Well, no.. the Alt-Right IS responsible for many of the nation’s issues as they relate to Trump.. but not for my moving.  Seems my current landlord wants to sell the home after 30 years (lucky me.. just when I come along).  Anyway.. we did find another home, a tad smaller and thus easier for the other half to maintain (according to HER set of cleanliness standards).

Anyway, my only mention of this is to explain to my walloping 15 followers my limited postings and replies for the next couple weeks as I move out, repair the damage I have done (security cameras, cat 5 cable, ham radio antennas.. yada, yada), and then move into the new place.. and re-installing all that crap.  I’d like to say that when I return to active duty here I will be bigger and better.. but sadly.. not.  I will certainly be older and no wiser.  I can only imagine what the hell Trump will do (or not) inside the next two weeks.

But rest assured the computer is the first thing to be installed and I will keep tabs on your posts.