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As if us baby boomers need yet something else to point out our advancing irrelevancy in the world as our age advances, here’s a sobering tidbit about the Millennial’s.

By the 2020 election they will exceed the boomer generation.  That’s right, folks, the vast social juggernaut that was once our generation, the first TV generation, the target market for all advertising in every single marketing category as we aged, the alleged “me” generation who introduced sex, drugs, and rock & roll to the world, is fading into the proverbial sunset of minority population representation.

For the majority of us boomers it’s our kids, that bunch of youngin’s who sprang from our liberated loins just in time to witness the new millennium, who will be running the show…. well, if they ever decide to take the reins, that is.

According to an article posted on, HERE, Millennials are poised to assume control of American politics… if they wake up.  Here are some interesting stats…

“Defined by Pew as those born between 1981 to 1996, millennials make up about 22% of the US population, and at some point between November’s midterms and the 2020 election, they’re expected to surpass baby boomers as America’s largest living generation.”

But apparently they are, for the present, hugely under-represented in contemporary politics.

Here’s more…..

There are only 8 Millennials in the House, none in the Senate.

In 2014 about 25% voted… in 2016 a little over half voted.

The first Millennials became old enough to serve in Congress in 2006.  Rep. Aaron Schock was the first, sworn in, in 2009, and resigned in 2015.

By 2031 every Millennial will be 35 or older, qualifying to be President

Apparently the average American is 20 years younger than those already serving in Congress as there’s typically a slower attrition rate because many incumbents stick around for years.

According to the article…

“They are the most racially diverse generation and the most likely to live in metro areas. They’re more likely to be unmoored from social institutions — the most likely to be religiously unaffiliated and the least likely to be married. They’re the least trusting of others. They’re the most likely to live with their parents and not be in the workforce. They’ve been mocked in the culture for being given participation trophies they never asked for, and many feel as if they’re inheriting a mess they didn’t make.”

Some of that sounds familiar, like when us boomers came of age.

The article continues…

“Politically, millennials are the most independent generation. They’re the least likely to see big differences between the Democratic and Republican parties, and a March Pew poll found 44% of millennials identify as independent, while 35% identify as Democrats and 17% as Republican.”

Get that last tidbit… 35% Democrat, 17% Republican?  It would appear if the Millennials get their collective ballots together they alone could tip the next couple elections to the Dems.

I dunno… when you see TV commercials it’s nothing but drugs, medical devices (catheters, glucose testing strips, etc.), and retirement homes.  I remember back in the 50’s and very early 60’s it was all about marketing to our generation sugar-coated breakfast cereal, Mickey Mouse gear, Coke & Pepsi, and the latest battery-operated toy we just HAD to have.  Boy, what a contrast to now.  It seems the only reason we still have some political clout is because the Millennials are lagging in their desire to take interest in politics.


Well, if I live to get to see Trump leave office, in shame preferably, I will consider myself fulfilled.


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