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“If a person can be insane can we fix them by making them unsanitized?.    -Me

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“Reach into my golf bag and hand me that club from Canada.  That’s it.. the Canadian Club!” – W.C. Fields

Since before the 2016 election my entire anti-Trump stance on this blog has been about Trump’s questionable mental capacity to do the job of being President.  The signs were readily apparent during his candidacy and I stated my anti-Trump reasoning in a commentary, Why I Dislike This Guy As My President, in the top menu of this blog.  It is entirely about his mental capacity and alleged mental state, along with his demonstrated experiential incompetency, and far less about his policies and/or campaign promises.  I wasn’t the only one.  Watch the MSNBC video segment below to see how Trump’s behavior was apparent the day after he was inaugurated.. and his antics over this last week. .  The video is 9 minutes.

To those who support Trump to the point of hero worship, my reasons for disliking him as president are the same reasons these folks love the guy; because he’s the way he is he will fight back against his “enemies” without filtering what he says, he acts tough, and he’s non-traditional, which means to his supporters that he will upset the proverbial apple cart… the “drain the swamp” nonsense.  He represents the unconventional, an opposite, an alt-civility.  His base loves his shock to our awe.  That part of his base will never change and there’s little need to politically try and convince them otherwise to get votes.  There has always been in this country a segment of folks who always wanted a more right-leaning political nationalism in governmental leadership containing elements of all kinds of racial white-dominant perspectives, and economic protectionism that never trust government in general, and certainly not Liberals of any walk of life.  They finally got “their guy” and they are savoring every Tweet as if it were coming directly off the mountain… from The Chosen One.  These views were well past typical Republican Conservatism, which I subscribe to.  But this is not about his supporters or their views.  This post will review why the mainstream press hasn’t gone beyond reporting recent Trumpian events and “connect the dots” to the greater calamity of Trump’s overall behavior to the whole.


Reliable Sources

CNN’s Brian Stelter on his Reliable Sources segment addressed the apprehension of the mainstream press just this on Sunday’s episode.  If the reader would indulge the 5 minute video of his intro to the show…

As Stelter touched on in his opening, the likely primary reasons the media was avoiding the “connecting” of those dots is the “unsure-ness” and unpredictability challenge with a controversial presidential figure… and.. the traditional role of the press trying to be factually objective in reporting; a possible ethics question.  Subjects of mental health are pretty ambiguous at best for society as a whole much less a newsroom having to decide how far to go with reporting something mentally suspect in the President of the United States.  Far easier to assign a specific  Presidential Tweet as being “off the rails” than collecting all the “off the rails” events and making an overall story behind them.

Again I ask the reader to indulge in the next video.. 9 minutes… where two leading psych people discuss a possible mental state question with the President.  CNN prefaced this video… Brian Stelter asks Dr. Bandy X. Lee and Dr. Allen Frances to comment on how they think the news media should cover President Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior. Frances says “medicalizing politics has three very dire consequences” while Lee argues that psychiatrists shouldn’t be stopped from sharing their expertise.

(Note: Dr. Lee authored the two books… The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President – 2017 and the recent book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President – 2018)

The Goldwater Rule

In the video, Dr. Lee refers to the Goldwater Rule… established by the American Psychiatric Association stating that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give professional opinions about public figures without examining them in person.  While this rule is from a professional organization providing ethical guidelines, it by no means is legislated law.  The rule was made in response to a 1964 publication that polled 1,189 psychiatrists on whether Goldwater was sane to serve as the President… to which all subscribed that he was not sane.  Goldwater sued for character defamation and while the court ruled in his favor the resultant compensatory penalties were largely token small amounts.  In the issue of the many (literally hundreds) psychiatrists making their professional opinions publicly known in books and the media regarding Trump they are considering their efforts a “patriotic” warning of what they see as a national threat.  They maintain that pointing out danger and calling for an evaluation is different from diagnosis… and they have criticized the APA “for changing professional norms and standards, stating that it is dangerous to turn reasonable ethical guidelines into a gag rule under political pressure.”  Trump loves a good lawsuit and if he did “sue the profession” the outcome is not guaranteed nor would any damages if he won.  Of note.. there is another professional organization in the psych community called the American Pschoanalytic Association, which does not have such an ethics rule.

I tend to think both these folks in the last video, while both anti-Trumpers, present valid concerns and therein presents the complexity in venturing in to an area of politics this nation has never seen before.  Where Dr. Frances says there is no way anyone would subscribe to exercising the 25th Amendment.. to me is more an issue of where that line in the sand might be.  It will be considered if/when that point is reached and  that point may never be reached before the election.  It becomes an issue of how much will we tolerate as a nation before someone makes a move.  This tends to suggest that Rep. Nadler and his impeachment inquiry bunch might hold the most value toward removing Trump before the election on more legal grounds rather than the speculation of a Trump diminished mental capacity.  But that outcome depends of the Senate GOP adherence to their Chosen One.


Clarifying the Unclarifiable

To clarify… I don’t think Trump is insane.  I don’t believe Trump is or has ever been ready for some psych ward somewhere.  I don’t one bit believe he doesn’t believe himself to be a true patriot.  I don’t one bit believe he is intentionally thinking he is doing something “not right” for the country.  He’s not personally a villain.. he’s not intentionally evil.  He does have an extraordinarily limited view of his role as President.  He is not a man of vision because his world is constantly addressing crisis of his own making to the point where he considers it all normal.  All the things the psych people have indicated align themselves on behavioral, moral judgement, and problem solving issues.. and being tossed into a totally strange and foreign environment… after a life of affluence and having been raised in a world of parental apathy and starved for basic love.  He’s learned to lie to gain trust… and he lies prolifically to try and gain respect.  The reality he does not know.. no one believes him and his personal credibility is gone.  No.. he’s not a Presidential “victim” of life by any means.  Literally he is a poor slob who got yanked out of his world to play with the grownups… and the result of a mismanaged nature vs nurture, he simply can’t play well with others.  He’s emotionally starved and will be until the day he passes into the next world.  Sound like I feel sorry for him?  He’s a fellow human being.. of course.  A quick fix to his problem and the world’s problem is just resign.  But as this week has shown, he doesn’t see himself as the problem but rather as the Chosen One to fix it.  Quitting is not his thing without a self-destructing fight.  In a way his supporters.. those nutty rallies…  just serve to enable him further; his drug of choice.

But for as much humanity I think he may possess, or that I might show toward him, matters not one iota to my own patriotism in what his bumbling inexperience is doing to the country.. and now the world.  He’s got to go… and the sooner the better (hear that, Nadler?).

One thing IS for sure… Trump will continue to get worse as pressure against him builds and he will continue to lash out with the strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected, to the end… at the country’s expense.   We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.



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