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We are entering a time of political reckoning and economic peril… without a competent leader.

Before we get to Pavolvitz’s post, just a few words of introduction.

Maybe think of this coronavirus as a come-to-papa moment regarding what’s truly important in our lives and what’s important for the nation.  This is going to slow down the politics of our national divide, soften the rhetoric of the upcoming election, questioning even how the election itself would unfold logistically given our current fear of crowds, all while we ALL question our own mortality.  This isn’t to suggest that there won’t be ample politics of blame and innuendo to go around.. but as time progresses and the virus infects, our politics will take second place.

John Pavlovitz (at, has posted an article directed at his usual target, evangelicals who have surrendered their moral compass to follow Trump.  I tend to find his posts (and not all are political) as interesting perspectives on Christian thought.  Now, I am NOT a religious person to the point where I even go to church on Sundays, but I tend to find it a welcome read when someone can express religion in reality, and less about total spirituality.  Just my own thing.. and I seldom share and I certainly don’t impose my own spiritual beliefs on others.  Obviously, my political beliefs I toss around willingly…. and most who read or listen are hardly moved one way or the other anyway.  That’s what blogging is all about.

Given all that, I thought Pavlovitz’s recent post echoed my own feelings.. although his post not likely going to be taken seriously in general.  But I will read it in it’s entirety… with appropriate credit and links to his blog, on my own blog.   I’ll have followup comments to follow.  Here we go.



by John Pavlovitz  (


The bill for MAGA has come due, Trump supporters.

It’s time to pay up.

The deferred invoice for you selling your souls is here.

It’s time to pay for every incendiary campaign boast you cheered,
every factless diatribe you vigorously applauded,
every nonsensical middle-of-the-night tweet you boosted,
every dehumanizing stereotype and slur you shared,
every callous and cruel rally insult you passionately amen-ed. 

Its time to pay for every denial of Scientific evidence,
every terminated qualified conscientious objector,
every attack on factual, responsible journalism,
every vicious assault on objective reality,
every star-spangled dog-and-pony show distraction,
every lazy xenophobic caricature,
every tired racist tirade.

This is how your beloved capitalism works isn’t it: someone was always going to pay for services rendered? Nothing is free, isn’t that what you’ve been saying—no handouts? Well, dig deep friend because you are on the hook for this.

Many people have been footing the bill for a long time: migrants and Muslims and transgender people, young black men, refugees, the sick and the poor, already vulnerable communities pushed all the way to the brink—and now past it.

You were paying too of course, you were just too willfully ignorant or intellectually negligent to realize it. Over and over we tried to tell you about the cost: the civil rights you were sacrificing too, the environmental protections you were losing as well as we were, the safety and security you were relinquishing alongside us. We tried to tell you that this hardship was not a partisan expense, that his moral bankruptcy would eventually hit you hard too.

But your Fox News bubble and your white Evangelical echo chamber and your America First, Don’t Tread on Me, middle-finger affinity clubs left you certain you were insulated from it all; that the only tears that would fall would be liberal ones, that the only people suffering voted for Hillary, that all of the pain would be isolated to people who vote Blue.

You felt immune from the spreading sickness. You felt invincible, because your messiah told you that you were winning and that was enough for you. 

He was lying to you as he always does, but you preferred to believe the lie because it felt warm running through your veins even as it was poisoning you—the intoxicating, cheap high of making America great while owning the Libs. That was a costly drug, that arrogance—and you were slowly going broke in your addiction.

Now, in the middle of a burgeoning pandemic and a precipitous market crash and a hopelessly fractured nation, the bill is coming due.
You can’t avoid paying anymore. 
You’re here with us.
I think even you realize that now. 

This President didn’t create this virus,
but he ignored it,
denied it,
minimized it,
joked about it,
weaponized it,
politicized it,
exacerbated it.

He systematically removed qualified people and replaced them with genuflecting, sycophantic traitors—or with no one at all.

He generated a steady stream of partisan attacks and conspiracy theories and abject lies created in the moment, and the kind of “I am smarter than anyone in the room” sermonizing that cult leaders bellow all the way to the terrible and tragic end.

He is culpable for the chaos and the unnecessary illness, and yes the preventable deaths because of it—and you are too.

This is the human cost of the MAGA cult delusion, and we’re all paying for it now equally, however we vote and wherever we live and whatever we value.

Pandemics don’t choose sides or spare voting blocks or respect affiliations.

He will pay for it in November and in the unflattering, incorruptible light of History.

I hope whatever you received was worth it.

I hope you still feel like you’re winning.


Well, a nice political tell-off-the-other-side rendition… but to me it places in excellent context how we can get so wrapped up in the importance we place on ourselves that we lose the reality in the vulnerability of our own humanity.  Ironically, this might be a health crisis that indeed causes some deaths and send fear into us up one side and down the other… but it is not going to be an apocalypse and could end up being just the thing to allow the nation to breath and re–access priorities… together, and loosen our divisiveness.  Most importantly.. this will force everyone to focus on what makes a leader and a president we can look up to in the future.

Already this pandemic is taking on it’s own urgency and making our political disputes secondary with each infected person, in spite of being constantly reminded of an incompetent President almost daily.

 Voters will remember when the time comes.  Until then.. remember each other.