(Yes, thanks bigly.)

I mean, you might have said any one of the following…

  • “Hang in there with Obamacare, America. We will take the time to create a new plan for all Americans!”
  • “Let’s work together using Obamacare for now, and put together a new plan ALL Americans can afford.”
  • “It’s not really a setback but a re-alignment of our efforts to now take the time for an even better plan for ALL Americans!”
  • “We are Americans first and that means working together to create an even better plan! Looking forward to new opportunities with Congress!”

I object to you flipping the political middle finger to any Americans who disputes your policies.  Telling us in essence “You want your precious Obamacare then you can sink with it for all I care.”  F***k you, sir.  You obviously can’t lead.  Just leave.

The Oval Office, or even the floor of the House and Senate, is NOT a boardroom, Mr. President.  There is an old saying in life… “Either lead, follow, or get out of the way!”  I am guessing the latter is your best move.