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As an American I am NOT one bit happy about today’s courtroom revelations.  Yes, I have a blog that promotes Trump’s incompetence and I do echo some Constitutional way to get him removed.  You’d think I’d be breaking out the Champagne.

But there is no delight in any of today’s events.  Bottom line… some clown sold a bunch of unwitting  fellow Americans on some hope, as ill-conceived as it was, and he just dashed their dreams in a fog of lies, mistrust, and flat out breaking the law.

In another vein… I always have hope and faith in the Constitution, and subsequently the legal system that spawned from it.  What happened today makes me proud of the system.  Yeah.. that system is not perfect by any stretch and has it’s flaws… but it can work quite well at times, in the hands of honest, dedicated, and professional purveyors of law.  We are, after all, a nation of laws.. and no one is excluded.

Honestly I don’t give a tinker’s damn if Trump goes to jail or pardons himself.  He simply has NO moral business being President.  Now he has no business at all for being President since he’s broken the law.  Now that he’s crossed that “high crimes & misdemeanors” threshold it’s all up to Congress.  Now.. do I expect Congress to act?  Maybe not until after the mid-term election.

Remember This?

Trump:  “I’ll choose the best people for my administration.”

Well, let’s take a look at some of these “best people”….


You got on this list losers, thieves, scoundrels, liars… incompetents, inexperienced, inappropriates, and, ok.. well, maybe this is a list of DEPLORABLES.. with more to come!

Trump went to another rally today, in Charleston, West Virginia… AFTER the news had broke on the media.  Given how much his presidency has changed today his audience of ill-informed Americans just did their usual clapping, clamoring, and cheering over his usual nonsense and meaningless infantile rhetoric.  While it was expected that Congressional democrats have been voicing their discontent over Trump’s illegal campaign activity.. the GOP has been very noticeably silent.  This all suggests the great possibility that the Trump base and Congressional GOP members could care less and just let time pass with no action (at least until they might get replaced in November).

This could end up being a pretty nasty period of time with Trump supporters blindly continuing to follow him no matter what happens.

All we can do is wait and see.  And Mueller isn’t even done yet.  Yeah.. this kinda makes Watergate look like just a  bad weekend.

Oh.. one more thing… here are the points to remember this day…

Day of The Current Year:   233

Days Into His Administration:  578

Days Left In His Term (if he gets that far):   882


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