are more than just sitting members of Congress waiting for a reason to impeach. There will be ex-office holders and Trump associates coming forward, like Tillerson, to spill more beans about the Trump family business and/or the administration.
  • As any and/or all of these effects unfold, Trump himself is going to feel the pressure. So many pundits have proclaimed off and on through all this as Trump “having gone of the rails”.  We haven’t seen that yet but it’s coming.  We need to worry.


Celebrate, Yet Beware –

And on this Memorial Day we should worry… and be watchful.  Our service personnel are engaged in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.. and it seems our Dear Leader wants to toss Iran and Venezuela into the mix of war craziness.  It’s inevitable more of our troops will end up as casualties of misguided policies.  We need to be wary… and maybe give some thought toward protecting our troops from harm in poorly devised and planned foreign campaigns.  Seems to me when one of our soldiers shoots a bullet at the enemy-of-the-moment it’s to defend the country and less about defending a policy.



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