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Our favorite chubby SCUD-muffin North Korean dictator is at it again.  Another rocket, more threats from the U.S., more speculation about how much longer before he can lob over a nuke, more fear, more ignoring.

In previous posts I’ve proposed we forget about containing the North’s desire to develop nukes and concentrate on making sure they have no desire to pull the trigger.  Through diplomacy, use money, establish formal relations, eliminate sanctions, put on the table the idea that the U.S. will reduce the military footprint in the South since the need to be there has past decades ago (even China would love that one).  Over time,  the nutcase government in the North will change, likely taking decades.. but if it keeps the finger off the button then it will be worth it, whatever the price.

Consider this… how would we respond to any of the following VERY plausible scenarios…

  1. An ICBM non-weaponized test plops down inside the territorial limts off the coast of Hawaii… or directly on one of the islands.
  2. An ICBM non-weaponized test plops down on some remote island in the Alaska Allution chain.
  3. An intentionally launched non-weaponized ICBM lands somewhere along the West Coast.

Kim Jong-un doesn’t need to miniaturize a nuke for payload purposes… and he doesn’t need some hi-tech guidance system to target specifically Beverly Hills.  Just pack the nose full of conventional explosive and lob it over like the V-2’s of WW2… and let it land in some rural area.  The propaganda value alone would be immense and the domestic fear generated of that alone will send America into a tizzy like never seen before.  I mean, remember how we reacted to 9/11?  We wanted blood and to blame someone.. and now that’s our longest war because we don’t know how to fight winning wars anymore.

Just imagine the public disruption that would cause in America.  The public will naturally want blood.. “How dare that little twirp strike at us.. the most powerful country in the world!”  Then the American public  would question our own military.. “How the hell could we not shoot down this damn thing way over the Pacific???”  Then the inevitable investigations as to when and how did the Administration first learn of the launch and why didn’t they act sooner.  Then we  will get bogged down in the idea of a “measured response” rather than impulsively send a nuclear-tipped Cruise missile up Kim’s fat ass and contaminate the countryside for decades.

Hell, if I were Kim I’d find some old freighter, install one of those mobile launchers on the ship, loaded with your average conventional SCUD missile, camouflage the thing with a bunch of shipping containers, get in close to the West Coast, and let ‘er rip.  Even something as simple as that would send America into a tailspin even if it just struck a mountainside.  Even if the ship gets discovered and stopped by the Coast Guard… just imagine the public outcry that the plan was even attempted and the inevitable “what if’s”.. if the Coast Guard missed it.

Honestly all this speculation on North Korea’s state of missile technology and ability to strike with nukes is rather elementary when there are so many non-nuke scenarios that can upset the international apple cart and send Americans questioning their own government (worse than they do now).

Bottom line… we need to solve this issue NOW… and forget all the speculation as to “when” he might get the technology.  Just assume he will… and start now to induce him into not wanting to use it.  Do what America does best…. give him the respect he wants… and… BUY HIM OUT!  I am sure once the Chinese realize we are willing to put on the table an American withdrawal from the South they will suddenly get involved in helping us solve the problem.

Carry on America