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Do we put off the surgery to remove the “cause for discomfort” two years from now and hope the infection subsides in the meantime and involve less pain, or do we bite the bullet now to eliminate further spread of “infection”?

In a couple past posts I have made the notice that while I want Trump “outta here”, I might be a bit apprehensive about impeachment to do that sooner than the 2020 election.  My reason at the time was my deep concern that Trump’s hard-and-fast core supporters would simply assume any successful impeachment was some conspiracy and further antagonize that group… already divisive to the point maybe taking some action not-good for the nation.  I speculated that waiting for the election to vote him out of office would be better accepted than suspected.

In the time since I made those posts the damage Trump has done in continuing to be the mindless, uncontrollable reactionary, that he is on all levels, and now an alleged illegal co-conspirator, has just been constant and a disaster to the nation.  My own propensity as an American with patriotic emotions has moved me to the point of having made my last post with this same title, which calls for impeachment ASAP.  But truly.. that is not without some risks to the mood of the country.

Recently, fired FBI chief, James Comey, in front of a New York City audience (HERE), rather echoed my earlier concerns in that his own urging for no impeachment and letting the election handle Trump’s removal was founded on two reasons… the first being that impeachment was rather letting Americans off the hook in having a more direct action in his removal according to the voters.  The second reason he had was that a successful impeachment would just leave nearly a third of the voting nation, who we acknowledge would follow Trump to the ends of the Earth no matter what he did, speculating Trump’s removal was a conspiratorial coup.

In my viewpoint, whether that demographic would just accept their loss and move on or choose to be more demonstrative or even violent, the point being is that these folks are also fellow Americans, who, by the way, were feeling patriotic in their own right; this shouldn’t be a patriotism pissing match.

Comey concluded with, “I was struck that Barack Obama is the best listener as a leader I had ever seen and Donald Trump is the worst I’ve ever seen.  Obama had the confidence to be quiet and try and get that.  Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply insecure person, so I don’t see any prospect that he would be able to be quiet for long enough to hear the truth.”

This is also a possibility that if enough, a majority perhaps, Senate Republicans turn toward impeachment that it might temper any devoted Trump supporters from presuming it all was some coup.  But that’s purely speculation.


“This Could Be An Event That Will Make The World Tremble.” – Carl Bernstein

In a recent interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter (HERE), Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) indicated that “…the Republican Party will peel away from President Donald Trump as special counsel Robert Mueller’s case closes in on Trump and those close to him.”, as happened with Nixon.

Adam Schiff, California Representative and House Intel Committee chairman, recently told CBS’s Margaret Brennan (HERE) that…  “My takeaway is there’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office the Justice Department may indict him, that he may be the first President in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.”


Before I finish here I want to share the thoughts and views of Sen. Orin Hatch… quoted from THE HILL…

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Monday dismissed federal charges implicating President Trump in crimes committed by his former lawyer, saying that he doesn’t care about the argument made in a court filing by the Southern District of New York because Trump is a good president.

“I don’t care, all I can say is he’s doing a good job as president,” Hatch said in an interview with CNN, before adding that he’s not bothered by the filing because he doesn’t think Trump was involved in crimes. 

“The Democrats will do anything to hurt this president,” he told CNN. “What happened before he was elected president is one thing, but since he’s been elected the economy’s done well, our country is moving ahead. We’re in better shape than when we were before he became president. And I think we ought to judge him on that basis.”

After CNN reporter Manu Raju noted that it wasn’t Democrats, but federal prosecutors, that made the allegations about Trump, Hatch responded, “You think he’s a Republican, do you?”

“All I can say is this, President Trump before he became president, that’s another world. Since he’s become president, this economy has charged ahead. We’re all better off,” Hatch added. 

This guy is the most senior Republican in the Senate commenting on the recent filing revelations in the last 24 hours that have all but accused Trump of illegal activity.  I’ve including Hatch’s nutty the-end-justifies-the-means quote as a typical example of what Trump’s determined base feels.  When Trump goes, one way or the other, these folks will not just vanish.  We need to keep this in mind.

One of the major differences in the vehement divisiveness between our two parties is without question, Conservatives want to do far more than just defeat Liberals.  There might be a smaller group of radical Liberals that feel the same toward Conservatives (Antifa comes to mind) but I see little comparison to the true hate mainstream Conservatives have toward Liberal.

This is the legacy Trump has left us.


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