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History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes (a thought sometimes attributed to Mark Twain).  But it’s very obvious that Trump and his minions are quickly continuing the spiral downward.  Between his recent solo press conference and today’s “victory lap” for the cameras with the leading GOP members of Congress paying public homage to Trump for his critical and noteworthy leadership in inspiring Congress (his own GOP, by the way) to pass the publicly unpopular tax reform bill, it give me warm fuzzies seeing that Trump continues the nosedive by displaying his incompetence.  Now, mind you, it’s not that I wish the President to fail… even from day one.  I just knew that he would… since day one.  The issue for me is getting him outta here before he does even more damage to domestic policy and American prestige abroad because of who and what he is personally.

It’s more or less a sit-back-and-wait these days.  The days where we were all appalled, astounded, and driven to the shock & awe of his antics on a daily basis because of his ineptness at everything, has passed and settled into more of a reluctant acceptance that each misadventure is a nail in his political casket with an end in sight.  Of course, that end will be impeachment or lack of votes for a second term.

But… it’s going to take a while.  We have nearly all of 2018 until any likelihood of a shift in the Congressional majority is realized, if there is to be any hope of impeachment.  The Mueller investigation will likely reveal more indictments during  2018 and that may or may not force Trump’s hand a bit, pushing him into the unpredictable (yet behaviorally very predictable) Nixonian desperation of firing anyone that gets too close in implicating him in any cover-up or direct Russian collusion (or even some emoluments violation).  If that’s the case we MIGHT see some Congressional GOP members leaning toward impeachment a little earlier in the year.  We could very well see a newspaper headline similar to the New York Times front page illustrated at the top of this post.

Among the many “tragedies” that makes up Trump is his continuing to demean and condemn our trusted institutions like the intelligence community and now the FBI; nonsense “seven dirty words” the CDC can’t say in their reports because of this Dark Ages mentality that true science has to make political sense over truth; constant lies and falsehoods in his verbal rhetoric and idiotic Tweets.  I recall in the Cold War years of the past that old Communism was just waiting around for us to destroy ourselves from within… or America  would fall like ancient Rome due to internal cultural and political struggles.  Is anyone reading this seeing some handwriting on the wall yet?

The crazy thing is… Trump has the lowest performance and popularity polls of any president in modern history… yet that 32-35{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} base just keeps him in office.  The current GOP, especially those in Congress, have become whores to party over country; people who expressed outrage over candidate Trump’s astounding behavior during the election who overnight changed their allegiance from country to party expediency… even knowing full well that Trump himself reflects little conservative values nor much of traditional republicanism.  It sickens me to no end watching these clowns, all smiles and patting themselves on the back… and kissing Trump’s ring and flagrantly bolstering his juvenile ego… over some highly questionable tax reform bill that also has only 35{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} public favorability.


Speaking of the Great Tax Reform Bill…

I have little problem with the need to “fix” the tax code… great.. go for it.  But as a concerned American regarding the national debt and the need to balance it I rather thought the “fix it” part would encompass trimming down all the complicated rules & regs and special exemptions… and less about handing out tax breaks and adjusting rates.  I mean, I’m a three-times business owner businessman (twice bankrupt and the scars to show each recovery) just like the businessman idiot in office… just because he’s worth billions and I am worth my next Social Security and rent-a-cop paychecks doesn’t mean he’s any smarter than me.  If I inherited a billion to start from I could have easily taken it to billions too.  We need to balance the debt and I am shocked that the entire essence of this bill is less about making the code easier and far more about lowering taxes and tax breaks FOR ANYONE at a time when we should be paying those taxes to downsize the debt.  Sheer Congressional idiocy led by a political lunatic.  Just toss another trillion onto the national debt.  The crazy thing is… the country as a whole is breaking economic records in growth.  So we need to give a tax break to the people of those red states that voted for Trump because their local industries closed up… and give more tax breaks to the rich… during a period of increased national growth??  Yeah.. a bizarro world for sure.  Trickle-down bullshit if you ask me… and, yes, no one is asking me.

Look, this GOP is not my daddy’s GOP nor do I expect it to be.  Times do change as technology, population demographics, and culture shifts with the proverbial swing of life’s pendulum.  Trump is neither traditional Republican nor is he any sort of solid God-fearing, church-going conservative (or even far right neo-whatever, although he’s an alleged racist).  Yet all those ideologies have grabbed onto his coattails for the sake of political and cultural expediency.  Trump is the Pied Piper for the political right, at the same time suckling at their hind teet as well because that’s also his shot-in-the-arm drug of choice that keeps him in office; a great symbiotic relationship, if that’s what we want in control.

I’m still trying to find the political sanity in all this.