It’s being reported in a Washington Post article that during that meeting President (gawd) Trump had with with the Russian Foreign Minister, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., and that Russian photographer from Tass (the only press allowed in the meeting), in the Oval Office, apparently revealed a “code word” secret regarding the airline laptop restriction situation.

To make matters worse, in an attempt to short circuit the accusation, White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster approached the press outside the White House and told the world that  “…at no time were sources or methods discussed…” at that meeting.  The Post article said nothing about Trump having revealed “sources and methods” but rather he flat out spilled a secret shared with the U.S. by an intelligence ally.  This sends a distinct signal to ALL our intelligence allies that the U.S. president and his administration can’t keep a secret.

As I have been saying.. WTF is going on in the White House???  Each week, if not each day, some stupid screw up from Trump hits the news.  Now he’s is screwing up with the reputation of our country.  When are these republicans going to wake up and think less of their idiotic “loyalty” to some sort of Trump’s bastardized republicanism because they finally have a congressional majority, and consider their pledge they all made to place their loyalty to the Constitution?  These guys are all going to loose their mid-term seats, and subsequently the majority.. and once that happens the Dems are going to have a wide open field toward impeachment.  The GOP should take an example the GOP members who sided to impeach Nixon, and ended up being political heroes in their own right.

There’s chaos in the White House and so far Congress hasn’t done a damn thing other than political vaselating… and this Russia-gate investigation is moving far too slowly.

Trump the Buffoon needs to be removed from office; how much more has to happen each week until Congress get’s their collectives asses in gear?