Post#: 069-20 – Words: 1140 – Audio: 13:04 – Podcast Episode #4

If removing Trump at all costs is top on your personal agenda, you might have a savior in Mike Bloomberg.  Stay tuned.

Joe Biden’s sudden and surprising Super Tuesday victories has changed the Democrat primary election tapestry fairly significantly just overnight.  Just realizing Bloomberg resigning from the race and placing his immense financial support to Biden.. there’s also a message for Trump in all this.. beware the ides of March.. and April… and beyond.

The Bloomberg effect, simply put, is entirely about money.  Yes, the man himself has had considerable experience in aspects of politics having been mayor of New York City, and a few of his other endeavors, which alone gives him far more experience than our current President.  No question he’s a businessman in the truest sense, having used his business acumen and abilities to create a business empire… without the shadow of having done that over the bodies of others.  He speaks well to crowds, not condescending given his financial stature, and actually can apologize when a bad decision has been made.  Comparing with traits of past presidents, he’s personally in line and better than some past occupiers of the Oval Office, and maybe not better than some.  Which to me that means he qualifies in general.

Now, when we add to that his immense wealth and his ability to pay for his late starting campaign out-of-pocket to the tune of $500 million for his advertising blitz, one would think he might be a relative shoe-in for the nomination.  Honestly, it gives me true hope in the American people when they can separate all that and still vote for the candidate with some greater political experience, record of political achievement and respect amongst his political peers, a guy who has performed admirably for two terms as Vice President, and can still present human sensitivity and identify with the common man inside and outside his own personal tragedies.  Biden is everything Trump is not… and Biden’s own past hearkens back to the days of less divisiveness and far more dignity.  Bloomberg didn’t make the grade not because his qualifications were less than Biden but rather many voters think the Biden persona is needed now to beat Trump.

I have made past posts about this runaway use of the term “patriotism” and who might be a “patriot”.  Conservative right wingers love to claim their particular brand of presenting their opinions on issues as being patriotic… and suggesting any opposition to their ideals is un-patriotic.  Trump himself loves to use the American flag as a prop for him to display his own idea of what he calls “patriotism” to his adoring “patriots”… by hugging the flag.  Hardly respect for the flag to be sure.  But makes for a good photo op to those supporters who need such a disrespectful photo op to re-affirm their loyalty to him.   But let’s look at Bloomberg.  Given his siding with Biden now.. one might interpret some legitimacy in the idea that he indeed was actually running to get rid of Trump… and spending a fortune to try and do it.  Now it seems he is willing to back Biden with his deep pockets… and that most assuredly is going to pressure any Trump re-election dreams.  Seems to me there’s a level of patriotism in all that.. if we define patriotism as giving one’s self toward a cause greater than self, and making a sacrifice in doing so.  Oh, sure… the guy is rich and is not suffering one bit as a result of this “sacrifice”, even if we add in any future help to get Biden elected.  But consider this.. looking at the entire picture, what does Bloomberg actually think he is going to get when the final  bill comes in on the total cost to remove Trump?  What would a guy of his stature want besides being president?  I can’t imagine Biden making him a running mate, given the obvious accusations of Bloomberg having “purchased” the office.  An ambassadorship?  Bloomberg doesn’t need that status one bit.  Nor does he need some Cabinet position.  Could it be Bloomberg might be sincere that all he wants is Trump removed from office with no strings?  I tend to think that’s a bit patriotic.  Maybe not the flag-waving, ticker-tape parade, build-a-monument, recognition, but it’s more than most folks would do toward a cause that’s akin to saving the country.

It will be a bit interesting to see how the Biden campaign and Bloomberg’s efforts can remain independent given the campaign laws.  Bloomberg can’t just write a big check to the Biden campaign.  Laws dictate limits, and rightly so.  The best Bloomberg can do is form a private ”super PAC” that works independently of the Biden campaign.  To be lawful, the two cannot collude on strategy.  Depending on the content of the material emanating from the Bloomberg PAC, some things might not sit well with the Biden campaign.  On the other hand, Bloomberg can likely present material the Biden camp might want to do but can’t because strategy dictates a different approach.  One thing is for sure… lawyers are going to be involved to make sure a simple lunch date or phone call between the two isn’t interpreted as a  strategy session.

How might Trump view all this?  His pomposity will outwardly hide his deeper concern in private that there are an awful lot of Americans who simply want to find the right person to make sure he loses re-election, and it’s not so much about ideological differences in policy.  The turnout in each state for a simple primary vote shows this graphically.  But here is the impending rub to all this that needs consideration.  The coronavirus threat is getting worse by the day… the Trump administration handling of this crisis to date is pretty appalling… and Trump is more fixated on the declining markets throwing the nation into a recession and thus no re-election for him.  I think this virus threat and Trump’s actions to address it will be the centerpiece issue until election.

In the meantime, I think we will be seeing some intimidation (toward Trump) and effective campaign ads coming from Bloomberg.

I will make this prediction… however Trump loses re-election he will not go down without a fight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he claims the entire election was a Deep State plot against him.. and he will tie up the results in the courts.   Then again, many months ago I made a prediction that Trump would be gone by now, solely on the feeling that there were actual persons of greater moral wisdom among the Senate GOP to make it happen, when in fact there was only one.

We shall see.  In the meantime, keep washing your hands follow your heart.