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None of us lives in a complete vacuum (although some might be perceived as having a cerebral vacuum regarding politics) and while many of us try to keep a level head in all cases, in the end we are only human and can readily fall into the effects of emotional disconnects.  Former-President Obama finally spoke out today to protest the termination of the DACA program by Trump.

With the surprise of the last election results having hit anti-Trumpsters, of which I am a (proud) representation of one, with shock & awe that Trump would be president, and the incomprehensible ramifications to the country, the departing president took on a truly new meaning.  No question, I myself, was taken with the moment and when Obama was departing I felt an inner me almost pleading with him not to.. and to please defy the Constitution and consider taking on a third term… rather than face what we are currently facing.  Never in my entire senior citizen lifetime on this planet had I ever felt this way about a departing president.  It’s not one bit about Obama-worship.  I leave that up to history.  For me it meant the traditional presidency was fading away; the last connection to moral sanity, professional experience, diplomatic sanity (…and many other sanities), also fading away, toward a level of in-sanity.  It was the mental application of crying out, “Please don’t go!”

Like many Americans, over the last many months with the new guy a part of me was hoping that the former president would rise up from his silence to not only defend his administration in the wake of all the Trump nonsense  accusations, but to also put this guy in his political place.  Trump never received the popular vote so that pretty much meant that a majority of the voters in the country would welcome a verbal barrage from Obama toward Trump.

You could tell there was a very unspoken feeling of protest with all the photos of Obama enjoying a well-deserved vacation globetrotting while the country has been seemingly swirling down into the vortex of Trump World.  Obama’s having fun and we are suffering.  Of course the man and his family was entitled to be and do whatever they wished after office; they served well.  But…. still. 🙂


Obama’s Silence Was Correct –

While many of us felt we needed his political interference it was likely a smart move for the country that Obama kept a low profile.  I tend to think any critiques or outspoken opinion levied against the current President by the former-President would just add greatly to the divisiveness, and very likely set things off a little violently.  Very likely the anti-Trump majority would rally around the ex-President… and we truly don’t need that in this country either.  Things are divisive enough.  So if Obama was being cautious and keeping quiet as to not interfere with Trump, that’s a good thing.

So.. that leads us to today’s release to the press of former-President Obama’s remarks about Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s DACA decree.  While Obama did say the action was cruel and politically motivated, thus directly being critical of Trump’s decision, he did go on to spend much of the discourse to encourage Congress to take up the immediate challenge in passing the proper immigration legislation.  Why did Obama wait until now to say something?

I would think Trump’s action really miffed Obama from the human standpoint in that the DACA decree was sincerely in place to help those kids, as they were not responsible for being here.  I am guessing Obama thought this issue was beyond politics and simply wanted to speak out about it.  Obama’s “attack” on Trump was very specific to this one issue, and not with any sense of encouraging more divisiveness.

Conservatives who favor the DACA repeal are really on cloud nine with this idea that “rules are rules and these people are here totally illegally because of their parents and if we let them stay it will send messages around the world that the border is open to let the flood of people in with their kids”.  WTF?  I’ll tell you right now… if this gets all down to the wire in the next year… there will be 800,000 people going underground and most of America helping them given their only country has betrayed them.  They won’t be going anywhere.

This business about the Obama decree being unconstitutional… Obama admitted to that and waited for Congress to act and they did not.  Technically DACA has never been found unconstitutional; speculated, yes.  There was also no court challenge in that time either… until now by a few state attorneys general.  The question is more, what difference did the surmised unconstitutionality matter to Trump anyway, other than, as usual, it had Obama’s name on it.

These 800,000 are taking jobs away from “real” Americans?  Who dreams this crap up.  Absolutely no stats supporting that.

“Yet you ask, ‘Why does the son not share the guilt of his father?’ Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live.” –  Ezekiel 19


But returning to Obama’s Remarks…

I was watching CNN as the story broke.  Brooke Baldwin began reading the text.


While she maintained her professional composure there were a few points where she fought a bit to keep on point in the reading.  While it was easy to understand the fighting back of emotion over what Obama wrote as being a result of his prose in making the argument in support of these people, there was something more at play in watching her.. and I think I felt it too.  It was the past President finally stepping up to say something defiant; standing up for what he did with DACA when he was in charge.  He was being himself… which meant he was being his old articulate, presidential, self… and for a few moments there was a relief in hearing from him (..and it wasn’t a goddamned Tweet!).  I know damn well it was intentional of him not speaking to the press himself because he is aware of the possible public repercussions toward Trump if he goes too far in public.  You gotta hand it to Obama’s professionalism; Trump wouldn’t give a damn not tossing opinions to the guy replacing him.  On the other hand, no one would even care.

Again…  all this is nothing about “loving” or obsessing over Obama and his administration as if he were the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s all about Obama being the last vestige of presidentialism and pride in the office; a point in time where the Office of the President wasn’t a laughing stock of the world.  Where being president is being the nation’s cheerleader… and a measure of American family morality was epitomized in the First Family.

I didn’t agree with everything from the Obama Administration… but it was still good to hear from him.

Carry On America.