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Support Trump!

Well, most certainly the sloppiest in the last 117 years (counting from 1900).  But this is what 46{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} of the voters wanted.  You can add to that stat, he’s the most inexperienced president in the last 117 years.  Let’s see, he’s certainly the most controversial president in the last 117 years because of his character and inexperience.

Where do we start…

Today the republicans/Trump put a stop on their healthcare bill while they try and re-group as a result of divisive opinion within the party.  This entire bill from the beginning has been a sloppy initiative.  I have no problem regarding the fact that Obamacare needs an overhaul… or flat out repeal it, if that’s needed.  But you don’t slop something together simply to meet some crazy anniversary date of Obamacare in order to wave a political moment that in effect, gives the finger to Obama.  This is NOT a game, Mr. President.  This is NOT a business deal.

Trump is the president of the United States… the most powerful guy, certainly in our country.  He is supposed to lead the charge to create a bill of this magnitude… he gets involved in its creation, he arranges the involvement of all parties… insurance companies, doctors, nurses, organizations… the budget offices, to prepare a plan to serve ALL Americans.  He is supposed to be the driving force to facilitate the wording of a healthcare bill.  What did he do for this bill?  Not a damn thing.  In fact, it’s very apparent this bill was a Trump-Ryan “hot potato”.. flipping ownership all around and back and forth.  This is a result of total inexperience… and inexperience with all those around him, advising him.

The most important thing on the Trump-Ryan agenda was to constantly push that Obamacare was bad; it was all about trying to remove a popular vestige of the Obama administration rather than about either improving on it (but that would mean likely keeping the name “Obamacare” and not give republicans credit for fixing it) or replacing it with something solid and well-planned to serve ALL Americans.  It’s also obvious, in this find-a-blame climate permeating Washington D.C. since Trump took over, that Ryan is going to take the political fall if this thing completely falls apart.

But wait… isn’t Trump the “art of the deal” guy to rid all this divisiveness with his negotiating talents?  Don’t you need to negotiate from a position that you can offer a back-and-forth compromise?  I am very curious what was discussed in all these sessions with the President and his administration lackeys.  Some press reports indicated one point of negotiation was a simple threat… if you don’t support this bill you will likely loose your seat at the mid-terms.  Of course Trump meant that as not a threat by him but pointing out the fact that the voters won’t appreciate a congressman not supporting the repeal of Obamacare… as if that is what all voters want because they voted for Trump.  Not only is that a weak negotiating element, is also shows how out of touch the President is in knowing his current poll standing.

Ok.. so, these negotiating sessions included threats, the usual party loyalty guilt-rah-rah, but what else did he have at his fingertips to “negotiate”?  Well, he couldn’t compromise by saying that objections would be included and the bill re-written; he blew that option away when Ryan, et al, said the bill goes as it is; no revisions.  So, what the hell could Trump use to suggest any sort of negotiation toward a compromise?  “Support the bill and I’ll get Jared to help clean out your garage?”  I mean, in the real world (or “normal” world) these politicians swap pork legislation back and forth or promise support back and forth on pet bills.  We know damn well Trump likely has no idea what “pork” is other than something you barbecue, so it’s sure he couldn’t make any of those kinds of deals.  Also, given the fact there’s still a number of republicans not supporting the existing bill, he apparently has not offered cash-for-votes.

Hey, I want better health care for all America, too.  I don’t give a damn if you call it Obamacare, Trumpcare, Ryancare, who cares.  But this all-consuming idea that the entire republican focus in D.C. is to topple all the vestiges of Obama and Hillary without any focus toward what America needs for the future is damaging to the country.  I do not one bit feel “happy” as an American about the bill being pulled because it was a complete waste of time that could have been spent on something more palatable rather than rushed.  I also totally object to Trump’s followup press announcement emphasizing “…we will just let Obamacare implode.”  He’s the damn President and should show a more supportive and passionate side rather than constantly acting like a little kid saying in essence, “Hey.. you didn’t want MY bill then just keep Obamacare and go to hell, America!”.

Every approach Trump has made toward his mindless “make America great again” agenda when America was always great, has just been sloppy rhetoric, sloppy planning (hard not to forget the first travel ban), sloppy appointments to his inner circle, sloppy tweets, and sloppy use of his time.  This has made Congress.. at least the House… turn sloppy (just look at this Intelligence Committee breakdown).

You can just imagine looking at a map of the U.S. and imagine seeing every head in the country looking east toward Washington… watching the comedy of errors unraveling before their eyes in total amazement and asking, “What the HELL is going on??”.

I ask you… how long do we put up with this?


Carry On, America