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“A very big part of the anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media that I refer to as Fake News.” – Trump Tweet

As if we need yet another example of Trump lowering the bar on civility and national leadership for his presidency, the last 24 hours following the bombing assassination attempts on two ex-presidents, an ex-vice president, et al, is not an exception.  Honestly.. just when you thought a year ago that the bottom could go no further, it has over and over again.  As I indicated in my last post… his supporters are either blind or frankly just don’t care about his chaos that he nurtures within the nation daily.

The Trump quote I’ve indicated above from one of many Tweets for the day just shows his total ambivalence to the world around him and the role he is incapable to perform.  The usual deflection we’ve all come to expect, and are growing more and more complacent to, to even want to raise an eyebrow because the outrageous-ness is so commonplace.

As the title of this post suggests… Trump bears a primary, although not totally singular, responsibility for the nation’s divisiveness because of his poisonous and toxic rhetoric feeding, and it’s being readily and voraciously gobbled up by his supporters.  He’s blaming the free press, hence free speech, for HIS problems.. and the problems his supporters feel they have, or more to the point.. were told they have.

Here’s a typical example.  The below 4 minute video is CNN’s Jake Tapper on another of his segments examining Trump’s lies just from his one recent rally in Wisconsin.. the same day as the bombing assassination attempts, which any other attentive president would have cancelled out of respect, for one, and certainly to rally the country.  This Wisconsin political rally is the same rally where he first stated to the world that the American free press was responsible… the free press institution that exists to call truth to power, continues to be the enemy of the state.

Give this a watch….

Notice the crowd reaction to his lies.. clamoring like a bunch of unaware lemmings following every word his says as if it were gospel.  To them it doesn’t matter if what he says is true or not; he represents their epitome of everything Americans stand for..vulgar to us… but admired by his supporters.   Get pissed, get mad, because if you don’t your wildest fears will be realized.. guns will vanish, the Constitution will be just toilet paper, the Supreme Court is already legislating from the bench, wild mobs of “brown” people will invade the country from Mexico, stealing our jobs, sucking the hind teat of our welfare system, raping our women, selling us drugs.  Say “adios” to America.. unless we get tough and make a stand with this guy!

In various attempts to try and moderate the current simmering of our national pressure cooker of divisiveness many folks are doing this little accommodation dance in saying “both sides are at fault for promoting all this hate”.  That may be where we are currently at.. Conservatives and Liberals… no.. let’s call this what it really is…” Trump” supporters vs. “anti-Trump” supporters.  But our current  road to the civil boiling point started precisely from Trump professing and promoting and inciting fear into a segment of the population who has been fearing a culture change due to social and economic globalization.  In other words… a number of Americans are afraid of losing white America.  “Let’s circle the wagons and begin the fight!  Yay nationalism!” mindset.  And the biggest issue in all this is that Trump supporters MUST win… there is no compromise, no in-between win-win negotiation nonsense.  We fight.. body slam… punch away.. because Trump says we should and it sounds good.  We win!   (and trust me on this… many of the Conservative right-wing blogs are professing they are more than willing to drag the family AK-47 off the mantel and go kick ass like some idiot Rambo).  It’s whacked.. but it’s scary and can’t be ignored.


Here’s Some Observations…

First –

Trump supporters are already seeding the idea that the person or persons who did this bomb assassination attempt is a Democrat or being paid by Democrats to make it look like a Republican whack job trying to be an avenging angel, in order to influence the upcoming election.  Until we find the guy, or guys, we will never know for sure so this is very possible… in spite of the conceptualness of certain elements not necessarily favoring that outcome.   For example, CNN has reported that the stats show that right-wing extremists were most responsible for all recent domestic terrorism  acts.  This might suggest a high probability this person or persons is indeed of a right-wing persuasion.   But regardless, the Trump people love the idea and conspiracy intrigue to push their possibility.  Easier to do that and keep up the divisiveness momentum just in case they can’t find the culprit(s) before the election.

Second –

The bombs didn’t actually go off, and there’s been some “informed” speculation from various sources that maybe the bomber/assassin’s only intent was to send a message and not hurt anyone.  This then tends to allow for diminishing the importance of the events.  Although.. by intent to explode or not, apparently all ten of these things did have some compound.. perhaps off-the-shelf gunpowder (my speculation)… inside them, thus posing an explosive risk if any one of them might have been mishandled.  Yes, obviously the security protocols in place for all these human “targets” worked and the bombs were detected before getting to their destinations but that does nothing toward reducing the risk of a detonation anywhere along the line to innocent people.


Regarding the bad and unfair press, there is a very distinct difference between fake news and negative news.  Pertaining to the fake news… from my meager vantage point all I see being reported are some blog sites and websites intentionally putting up fake news stories for either personal reasons or it’s alleged to be some idea of someone’s attempt at satire.  Fake news seems to be coming mostly from the Russian hackers, the Chinese hackers, or even our new bro, Kim from North Korea.  I am guessing our country is addressing those people.. but I have no idea.  The major networks, cable news, and print media, the truly credible ones, will admit when they make errors because it does no good to their revenue stream to endeavor to present fake anything and lose credibility.


