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Now we have crisis deniers!

I tend to follow a few highly Conservative, right wing blogs and every single one is echoing some variation of that title above.  In fact.. like the virus itself… these right wing blogs tend to cite those other Conservative/right wing so-called fact-based, real truth, “news” blogs that exist simply to affirm Conservative thought rather than actually present anything remotely factual.   There’s no question that Americans will represent any number of political opinions because that’s who we are and that’s a trait of the diversity of humanity.  We all think and act differently.  We all approach life differently.  We all experience life differently.  We all simply believe differently.  But while acknowledging we are all just one happy human family occupying this Big Blue Marble flying around the sun, it’s a far cry from surmising we all think the same… or reach conclusions the same based on our entirely different nature vs. nurture lives… and how we’ve experienced life.

As it relates to politics… well, frankly speaking, much of what Conservative-inspired Trump supporters believe is completely idiodic.  On the other hand.. they believe anti-Trumpers, like myself, are also complete idiots.  Everyone has their own versions of common sense.  So.. fact-checking has become all the vogue, although, it’s the media that seems to have true fact-checking devoted staffs, and Conservatives just support each other from right wing sources claiming to have all the answers.. or allegedly exposed Liberal conspiracies.  In fact, you can easily see that Conservatives accuse the Left of Deep State conspiracies aligned against Trump…  but the Liberal left and the alleged Left media, makes no such accusations toward the Conservative Right over their support of Trump.  Hmmm… Could it be that the Left doesn’t think the Right is capable of creating a conspiracy?  They certainly do a good job creating fiction.

Which brings us to the title of today’s post here.  I am not an MD.  All I do is read, watch, and interpret what the media reports to the world.  My ability to find a “truth” using critical thinking skills is not different than anyone else’s ability.  The foundation of my opinions are the results of my own nature vs nurture, and experiences in life.  Using my own critical thinking abilities has served me well… but that is not to say  similar skills of others haven’t  served their masters well either.  The Almighty has blessed me with good experiences in life, where the bad things did not traumatize me yet were learning experiences… and I do not feel victimized by other groups, government, religion, or … fate-inspired bad luck.  I do not feel I am entitled to anything in life I’ve not pursued.  I do not feel left out of society by any means, nor do I feel government… or life itself, owes me anything.  I’ve ALWAYS had confidence in myself… but never to the point of arrogance.  I do not have great monetary wealth, in fact just enough to get by.  But that’s on me.. no one else.  Does all that presume my opinions are somehow “unbiased”?  Well, the fact anyone has any opinion would suggest a bias, of course… a bias toward what has provided a basis for my opinion.

There’s no question the statistics show the typical flu strain has killed more humans at a year rate yet to be even close to the current coronavirus.  But here’s my 4 point take on the panic source of all this.

  1. The panic of all this has been the result more of the quarantine issue than the fear of the virus itself. The reason for this is because we yet know very little about this virus other than it spreads rapidly and tends to kill the elderly, especially with previous maladies that weaken their immune systems in general.  The math suggests something like 98% of us will survive to overeat another day.  The typical flu strain does not spread this quickly nor can it be passed this quickly, hence no quarantine necessary.  The idea that the general population, once infected, even if not a personal danger, has to be taken out of society for 14 days… or.. taken out society for 14 days or more to tend to sick loved ones…  has created this circle-the-wagons , hunker-down at home, hoarding that’s going on.  What has supported this panic situation has been that nursing home in Washington state that was decimated by this virus… graphically illustrating the potential of what we do not know about this thing.  But by and large, our panic is due largely to the economics of all this… not the disease itself.
  2. What adds to the overall panic is some economic apocalypse… is the impending economic downturn.. recession.. to come out of all the failing markets and the trickle effect of various industries suffering from the massed population staying home and avoiding contact in public. Schools closing alone change the workplace dynamic as parents having to deal with children being home during the work day.  People are panicked for losing wages.
  3. There’s a flat out national non-preparedness around this whole pandemic… which includes the completely botched testing and data collection required to get solid numbers and a strategy for defending against this. This has given zero confidence to the general public thus far.  When in doubt, we run on fear, instinct to survive in a world of an unknown threat, and hoard like there’s no tomorrow.. which we never know.  Add to this, there’s hardly plan in place at any level to address the mass of humanity inundating hospitals.
  4. Completely failed government communication and absolutely no inspiration or hope or facts being communicated by the President or his administration, from a President an administration already proven not credible with at least 50% of Americans. . enhancing the panic.. and hoarding.

So.. no.. this corona virus is not a Liberal Deep State conspiracy aimed at removing Trump from office.  I realize it also taxes the ability of science-denying Conservatives to have to trust medical science.   Yet even as we post this, Conservative blogs are still, to this day, blathering about Hillary’s 30,000 emails, Ukraine-denying, Deep State conspiracies aimed at removing Trump… and all those “important” things in life.

Seems to me, your opinions are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  Guess which I think Conservatives fall into.