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Lying and Tweeting and Misbehaving, Oh My!

Every Trump supporter should ask themselves a question… why was this election voter turnout the highest for a mid term election in the last one hundred years, even beating out the previous record set way back in 1966?

Here’s another question.  A recent poll of a group of active duty military personnel conducted by The Military Times revealed Trump supporters within the ranks came to 46%… mostly enlisted.  Trump dissenters were 44%… mostly officers and female troops.  Any thought as to why the nearly even split… and markedly differentiated between enlisted and officers?

I ask these two questions to help illustrate that the average Trump supporter seems to suggest an aire of amazement that not everyone is signing on to Trump.  Trumpsters have no real idea why so much of the population doesn’t support him.  Those that do venture a thought on the subject are relatively accepting that it’s simply a matter of different ideologies.. Liberals/Conservatives or GOP/Dems.. or Obama-Clinton lovers/Trump.  They (Trumpsters) have absolutely no correlation toward assigning anti-Trumpians to an objection with the man himself; his ill-behaviors, moral deficiencies, scathing rhetoric across the board.  Trump supporters are totally focused on the “good” allegedly being done by that man, regardless of how he may deliver all that “good” to the country.  And because Trump supporters only see the “good” in all his policies they presume to think anti-Trumpians dispute his “good” policies in some way when it’s actually the man himself that people dislike.  There’s obviously a larger theoretical question here regarding the phenomenon of one person liking a complete jerk and another person thinking the same person is in fact.. a complete jerk.  Apparently the definition of charisma.  But that’s not what this post is about.


His Bombastic Hyperbole… or Rather, His Lies To Feed Fear

The greatest issue I personally have is Trump’s most glaring fault… he lies constantly… to deceive, embellish, or for his personal vanity.  The Washington Post has been keeping track; over 5,000 to date going into this last October alone.  Trump supporters seem to appreciate what he says, lies or not (or for that matter, what Trump always says must be true).  A number of his campaign promises were built on whatever he felt needed attention, and less about having done any personal research or having some first hand knowledge.  Much of these kinds of lies were just populist/nationalistic leanings.  A lot of his policies that related to aspects of the economy were centered around a loss of jobs.  Jobs have always been the election campaign meal of choice because there is always someone somewhere out of work and displaced by some governmental intervention.  Yet the irony in this Trump campaign is that the nation’s low unemployment level is breaking all records for at least the last decade or two.  In spite of the record low unemployment Trump is making a case for jobs.. and people have fallen for it.  Or the other direction, maybe the government numbers are wrong?  Not likely.  In actuality the pressure is stemming from the wages of the middle class not keeping pace and the subsequent indicators that the rich are getting richer at the expense of the middle class.  Those closed up manufacturing plants and the vanishing $50/hr union jobs over the last couple decades is a lot more about advancements in technology automation (robotics if you will) and changing supply & demand market conditions, and far less about companies moving offshore because of lousy trade deals.  Those coal mines have cut back or closed due to the greater economy achieved in alternative energy sources like solar; demand for coal has dropped.. it’s the market, not “lousy” trade deals.

Anyway, let’s explore a few of his “good” things Trump has done for the country.

So let’s run down some of those campaign promises that he felt were required to address in order to assign blame for those folks out of work.