Negative press?  For some reason known only unto God, Trump supporters seem very mystified as to why people would actually want to oppose Trump.  They assign all kinds of labels and exaggerated and wild behavioral accusations for “liberals”; liberals do this, favor that, have no sense in general… yada, yada.  Just looking back on my own posts I have many that attempt to actually try and understand the mindset of those who voted for Trump in the election.  I’m “wise” enough to understand (or so I think) some level of human motivation and needs and I oft discussed the various political and social variances being experienced by some voters that made them vote for Trump.  Just generically assigning nonsense “traits” of what I might think comprises all things I dislike about conservatives gets absolutely nowhere.  Heck, I’m an old school “liberal conservative” but who knows what that means anymore.  My point here is that when Trump fulfills a campaign promise his supporters expect the media to shout it from every rooftop in the nation as a grand victory over the horrible policies of Democratic presidents past.  Well, that’s fine.. until the next news item rears its head.. and that is ALWAYS a Trump bumbling Tweet comment or ill-conceived act or just plain non-traditional presidential act that embarrasses the country.  To most of the country, Trump’s daily performance forces a response of shock & awe to those of us who expect a president to act presidential… not act like a buffoon.  The news is ALWAYS about how Trump acts because he acts terribly.  His supporters don’t understand that reaction.


Is CNN the big bad guy and a threat to America?  Let’s use as an example my statement from above… “CNN has reported that the stats show that right-wing extremists were most responsible for all recent domestic terrorism  acts.”  Now.. if any of those talking head opinionated clowns on FOX said that I’d always suspect their credibility in being an accurate statement.  CNN saying that I can accept it because my perception is that they WANT to be accurate.  If they screw up, they will apologize publically… and there are a lot of fact checkers checking news outlets because it’s a competitive business.


Now, having said all that about CNN.. cable news, because of their 24/7 coverage, have to find content.  Simply having a pretty face talking to the camera and just spewing news alone doesn’t really keep interest although it does tend to keep people informed of the news.  We live in a fast paced world with instant communications demanding our attention constantly.  We don’t have the time to kick back in the recliner after work and flip on Cronkite’s evening news.. and decide how those factual events will form our opinions.  News is unfolding around the world constantly and to get enough facts to form informed opinions can be near impossible.. between the vast selection of news reporting shows, social media, and internet news sources.  So the networks have learned to adopt a formula of presenting news (all news is “breaking news”) as it happens, then having talking heads give opinion.  In a perfect world that opinion would be balanced.  At times  it seems the networks can’t always grab a talking head to represent all sides on the spur of the moment.  But there is also the aspect of personalities.. and the individual’s presentation of their opinion.  Some talking heads are more forceful and convincing than others, thus suggesting one side of the story is off balance.. and suddenly the network is accused of being biased, when in fact they might have made an imperfect choice of matching two personalities to debate opinion of an event.  While this formula of presenting news seems to fit our current rush-rush lifestyle… it’s got some real drawbacks when a station is trying to present a balanced opinion of a given event.  This means then it’s up to us to understand critical thinking in order to learn to filter what we need to form our own opinion.  In my case I watch CNN a lot so I know the personalities and their level of knowledge and credibility expertise on a given subject.  If there’s a breaking news event and Blitzer has five talking heads, all being frontline CNN reporters, all I am going to come away with is a good level of accuracy to the facts in what’s being reported as all those people have their own sources for collaborating.  But I am not going to get much depth on the subject itself unless there’s a talking head to represent a specific knowledge on the subject.  In other words… we all have to be responsible enough to adapt to the reporting processes in forming our own opinions… and not just take it all in as substance to form a perfect opinion or support your own politics.  It’s called “objectivity”.  I submit that media bias begins with the viewer.


So where does all this leave us regarding Trumpism and national discontent and vulnerability toward violence?  I chose seldom to be a cynic on human behavior but I also have certain senses that help me try and judge outcomes from the past.  It doesn’t always work for me.. Trump won the last election in spite of my personal prediction.  I can say.. no shooting civil war; we can’t shift the status quo because no one wants that.  There will be violence.  In fact, whether the GOP looses the House or not.. there will be some violence.  If Trump looses the next election… likely some violence, especially if there’s some doubt on the honesty of the voting outcome.  If the Mueller investigation completes and there is substantial indictments involving Trump and/or his family.. you can expect Trump to fight back.. calling up his base to defend him.. and some nutcases will take that as an invitation.


What Kind Of Violence Do I Expect?

More of the kind of thing this bomber has tried.  Assassination attempts of elected officials.  I would even expect car bombs as that tends to be a fave tool for public terrorist strikes.  Not like one a week… but certainly more than we would want… two a year would be a bad indicator (even one would be bad for the victims for sure).  Maybe a sniper or two.  I do not think at all that this would even get to a level of the civil rights riots of the 60’s or even the anti-war bombings on college campuses.


What Might Change All This From Happening?

We need something to occur to drastically call our attention to re-uniting as Americans.  Sadly I see that being some level of warfare.  Someone attacks us in some form that costs lives… or one of our strong allies.  Maybe another building or two has to come down before we wake up as a nation again.  There is one alternative hope.. that Trump looses the next election to someone people can focus on, who changes a national dynamic that all Americans can sign on to.  One can always hope.


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