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I can’t tell any politician what to do but I could suggest some options (as can most people).


My… Considerations…

  • If you are an existing GOP office holder you might wish to consider making some distance between you and Trump in general for the next election.
  • You can still be anti-gun control, just think twice about taking NRA money for your PAC.  Then again, please.. take the money… and take your chances in the polls.
  • If you are Democrat (or Republican) and you believe in gun control.. and most importantly tackling mental health to create a state or national policy… find a microphone… a camera… and write some op-ed’s.


Remember….. somewhere along the line you sold enough voters on what you can do and you managed to get yourself elected.  Try not to squander the opportunity.

A Final Thought –

The following is from CNN Fareed Zakaria’s daily email post that has an interesting tidbit.


The Big Thing Missing from the Gun Debate

There is something important missing from the debate over how to respond to last week’s school shooting in Florida, which claimed 17 lives, writes Mark L. Rosenberg for Politico Magazine. Science.

“In the 1960s, Congress saw that young people were being killed on our highways at unacceptably high rates and appropriated $200 million annually for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to conduct research that led to safer cars, safer roads and safer drivers. This research has saved more than 350,000 lives, according to NHTSA—and none of this involved confiscating automobiles,” he writes.

One of the main problems, suggests Rosenberg, is “the so-called Dickey amendment, which declared that none of the federal funds for the CDC’s injury center could be used ‘to promote or advocate gun control,’” a move he says had a “chilling” effect on research.

“It would not take much to restart the CDC’s gun-related research efforts, and such research could yield results that are every bit as impressive [as the research over traffic safety]…Many of the studies that are needed require large-scale, multi-jurisdictional and intricately designed evaluations that run over a period of several years to generate enough high-quality data.”

  • There is no quick fix for Americas gun problem. But first it needs to face up to the real problem, Fareed noted in his Last Look from Sundays show.

“The rate of mental illness in the United States is not 40 times the rate in Britain, but the rate of gun death is 40 times higher here than in Britain. Now, America does have about 15 times as many guns as Britain per capita, and far fewer restrictions on their ownership and use.”


+ Either lead, follow, or get out of the way

+ If you’re not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

+ Catch the wave, or flounder.

+ S***t or get off the pot        (both “pot” meanings)

Pick one.