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You Sure Showed Them!  Whoever said you haven’t accomplished anything is sadly mistaken… I would agree.

Pictures can mean a thousand words for sure.  This last G20 carried with it another round of Trumpian international flatulence and it’s good to note we are in good hands with him at the helm.  (NOT!)

It’s interesting that Merkel figures so prominent.  You think her handlers suggested she dress in red knowing full well they always take these group shots and she’d stand out in the sea of male dark suits?  She didn’t have to push or fight her way into this position either… either for the photo or for her credibility as a world leader, and recent rise into international respect… replacing America’s spot.  It also looks likes she is the only female head of state represented.

Look at this other photo.. of one of Obama’s summits.  He is prominently in the middle (notice Merkel behind him, conservatively dressed).  Ah, yes.  The heady days of American leadership in the world!

I feel so good being an American these days (..he says with sarcasm).

Smerconish, in his CNN report over this last weekend, mentioned that each time he traveled and had to present his American passport he always had a sense of pride and patriotic thought in pulling it out and presenting himself as an American.  Not everyone can do that in this world.  But with Trump?  The feeling just isn’t quite there with such passion these days.

I certainly can’t identify with the pride in whipping out my American passport when asked, although I do have one.  I just don’t travel.  But I can understand pride… and the diminished feeling.  I also want to apologize to the world for the embarrassment.. and convey that this is all just temporary.  Sanity.. and leadership… will return one day.  I’m sure of it.

(But, then again… I was sure he was going to loose.)


I also want to take this moment to thank the President (Trump, that is) for his consistant fake news reporting to the American people.  We are hearing one story from Putin about Trump’s meeting with Putin at this summit, one story from Trump, and one story from Secretary of State Tillerson.  But most importantly, no one knows who is telling the truth because all parties have severe credibility issues.  We can’t even trust our own president.


Yep… this guy sure makes Americans proud.


Carry On, America.