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I’m no political strategist by any stretch of the imagination.  If anything, I’m like millions of other Americans who predicted a different outcome in the last presidential election, so nothing qualifies me in being some soothsayer of upcoming republican or democrat intent, and I most certainly can’t give any advice.

When I would watch the TV show “The West Wing” I would be amazed how all those people could walk-and-talk while rattling off specific state electoral district voting trends and voter demographics like a sports nut might rattle off historical baseball or football player stats.  But what I can do is I can observe and speculate just enough to add to the general confusion.

At the moment it seems the Dems need to pick up 23 seats in the 30 being up for this mid term House election.  While it seems more than probable that the Dems might pull this off by simply coasting along on the inertia of Trump continuing his “death wish” self-destruct, there’s the issue in trying to determine the general platform goal for this election.  Most assuredly the Mueller investigation would likely reveal more than enough campaign fodder to suggest a solid campaign pushing for impeachment, Mueller is apparently holding off until after the election before resuming his quest for truth, justice, and the American way.  So, we are left with what we got so far.. and while it’s considerable (Trump “friends” making flip deals, implicating the President, and declaring personal guilt), the Trump base is still following their Piper as is a majority of the Congressional GOP.  So the question remains, do the Dems present to the voters specific issues over pushing impeachment to gather votes?

At one point during the last presidential campaign I was smug and confident enough to develop my own personal election strategy in using my singular vote to assure a Clinton win.  Being an authentic card-carrying Republican (although preferring Clinton as president given I was not inspired with the GOP lineup), I opted to exercise my vote in the primary in voting for Trump.  You see, I was fearing Clinton might have a bit of a fight against Cruz or Bernie.. and Trump, being a total loser, I voted for him for the GOP candidate because he was guaranteed to lose.  Yeah, that worked real well.  So my election strategies haven’t been all that effective in the past.

As an American, it bothers me a bit that we might be approaching an election where the main issue is the removal of a sitting president.  Impeachment proceedings are a tough process for the country to endure at any time.  It consumes; consuming time and resource; taking valuable time as it will consume the House in some form… and on a number of levels.  Then it will consume the Senate.  Of course it will consume the nation.  Nothing will get done.  The main reason Nixon resigned was for just that alone.. his awareness that his impeachment would consume and maybe divide the nation, already feeling the divisiveness of the war.  For all his alleged foibles, Nixon had the presence of mind to understand that historical significance.  The current self-serving President has no such preconceived ideas… nor does his base of supporters.  For them it’s a fight to the bitter end.. and even after that, it will be a scorched earth retreat.

But just because I have little or no practical experience with demonstrating my expertise as a political strategist doesn’t mean I can’t try and embarrass myself further in this capacity.  So, here we go.

I might suggest to the Dems for the mid terms, given the old saying that “all politics are local”, is that their issues might reflect a push about a non-Trumpian agenda that counter-offers a better vision of America to the voter.  Forget personal election bitterness between the two party candidates on that local level.  Hit with a “better path” to reach the similar goals for a better life without having to resort to some concept of nationalism and this “us against the world” conservative rhetoric.  It would help if the Dems put together some unified platform from which these local district candidates can draw from.  Town halls should push this counter-agenda to continue not interfering in the growing record national prosperity and yet offer solutions for those problem rural areas that need some sort of economic stimulus.  A great push would be an anti-MAGA.. America was always great.. and push hope and be positive.  Let the other side paint the crappy picture they think the country is in; let them push fear.

Let the idea of impeachment simmer with the public in the background; candidates should stay away from that being a center issue.  Trump’s record is such that he will constantly add to his own personal destruction, and the media will continue to give that attention and feed that impeachment monster behind the scenes.  Local races need not linger over impeachment.  There will always be question from constituents , “Will you support impeaching the President.”  There should be a universal Democratic reply to that question… which essentially should be “yes”, but stated in a way that you are saying yes to the process.  Forget about trying to make conservatives happy by answering that question vaguely.  Dems flat out are politically against the President anyway.. don’t hide that.  But an affirmative answer to satisfy a liberal base can still be made and staying less personally vindictive on the desire to impeach.  Impeachment is not to “get even”.. it should be for solid reasons… not personal bias.


Let Events Determine

It appears that Mueller is likely to go on some sort of investigative hiatus so I am reasonably certain that surprise announcements from his office will be after the election.  This does not mean that existing cases, both within the federal district courts and opening on the various state levels, will not have some surprises, either with new indictments or additional flips of the players in the batter’s box.

Along with that… we have Amarosa’s book.. well, more like her secret recordings still languishing for an opportune time to go public.  As of today, Bob Woodward’s long-awaited new book is being released and it’s already the talk of the town and how this unfolds is pure speculation.  The most important player affecting the election result will be the President himself simply because he can’t shut up.  But we all know… or highly suspect… his personal legal pressures are building and while it’s easy to assume he will escape any sort of legal responsibility with pardons, he is seething inside his own persona.  Could he reach a breaking point and would we know what that is?  Hard to say.

The bottom line… Mueller or not, anything can, and likely will, happen as we get closer to the election.  The Dem Congressional candidates should keep their politics local… and let the inertia of events feed opinion against the GOP candidates.

But.. what the hell do I know.


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