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Trump with Japan’s Abe.

By now we all have a feel for Trump’s speeches or comments, or press conferences.  He pretty much says nothing of substance.  While we already know he has no gift of substantial oratory, he comes on as barely having knowledge enough to hedge a question properly.  Obviously he’s no Obama in his command of the language but he has NO depth-of-field on any subject.  In fact, the questions from the press are far more detailed and pointed

than his answers.  When he doesn’t know how to answer (which is most of the time) he will just toss in the electoral college results or senseless remarks about how unfair the world has been to America and how he’s going to change things…. Bigly.

Trump and Canada’s Trudeau.

But all that having been acknowledged, nothing embarrasses me more than seeing our president standing next to some visiting foreign dignitary and being so blown out of the water by the dignitary’s political expertise and ability to deliver a practical message of substance.  Just go back and review Trump’s opening remarks at each press event.  It’s very apparent someone has told him to read from a prepared text.. but whoever writes that stuff seemingly doesn’t want Trump to say much of anything.  A sixth grader could write opening remarks like that.  If he drifts away from the text at all it’s to continue the press-hating diatribe or expound how much he will fix America.

Then the dignitary speaks his opening remarks.  No comparison.  The politicos of other countries are obviously far more adept at speech making, delivery, and most certainly content.  So far Trump has met with Abe from Japan, Trudeau from Canada, May from the UK, Netanyahu from Israel.. and in each case the world leader on the left has always made our president look like a putz in all areas.

Trump with Israel’s Netanyahu.

In fact, when you watch Netanyahu.. and maybe it’s me… I am sensing that he’s laughing inside about Trump and he thinks this will be easy street for Israel diplomacy.  I mean, yes, Netanyahu has a solid grasp on U.S. politics having dealt with many U.S. presidents and our Congress.  Obama pissed him off and he tried an end run to address Congress about the Iran deal.  I think he thinks Trump is a political… schmuck… and he (Netanyahu) is eating this up.

Trump’s public demeanor, persona, and lack of knowledge does not contribute one bit to an image or an icon of America being great.  Do you really want this guy running our country?

Carry on, America.