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“Breaker, breaker, good buddies.. you guys copy me?”

I caution those folks wishing to assign some level of grand intellectual strategy in Our Dear Leader’s decision to Tomo-bomb one of Assad’s airfields.  There are a lot of talking heads across all the networks suggesting one thing

or another regarding the political and military impact of the recent events in Syria.  I gotta submit, folks, this air strike simply is what it is… and as you see it.  Nothing more.

I recently replied on a blog that this air strike is simply a form of diplomatic “language” between Trump and Assad.. and anyone else’s interpretation and conclusions is up to them.  The same can be said for Russia “speaking” to Trump (and the world) by cutting off use of the joint communication medium by which both parties avoid bumping into each other on the Syrian “battlefield” (that “de-confliction hotline”.. cool term), and, sending in a another destroyer into the region.  Both seemingly insignificant in importance, but symbolic to save face.

(For example, if Russia intends to back down their military efforts in supporting Assad a bit then why would we even need to inform each other to get out of the way.  Another medium Russian ship in the region is of little consequence given the Russian navy has used this one and others to launch against rebel positions inside Syria anyway.  You get the idea.)

Returning to this idea that some people are interpreting this move by Trump as being some great and grand strategy by the art-of-the-deal maker.  Look… it was three days between the dead baby pics hitting the news and Trump launching missiles.  Given his stance regarding the Syrian civil war to this point had been essentially, “leave it alone”, it’s very not likely a new grand Syrian foreign policy was whipped up inside of 3-4 days.  Trump is NOT intellectually that tuned to these kinds of problem solving situations.  He’s impulsive into the moment, and his staff is no better.  Tillerman, our great Secretary of State, doesn’t have much of a State Department left to work with to hammer out a focused policy… and the senior White House staff is in its own structural chaos day-to-day (although today it’s being reported that the White House is in kumbaya mode now and no one is leaving… for now).

Ah, well… another week at the office is finished!  It’s the weekend!  It’s Mar-A-Lago time!!

Let’s send the Chinese guy home so our President can get a few holes in, please!  The man simply MUST be exhausted!


To the people praising Trump for this action… (thinking this is a “new” Trump)

Sorry, folks.  The air strike is what it is.  Trump kicking a little sand into the face of Assad.  Don’t expect a lot of reaction from any of this, and most assuredly don’t expect “policy” resulting from this.

To the Trump supporters in the land…  (feeling shame and disappointment)

Your boy has failed bigly thus far in trying to carry out his campaign promises.. and now he’s gotten deeper into this Syria thing when you believed in his campaign pontifications to the contrary… that the U.S. would not get involved in that mess.  This has to be a real disappointment for you all.

Give me a few minutes to gloat, then I will hold my hand out to help you to your feet.

What message did Assad get from all this?  Well, it’s not even 24 hours after the bombing and the Syrians have got fighters using the runways and it seems the airfield is back in business.  I think the only message Assad got is likely from some security guard on base,

(phone rings at Assad’s bedside)

(Assad answers, with a sleepy voivce.)

Assad:  “Speak to me… and make it good”

Security Guard:  “Hey, Boss,  the U.S. blew up some buildings at your airfield.  Damage is not so bad but you might wanna send someone over here with a mop and broom to clean the place up, and send a few guys over to get the debris off the runway so it doesn’t get into the jet engines.”

Assad:  “And you interrupted my sleep for THIS??”

Security Guard:  “So sorry, Boss… but the Russians are pissing and moaning about a broken water cooler over here.”

Assad:  “Tell them I think there is a spare one in the underground bunker, in the back behind the nerve gas barrels.  Now don’t bother me!”


Yep, message received, Trump.  Loud and clear!  “You’re a putz.”

Carry on, America.