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I pledge allegiance to his office, not to him.

Pretty much if you want to piss off the average American you can simply desecrate the American flag in some manner.  Certainly it’s a common Third World protest of American involvement, or non-involvement, when burning American effigies you include the flag.  Stomping, shooting holes in it, ripping it up, yada, yada, has for decades and decades of American TV watchers made living room shouts of stopping of our foreign aid to those ungrateful  idiots, toward an uncaring  TV screen.  But “messin’ with the flag” is also what we do as Americans to piss off each other as well (like there aren’t many other things these days that can do that).  I get perturbed when I see some nationalist right winger at some rally or demonstration having slung it over his shoulder as if wearing a Roman toga.  Apparently that’s supposed to either keep him from being physically assaulted (flag as a shield), or he making some statement that he’s somehow so  impassioned for what the flag represents that he’s symbolically smothering himself in patriotic freedom (flag as an exclamation point).

So when our Dear Leader did his little hug-and-sway as he embraced the flag at the CPAC get-together the other day… I was pretty repulsed, as apparently so were many people.  Of course we all know why he did it.. you know, the usual theatrics to get his supporters all wound up.  This is his single ability in life.  Since that event I’ve been trying to come to terms with seeing the Buffoon-in-Chief do that… but more to the point, his supporters just relishing in the display.  To them this was great patriotism being displayed… and Trump conveying his message to the world that he is doing it all for America.  Now, honestly, any president doing that would have raised my ire. The fact it was Trump made me yet again, convey to my big screen TV my displeasure.  I think it was that Charleton Heston quote.. as I imagined the flag would say, “Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!”  (although I’d be called a racist if the president who did that were black.. because of the “ape” thing)

But I ran across this article from CNN’s S.E. Cupp on just this subject, and she does a good job explaining what I was feeling.  Now Cupp and I have the same basic traditional republican roots; she doesn’t hide her general republicanism in her writings or her show “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered”.  Yet she dislikes Trump as I do.   She remarked…

“In that moment, in a way, the flag was so many of us — Americans recoiling at the smothering and unwanted advances of an unstable lech. On behalf of the flag, I wanted to shout: “I beg your pardon, sir! Get your hands off of me!”

(I borrowed her “lech” reference for my post title.)

“But as off-putting as Trump’s grabbing of the stars and stripes felt to many, it was clearly a consensual act to his supporters, who loved every minute of it and the 122 that followed.”

You can read her article HERE.

She goes on to say….

“Manhandling the American flag was a perfect representation of this dichotomy. Half the country likely saw it as a fitting metaphor for his presidency writ large: an assault on our most cherished values. He took what was not his, robbed it of all its virtue — and then presumably moved on to his next conquest.

But to the rest, those who support Trump, it was the quintessential way of showing his unapologetic patriotism. It was honest and earnest. It wasn’t fancy or philosophical. It wasn’t intellectual or complicated. Hugging the flag is nothing if not literal. It was the way Trump approached his entire presidency, much to their great satisfaction.”

The funny thing is… we pledge allegiance to the flag… not the Constitution.  You might think “…and to the Republic for which it stands…” might include the Constitution… but it really doesn’t.  The words of the Constitution far exceed in importance the flag or any other icon yet we tend to nicely package it all together.  The words of the Constitution created our country.. our country created our flag to represent it.  The Constitution itself makes no mention about the flag.

I’m a veteran although not a combat veteran; my road didn’t take me to that experience.  But I certainly can’t be the only veteran objecting with this draft-dodging, bone spur-ist getting this intimate with that which represents something I once willingly defended (and still will)… and that to which I share some ownership with every other American.  Take your stinking paws off my portion of that flag, Trump.  People didn’t die defending it for you to use as a theatrical prop.


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