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It couldn’t happen fast enough for me but most of you already know that.  In my early days of Trump criticism I held to the idea that while leaders may come and leaders may go that we always had the Constitution guarding our backs; that the Found Fathers wisely, as best as they could understand back in the 18th century, included in that document the road back to political sanity.  But the really important concept in that document is that while the rules of the game to protect  our nation from political anomalies are contained therein, it is still a document of “We the people…”.  That means, the choices to apply those or any other of its tenants is still up to the will of the people to take action as a majority.

Trump’s popularity has dropped to an all-time modern era number of less than 35{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41}… and while there’s no argument that the mathematical application of the numbers of his supporters managed an electoral win, the man at the get-go failed to win the popular support of the nation; hardly anything close to a mandate for change.  The fact that he’s been able to stick around so far in his first year without any formal challenge by the GOP controlled Congress illustrates how a minority public representation can control the initiation of those Constitutional safeguards meant to correct those situations that need correcting.  But slowly some wiser GOP heads are realizing the need for a national leader is more than just a commitment to party.. it’s also a greater dedication to country… and that even a president needs to be held accountable for not being what the majority of the people expect their president to be.  Our national attention is far too focused on the controversial man holding the office and far less on any efforts of that man to actually lead the country.  Our President relishes that it IS all about him… good or bad.

But… the end is in sight.  Each day is another nail in his political casket, and even myself… I have allowed myself a distance from attacking him constantly to rather just allowing him more play in the line; let him run with it and let his ongoing ridiculousness continue to present his incompetence and buffoonery… to the point that he goes finally too far… and someone jerks the pole back to set the hook, and the fight begins.  Or… we just let him run out the line all the way until the line runs out and the sudden stop sets his own hook.  He will wear out rapidly.

CNN commentator Mel Robbins, has suggested everything Trump’s done in 2017 is simply resulting in Trumpism’s  last gasp… the title of her recent article.

That’s what 2017 represents for me: a last gasp by Trump and the bigoted, sexist, nationalist and greedy forces that propelled him to power.

Here’s some notable elements of Robbins’ article. (I’ve retained her links if you wish to verify her stats)

In reality, America is more diverse than ever. It is easy to see that Trump’s world is white. Just look at who he has appointed — more white male judges than any president in three decades. His nominees for 24 Cabinet and cabinet-level posts included only six women and nonwhites. That’s more white male representation than any of the past five presidents. Here is an interesting breakdown of the White House intern cohort this year. I will let you judge with your own eyes how well it reflects America. This whitewash rally? A last gasp.

In reality, the majority of Americans are women. It is easy to see that Trump’s world is by men for men. His administration is attacking women’s reproductive rights at every turn. Trump has pushed repeatedly — in failed attempts to repeal Obamacare — to end the Medicaid expansion. The reality is the majority of Medicaid enrollees are women, and more than half of all US births are covered by Medicaid.

And two months ago, his Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules that would allow employers to opt out of covering birth control under the Affordable Care Act for “moral” reasons.

This attack on women’s rights? A last gasp.

In reality, the vast majority of Americans support gay marriage and equal rights.

Trump’s world does not. His lawyers just told the Supreme Court that businesses should have the right to hang signs in their windows stating that gays will not be served. When Trump tried to ban transgender citizens from serving in the military, our armed forces ignored him. His anti-LBGT opinions? Extremely offensive … and a last gasp.

There is a desperation in the air. There always is when someone is dying — you can smell it.

From the macho threats of nuclear war to the disgraceful ending of a health care program that serves 9 million poor children in America, to taking away tax exemptions on student debt; from building walls and ending DACA to keep out new Americans, to loosening regulations to allow polluting industries to resume polluting, to muzzling science and clamping down on speech. It’s all a last gasp.

Trump’s maniacal obsession with undoing of Obama’s legacy– – the last gasp.

His refusal to denounce white supremacists in Charlottesvillethe last gasp.

His demonization of Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March — the last gasp.

The term “fake news” and the attacks on the free pressthe last gasp.


Then Robbins points out the realities… the REAL realities.

Trump’s support isn’t growing, it’s shrinking. Ignore his blustering. He’s got the lowest approval ratings of any sitting president.

That’s the reality.

Millennials are leaving the Republican Party in record numbers, with nearly a quarter of them defecting from Trump’s party.

That’s the reality.

Oh, and then there’s Robert Mueller’s expanding investigation.

That’s the reality.

Her conclusion sums it all up, with some words of hope.

2017 is the last gasp. Trump’s world will come to an end. In fact, just remove Trump and much of this madness disappears. And he will be removed. He’ll cross too many lines. Hell, he might even be removed from office. There will be another president. The damage will get reversed — and Americans, proud of who we really are, will be the ones left standing.


I will bet the midterm elections will realize the greatest voter turnout in decades, if not setting a record.  If Trump gets as far as the next general election.. it could very well be the greatest voter turnout in history.  Take a guess who those voters will NOT be voting for.  In the meantime we are left hoping the damage he does is minimal.


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