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(Nah.. already did a quote for the day.  But you might not want to share this post around the family dinner table.)

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Embrace the horror, Trump!

Our Dear Leader stated that (above) in a speech to the U.N. today.  So, to celebrate his remark I am providing the following “unofficial” quote of what I truly want to say, and keeping it separate to let everyone know I am not really saying this.

“People who believe in the global contribution of America to world order… globalists, according to you… are NOT patriots???  You pompous-ass, dumb-shit ignorant prick!  How dare you defame the memories of those who served this country, still serve this country, and died for this country.. and never once have you done anything remotely the same in your entire fucking loser life.  YOU have NO idea what true patriotism is, you orange dickhead!”

Typically I am a civil person, and have managed a few casual followers likely because I’m not overly “vocal” to the point of getting emotional, I’ll refrain from expressing such emotionalism because it really gets nowhere and amounts to nothing but more screaming chaos.  I’m sure if I really said all the above it might feel good but it just makes me look like one of those marginalized Conservatives-without-a-clue.

The good news today is that it “seems” the House Dems are going to start some official impeachment “investigation” over all this Ukraine/Whistleblower thing (far more important “violations” than that.. but whatever works).  As I mentioned in my last post (today), weeks/months from now when all this gets tossed to the Senate, the Senate likely will not go along… but it’s the symbolism of the public’s discontent, and will certainly send a come-to-daddy moment to the Dork-in-Chief, even if nothing happens until election day.

Did I just say that was “good news”??  No.. impeachment of a sitting president is never a “good” thing.  It’s an end result of poor performance of a sitting president that was elected to a public trust and there’s a question with that trust.  The “good” in all this should be attributed to the Constitution in which there was foresight of the Founding Fathers to include a solution to save the nation from an ill-equipped and poor performing sitting president.  Whether the process is successful or not, the process being initiated will highlight public dissatisfaction on some level by being specific on the President’s performance.

Will it divide the nation further?  I think the greater question is… is the House doing its oversight job in calling out the President when clear performance issues exist?  Sometimes doing one’s job may not be overly popular but it’s being done according to the rules.  Short of an all-out civil war, which we are not even close, we couldn’t get much more divided politically.  The nation’s economy is chugging along just fine so other than frayed emotions nothing is really feeding a violence streak… other than the “usual” (these days) occasional random and arbitrary shooter/bomber nutjobs.

It’s “only” taken 977 days to get this far.  Now it starts getting interesting.



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