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Sometimes the idiocy amazes me… and yes, I’ve been around long enough to judge idiocy when I see it because I’ve been there myself.

The problem is, most people involved in the object lesson of a specific idiocy don’t learn from it. There’s no mistaking all this as being a battle of wills between Trump and Pelozi, with her Senate sidekick Schumer, and pretty much about nothing else… not the federal budget, not keeping Americans employed, certainly not immigration. Politics is one thing but generally speaking the effect of the practice of political negotiation and compromise can be sticky, messy, and even vindictive across party lines (ie. “You impeached my president so I’m going to impeach your’s.”). Welcome to American politics.

In this case D.C. politics has a new gadfly.. a no-experience President who just wants to win, that presumes what he wants is all that matters. To counter that there’s no political logic.. it’s strictly battlefield to-the-death conflict… and in this case the victims are all Americans outside of D.C. politics. Bottom line, we have an idiot President in general that’s teetering on the edge of legal collapse.


The Issue…

There’s 800,000 federal employees out of work.. today is day 28 and no end in sight… all for a policy disagreement. As a result, this effect gets enhanced the longer it continues as it broadens across the social and economic levels, besides the effect to the economic security of those employees displaced by this childish display. To the rest of us Americans not directly involved in some aspect of this economic suffering (at least until this spreads to Wall Street) we have national safety and security concerns growing by leaps and bounds. Secret Service without pay, Coast Guard without pay, TSA without pay, parts of the justice system, the courts, are next on the block. There are already holes in our national security with the reduced staffing.. and “blue flu” going thru the ranks. One estimate I read is that this shutdown is costing the nation a billion a day spread across the entire economy.

Now.. this entire thing is all about Trump getting Congressional approval for his 5 billion immigration package, which includes whatever is left in what he thinks will constitute the wall he’s always wanted. That in itself has shifted over the months from a sea-to-shining- sea concrete monolith costing some 20+ billion.. to some slatted fence-like thing to fill in some border “holes”. Let’s forget all the Trumped up (cap intentional) fear of drugs and rapists crossing the southern border from Mexico in droves. We are almost way beyond that at this point.


My Solutuion(s)…. (there are two options, actually)

Both sides of this argument are at fault…. for the shutdown continuing. Forget the politics (or lack thereof) that started this shutdown. As this nonsense continues.. the longer it continues… mark my words, there will be deaths directly attributed to it.. and very possibly some terrorist event. I mentioned in an earlier post that as this continues the public is going to care less about pointing a finger toward Trump or Dems or Congress as a whole.. and simply point a finger east toward D.C. My own observation of this being an idiotic display at the price of real Americans is regarding that meeting with Trump, (dozing) Pence, Pelosi, and Schumer where Trump said he would take the heat for any shutdown? Schumer sat there hardly able to contain his glee over Trump’s words. Why? Because all Schumer cared about, and apparently Pelozi, was the political visual that any shutdown was going to be Trump’s fault and that Congress all-of-a-sudden escaped political responsibility. That’s the moment I ‘figgered’ all this was going to be bad. Everyone’s priorities were all askew, and apparently still are.

So.. here we go…

The nation is losing money each day of this… 1 billion.. 10 billion… or “just” $500,000.. the exact number matters not actually. Point being, this $5 billion package isn’t about the budgetary expense… but part of it is as it affects the country negatively if the shutdown continues.


First Solution

  1. Pelozi/Schumer should agree to Trump’s terms for the sake of the country. Trump will of course thump his chest in victory and his minority base will love the crap outta him. Pelozi/Schumer should media the hell out of the fact that they surrendered, capitulated, whatever word they want to use… NOT to Trump.. but to the relieve the economic suffering of the nation and security risks and those 800,000 employees… with the option of returning to this issue in the future.
  2. Pelozi and the House should get on with the business of getting all those committee investigations going… and if Mueller’s report comes out in the meantime, the allegations in there define the reason for impeachment and get the ball rolling.
  3. When Trump is gone… either by 2020 vote or impeachment before… pass a bill to cancel the wall/fence/gate/slats whatever.
  4. Pelozi should be removed from her role as Speaker/Majority Leader for contributing to the shutdown.  She won’t of course, but she should.  Maybe she’s had a wonderful performance record playing the political game for all these years across a few administrations… but she messed up here by allowing Trump to victimize America with a shutdown. If her and Schumer are wallowing in some happyland about Trump and the GOP willing to take the blame and then just sit back and watch fellow Americans, and the country, suffer and point the finger.. “See.. it’s his fault!”… someone has not got a grasp of reality much less questionable priorities.


Second Solution

Pelozi/Schmuer should trot over to the White House with the intent to present a nice compromise…

“Mr. President, besides Obamacare, what would be your three most important campaign promises that you would like to be part of your legacy?”

Trump, not normally concerned one bit with some historical legacy, mumbles his three choices, one obviously being the wall/fence thing.

“Well. Mr. President, here’s our proposition. You initiate a decree for all three of those options (not Obamamcare) and bypass Congress . Take all the victory bows you want in public. Congress will not challenge your decrees. In exchange Congress will not impeach… and we want you to resign the Presidency. You are free to take all the credit.. and when you resign you can simply state that your job here is done and you want to go back into the business sector.”

“If you choose not to resign your, last two years will result in the effects of the Mueller investigation hitting you and your family, your administration will be paralyzed, our House investigations that will lead toward impeachment… and Congress will not attempt passage of anything; all bills from you will sit in committee until you are voted out in 2020. Your public polls will drop further… and of course you will lose in 2020.”

If Trump accepts the offer, does his decrees, and resigns… Pelozi/Schumer could play the card that a Dem president will win the day in 2020.. thus offering the opportunity to do what Trump did with Obama.. reverse all his decrees. If the GOP takes 2020 then Congress can challenge all the decrees as they see fit.


Would Trump go along with that second solution?

Hell, no. I mention it only because no one would even consider making the offer, and Trump himself would burn down the White House before resigning; scorched earth in his own personal Götterdämmerung… at the nation’s expense.
Hypothetical’s aside, we can assume that this January shutdown is just the first salvo in a number of idiocies in the coming year.


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