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A Constitutional crisis is anything the other side says it is. -Me

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“….from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”

There are times, being only human, that I get wound up over all the hub-bub surrounding Trump.  I am certainly not alone.  I will openly admit.. shhh.. don’t tell anyone… but there was more than once I welled up inside (and outside) in the months following his inauguration.  I am certainly not alone here either.  Now.. before any Trump supporters reading this might relish in the prospect of my ever-so-slight emotional release in Trump’s early days being interpreted in the least that Hillary lost.. let’s put some perspective on this.  I was in shock & awe over the fact that he won.. not in the least that Hillary lost.

Let’s look at this a tad more deeply here.  I was perfectly aware of what Trump’s faults were going into this, although I certainly had no idea how things would unfold.  But, yes, they did unfold.. literally.   Perhaps “unravel” is a better word.  Seeing the embodiment of incompetence, total loss of presidential respect for tradition, respect for the office in general, and disrespect of the Constitution in the role the Executive level takes in our republic, the incidents and events that unfolded were nothing but shock & awe… and tore at my patriotic heart strings and level of American pride that I never experienced before.  This had nothing to do with Hillary…… or her damn emails… or Benghazi… or anything else about her that’s been investigated ad naseum.   To deal with it I focused on the Constitution itself.  The very document Trump was ignoring in favor of his pompous biases… and lies to the American people.

Here we are, two years later.. and certainly no better off as a nation politically or even morally.  Oh sure.. the economy is going great and unemployment is at an all time low, but that had started before Trump.  Sure, we can give Trump credit for not screwing that part up in two years, but then again, the economy is bigger than Trump.  He opens his mouth and no one believes him… and business goes on.

But if one steps back a bit to see what might be unfolding here as we approach 2020 there could be any number of interesting scenarios that do not favor Trump.  Let’s forget about the Mueller “thing” and all the other investigations for a moment.

  • Brexit could be a big wrench in our currently warm & fuzzy economy. If the economy sours in the coming two years then toss that onto Trump’s shit pile to worry about.  Not even him filling the Federal Reserve with loyalists is going to change that.
  • The Democrat field of candidates will provide pressure against Trump. Look at it this way… there are a LOT of candidates who, in one way or another, are going to focus their campaigns against some part of Trump World.  That leaves only Trump himself to defend himself.. which of course he is more than willing to do as long as his Tweet fingers hold out.  While the mainstream Democratic strategy is seeming to avoid the word “impeachment”, they are nonetheless going to focus on policies, issues, and their perceptions of unifying a divided nation, and far less about Trump’s performance, or lack thereof.  The idea is to not upset the base into making them think Their Guy is being attacked on all sides.  Although hard not to think that anyway when there’s 20+ people all on your ass at once.  Trump won’t be able to focus his attentions on a single Democratic candidate until after the primary.  In the meantime the media is going to be awash with Dem candidates picking on every inch of him for the next year.
  • Congress; the House especially, is not going to let much get by that Trump may want.  They got their own investigations going on.  The latest being Chairman Nadler’s request for Trump’s tax returns from 2013 to 2018.  That fight is going to go on.  Also, more subpoenas from other committees for other issues.
  • Now let’s add all the investigations.  We’ve yet to see Mueller’s report.  Once that’s released, there’s bound to be a tidal wave of legal and/or Congressional activity. The New York courts are doing their thing (can’t be pardoned for any violations in that venue), there’s a Federal Court or two going on.   It’s a damn mess for Trump.

Given all that, his base isn’t going to be sitting silent on all this “pick on poor Donald” activity.  There’s going to be the same old litany of Clinton-comparisons, Obama-comparisons, secret conspiracies, deep state, yada, yada.  There’s going to be the continued defense barrage from the Right that “He really didn’t mean to say it that way.” (as if they know what he’s actually meaning, or thinking).  As the Dem candidate field gets more rhetorical when the campaigns swing into action.. the Right is going to have their hands (and Tweet fingers) busier than all heck conveying fear of those Constitutional-destroying, Amendment-shattering, Liberals… and Socialists.. who want to take away their guns.. and freedoms.  Trump supporters seem to focus less about any issues and take more relish in defending Trump’s accusers.  Expect lots more of that.

What will be the hotbed issues?  Immigration of course… health care for sure… domestic economic policies to “rescue” the rural red state folks who lost their mining and factory jobs to technology.  LGBT rights… abortion will slip in.  Point being… those will funnel through as the public prefers the priority.  Not for me to belabor that here.  Trump pretty much hasn’t done a damn thing in these areas either so anything can take shape.  That in itself will add to Trump’s pressure.

Here’s my point to all this…. not a lot is going to get done regarding running of the country.. and maybe that’s a good thing, for now with Trump still around.  The biggest problem is that Trump will still be able to just plain piss people off.  Especially the international community; the hot spot demagogues, our allies, our treaties… and continue to make the country a laughing stock.

My projection here is that Trump was, and always has been, a detriment to the country and unfit for office for ALL Americans, not just a “take sides” thing.  For all I care, vote a capable person into office that carries Trump’s basic agenda… that’s fine with me.  But Trump never was ‘the man” for the job.  Do I think he is some sort of “enemy” to the nation?  Sometimes a perceived “enemy” is the result of a person’s incompetence in the position… and not an “enemy” from malicious intent.  I am sure Trump firmly thinks he is helping the country and he is using the same “tools” that have helped him in the past in business.  But there’s still a debate that he’s been such a great businessman using his “techniques”.  But he’s more than just a perception of having some winning formula he takes from business to run a country.  His overall persona and behaviors and biases are out of whack for the job.  He becomes an “enemy” because he IS incompetent as his actions do not help America one bit.  But the fact that his incompetencies occupy the highest office in the land is the threat to America.


His Base?

I’ve said this before.. they are our fellow Americans.  Whether the working poll numbers are 38%, 40%, 45%, whatever their numbers, those of us non-Trumpers can’t ultimately just dismiss this group as misguided deplorables.  And most certainly, when Trump departs the White House in whatever way that turns out, those folks will still be there and many are our neighbors, friends, and most important, family.  If there’s any celebration at all after all this ends.. it should be that the Constitution prevailed.  We’ve got to get EVERYONE back on track toward the ability to compromise… and accept the occasional pendulum swings one way or the other without the need to shove off respect for each other in being American.

For me the victory will be the thing that I turned to in the very beginning.. the Constitution itself.  If Trump or anyone else is found guilty of corruption or criminal intent while in public office or not then let our established laws sort it out.  In the end we can again return to the pride of being Americans in a nation of laws… and bring back a morality of purpose, compassion… lost by both sides… and with it all, hold true to our imperfect democracy that has worked for the last 250 years… and still remains the best  work-in-progress the world has ever seen.


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