Ok.. so now what, UN?

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Well, it is indeed rare when you get a unanimous decision from the UN security council on anything, but apparently they all agreed on new, tougher sanctions for the Dear Leader.  Nikki Haley, our UN ambassador, has said that this is a “gut punch” to North Korea.  Well…. not.  Or rather, not likely.  What makes me so damn positive I know more than all these world leaders?  I’m old, wise, and have seen stuff like this before.  More to the point… I’m fairly good at measuring up people that are renegades and mavericks (hence the reason for my blog here).  Besides that… I can make a scientific wild-assed guess just as well as the next guy.

The first thing I was reminded of when I heard of the new sanctions and all the bravado that the North will now capitulate to the West’s demands was… well, does anyone remember the Ho-Chi Min Trail?  At present the North has been getting all their necessary imports from various black market sources.. and non-black market sources, like China.  China has not done a lot to stop imports to North Korea.. and to date all we’ve been hearing is China’s reluctance to do anything, in spite of the great tasting chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago.  They are a permanent member of the UN Security Council and obviously their vote for these sanctions was part of the unanimous vote.  Well.. here’s what the sanctions are supposed to do…

According to CNN…
“The resolution targets North Korea’s primary exports, including coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood. The sanctions also target other revenue streams, such as banks and joint ventures with foreign companies.
The sanctions will slash North Korea’s annual export revenue of $3 billion by more than a third, according to a statement from Haley’s office.”
So, there’s nothing here about import restrictions from China.  Open market, black market.. that still continues from China and elsewhere apparently.  Although, China does import coal from the North for use in their region across the border.  We shall see if that continues, I suppose.
But be that as it may… has anyone bothered to speculate what Kim’s reaction will be to all this… if he has any reaction at all?  My reference to recalling the Ho-Chi Min Trail was that, in spite of being at complete war with the U.S., carpet bombings, search-and-destroy missions, huge casualties… supplies still came down that trail in very ingenious and conventional ways.  Point being, they were not deterred in not only trying to survive.. but trying to survive to fight Americans.  I don’t imagine for one minute that Kim and the North could not compensate in some form, as they have for the last 60+ years.  Even IF the sanctions have an effect it’s going to take a bit of time for it to be felt.. and I am sure whatever nuke projects have been underway, there are enough existing resources available for more tests, and more threats.  To be sure… more flight tests are VERY likely.
In the meantime, there’s apparently six Sinpo-class submarines completed or in various stages of completion (yes, they can make their own subs, although all diesel-electric) .. and some tests have been made with missile launchings.
Does the world think the brainwashed North Korean populace is going to rise up and oust Kim?  That’s a long shot for sure given they have no incentive in the least, nor capacity.  A military coup perhaps… but let’s not hold our breaths on that one either.  China has surely weighed the possible effects of the sanctions to the general populace as they fear a mass exit of North Korean refugees across the border if anything internal happens. Apparently they aren’t concerned about the sanctions causing that.  That in itself questions whether the sanctions will be effective.

Sorry. I’m not buying any of this.  Yes.. the world is trying a “peaceful” way to work the problem… but the problem is not with the world.. it’s between Kim and the U.S.  Just telling him to shut down the nuke project simply will not work.  Here’s the strange thing to all this…. Kim is asking for international respect and most assuredly respect from the U.S. as an equal on the world stage.  He has made NO demands on the U.S as far as I am aware.  None.  But we are sure making demands on him.  That clown in the White House who is supposed to be the art of the deal maker… this would be a coup of a lifetime if he can deal his way with North Korea.  But America is making the wrong demand, and that demand is the big problem.  So.. change the demand.  Let him have his nukes.  Let’s convince him there’s no reason to threaten to use them.

Then there’s this little possibility…

CNN reports…

On Sunday, Ri Yong Ho (North Korean Foreign Minister) and Rex Tillerson will both be in the Philippines for the annual Association of Southeastern Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) Regional Forum, a dialogue to discuss security issues which includes 27 countries. It’s the highest-level annual encounter between North Korea and the United States, says Mike Fuchs, a former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, and the first during the Trump administration.

“It will be a very important opportunity again for the United States and North Korea to send messages — unvarnished, with no middle-men — to one another about their policies,” Fuchs said.

Well, we can hope.

But this sanctions nonsense?  I’m sorry.  The problem with North Korea is the fault of the U.S. and we are missing a big opportunity to fix this once and for all without a conflict.

Carry on America.