Trump Supporters?

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Since Trump got into office the politics in this country has gotten strange, bizarre, and downright idiotic.  Add to all that, the general wackiness of other peripheral events surrounding that, like sexually abused women, dancing with the Russians for favors, and almost daily moral and demeaning performance from Trump himself.  Following up with indictments from investigations against players in the administration, firings, resignations, and ethics-gone-crazy.  It’s been a wonderful life… this last year.

All those situations, events, and misadventures have one element in common… hypocrisy.  Finger-pointing, outrageous justifications, scapegoating, blame, denying the obvious, confusing the facts, and diverting attention.. are just a few of the ways to establish hypocrisy as a rule.  The latest round has been regarding the exposing and removal of counter-intelligence FBI agent, Peter Strzok, for all those anti-Trump, anti-GOP (even including some anti-Democrats… but that doesn’t count toward “balance”) emails.  In other words, he showed… bias.


Is Trump Going To Remove Mueller?

Absolutely.  I have no question in my mind that he will.  Trump’s demeanor and attitude has mimicked Nixon so far in regards to the investigation getting too close to the Oval Office; it’s the old persecution complex in action.  Also I have NO question in my mind that Trump will pardon, in the least, any family members that get caught up in any indictments, including himself.   I’d not even express any shock & awe if any of this happens.  I almost don’t care one way or the other.  Well, ok… actually, I deeply care about getting to the bottom of any Russian connection in order to finally assign.. or not… Russian involvement in the election, and to understand the degree.. and mostly to guard against it in the future, which Trump could care less.  What I don’t care about is what Trump does one way or the other because he won’t win a second term, if he even lasts that long.

Related Note:  It’s being suggested that GOP Speaker Ryan might be stepping down from his role as Speaker following the “successful” tax reform vote this week.  Although he seems to be denying the (alleged) rumors thus far… here’s my speculation.  He’s a young guy and is likely solidly dedicated to politics so he’s not “retiring” but rather “re-positioning”.  He has always had some issues with Trump since before the election.. and to some degree after.  Makes perfect sense for him to resign the speakership after the tax vote because that brings us into the mid-term election next year.. and the GOP may very possibly lose House majority.  That brings in the messy business of Democrats pushing for impeachment (there are the known reasons and as yet unknown reasons… take your pick) and why would he want to be around as GOP Minority Leader during that mess…. when he would be considering a run for the Oval Office himself in 2020?  Of course, with public opinion rapidly shifting away from Trump, and the GOP in general, Ryan himself likely will need to tend to his own 1st Wisconsin district constituency in order to try and retain his own seat in 2018.  One never knows (reminder, he ran as VP under Romney in the last election).  But what is for sure is that Ryan has a strategy for his future.

Ok.. let’s return to this hypocrisy of bias.  You would be a complete idiot (unless you typically do things half-assed.. which would then make you an incomplete idiot) if you think anything man does is without some level of bias… especially in politics.  Conservatives seem to love dining on conspiracies and so it’s very natural for them to lament about opposite opinion being a basis for bias… and political bias = conspiracy.  It’s becoming popular now for some Conservatives, beginning with Trump, to declare that the FBI is some nest of bias-filled conspirators.  The FBI is biased??  OMG!  Wait.. you think Trump is biased in what he believes?  We surely see that daily in his whacked and mindless tweets.  I have even heard that Conservatives are biased!  Shhh…. Not so loud; they might hear you.

Here’s some more hypocrisy.  What have Conservatives relished most of all of Trump’s accomplishments to date?  He got to appoint Gorsuch to the Court.  Why is that such a big deal?  Well, he is expected to represent a Conservative… um… bias in his decisions.  Wait.. is not a judge supposed to be objective in his decisions?  Judicial appointments are likely the greatest of all the bias hypocrisies; conservative or progressive, judges are appointed specifically because of their bias… and when elected they are aligned with a party bias.  Yet we expect them to be non-partial and objective.  (Huh?)

So if bias is such a part of being human.. and the reason there is politics at all… why is bias even being argued?  Well, Conservatives will suggest that liberal bias begets conspiracy and thusly corruption.  Since Trump and his minions see enemies around every corner it’s understandable that they will see conspiratorial bias whenever two or more liberals meet.  That FBI agent Strzok did get removed from the investigation for being overt and getting his emails discovered so now he’s a “conspirator” to bring down Trump.  It matters not that inventing evidence requires a huge level of collusion, and that evidence itself is NOT a guarantee for some level of guilt or will garner a conviction in a court of law.  But let’s remove the idea of manufacturing evidence.  Is there some automatic presumption that a liberally biased investigator is going to be any more or less vigorous in finding truth and justice because of his/her bias?

Then there’s news bias.  Although that’s more about a bias in the way news is being reported… at least as it’s related to the reporting of actual news and not the idea of “fake” news.  What’s becoming scary in recent months is that FoxNews is having an influence on Trump.. who admits to watching it and tweeting in response to it.  FoxNews knows this and between them and Bannon’s influence they are banging away even more about the Mueller investigation.  FoxNews OPINION of their talking heads is influencing our mindless President.  It’s obvious that Trump’s recent dissing of the FBI is a result of the FoxNews influence…. or shall I say, bias.

We currently live in a political (and religious) environment that is divisive; that means everyone is biased.  To be voted into public office means you have to show your bias.  The crazy part… the hypocrisy… is that we measure objectivity by how “noisy” one gets about their bias.  For example, you can be a Democrat as an ideology, but if you tell your neighbor Trump sucks then you are biased.  If you say nothing bad about Trump you are considered “objective” in thought.

Obviously I am biased as hell against Trump.  So that would disqualify me from being part of the Mueller investigation team; the fear that I would manufacture “judicial guilt” or somehow be too “enthusiastic” toward my job of seeking truth because of my open bias.  On the other hand.. if I were a “silent” pro-Trumper, I could easily cover up or conveniently not find something that might cast doubt on Trump’s innocence.

Honestly, do I think Trump is guilty of some Russian impropriety by intent?  Nope.  The man has not got any political sense to knowingly engage in some illegal political activity.  If he (or his family) is guilty of anything it’s because of his own ignorance or others around him feeding him bad information or simply using him.  He’s appointed totally inexperienced people around him who equally have no idea what they are doing.  It’s very easy to blunder into some illegal activity thinking they are doing something good.  Those few that knew what they are doing seem to be the ones being indicted… and were using Trump.

Political idiots rule the day in a sea of bias.  The real fear is how far did the Russians get in affecting our election.. and… FoxNews influencing Trump and using it.  Do we fear FoxNews or a weak-minded President who doesn’t know which end is up unless he’s watching?