Immigration – At the time of the campaign actual illegal immigration and illegal drug smuggling had been down for a number of years; the volume just wasn’t there to suggest a “crisis”. The rates continue to decline.  The greatest illegal immigration problem is the alleged rise in the percentage of estimated illegal aliens as a result of visa overstays.. and not just from south of the border.  A large number are from Europe and Asia.  Trump lied to sell his perception of the fear of hordes of drug-toting, disease-bearing poor people.. and rapists are entering the U.S. all along the southwestern border, to suck up welfare and take jobs away from Americans.  Presumably our remote porous border was an invite for anyone to cross the desert illegally… and of course, to tunnel undetected under existing barriers.  In spite of the illegal problem being more about visa overstays from legitimate border crossings than traversing across deserts, rivers, and mountains.. or tunneling… Trump spread the fear that a wall was needed as well as stricter immigration laws.  Just to make the lie more enticing, he assigned blame to Mexico and said they would pay for the wall… when in fact, he has no experience in international diplomacy, negotiations, or the slightest idea what he was talking about.  But what he was saying was being gobbled up by his base.  And his the icing on the cake… to those who didn’t like his policy he accused them  as “wanting open borders to just let anyone in”.   He never did any research, he had no stats, federal or otherwise to support his claims.  It didn’t matter.  Again, his base eats that stuff up.  I am all for strong immigration.. and likely just enforcing our existing laws is good enough but we need technology support and solid, speedy legal processing… and set limits and criteria.  But just attacking the immigration issue as if they were an invading horde and locking people up and separating parents from their kids is pure nonsense.

Rescinding Obama Era climate restrictions – This is another imagined blame for loss of jobs and closed factories in those red states, and the fossil fuel industries. While “some” factories/businesses moved to other countries to reduce operating costs, by and large the more accurate reasoning was simply changing market demands.  By time Trump was campaigning the alternative energy industries were employing far more people than all the fossil fuel industries combined.  Economically for the country jobs were not lost but rather shifted as a result of market demand… alternative energy was becoming cheaper than fossil fuels.  Did unemployed miners and oil industry people lose jobs?  Of course.  Was it due to Obama environmental restrictions?  Of course not.  The Obama restrictions were not done at the drop of a hat as some political knee-jerk.  They were positive initiatives meant to begin to address global warming.  Trump just yanked them away without thought and totally based on his own nationalistic bias.  We should never have left the climate treaty because that was not mandatory; it was an agreement to begin an international initiative to clean up the environment and address global warming.   I am NOT a science denier; we better start clearing up the environment.. and soon.  This isn’t some grand Chinese conspiracy… although the idea of this fear  feeds Trump’s base just nicely.  China couldn’t pay off all the world’s scientists… nor would those scientists allow themselves to compromise their careers and accepting some payoff.  Another conservative conspiracy theory his base loves.  I’ve had enough science in school to know the difference for myself without media convincing me one way or the other.

His Claim He Made The Great Economy – The improved economic recovery began under the Obama administration. If anything, in spite of the unwarranted tax cut for political purposes, the economy has grown in spite of his various interventions.  But his base loves him to take the credit.

Repeal ObamaCare –  Trump hates anything with Obama’s name on it and this is no exception.  His base likes removing anything “Obama” also.. for no good reason.  He failed in trying to stop Obamacare because few in Congress and the public wanted to stop it.

Bad Trade Deals; The World Is Ripping Us Off – The country has been doing just fine until Trump, in all his collective wisdom, decided the nation was being ripped off. The greater absurdity was his claim that he was the only one who could make the deals to “fix the problem”.  Now, there’s no question that with some countries there are some trade disparities and very true some international trade negotiations could be tuned up to improve our national interest.  But our economy has been doing just fine since WW2 with the existing trade deals.  We are still the big guys on the block in all areas.  China remains a great abuser of trade and certainly that is one of those locations to “fix”.  But the real issue at play here is the concept of globalization.  While Trump’s intentions are a bit off the mark, the effort of re-negotiating trade deals makes some actual sense.  The problem is.. Trump supporters are generally under the misguided idea that a businessman like Trump has any diplomatic experience much less any understanding of international politics.  He’s a blunt force object.  Hence he’s pranced around the globe pissing off our allies with his loud-mouth rhetoric just to bully them into accepting our preferred trade deals.  Sadly, we can’t rely on traditional domestic diplomacy institutions like the State Department  because he’s recklessly gutted the staff (discussed later).  Trade wars are looming on the horizon now.

In Fact, Let’s discuss His International Diplomacy – North Korea has been a dance between two incompetents… and Trump tells us not to worry about NK launching nukes. Yet, the Dear Leader of the North is still saber rattling and has yet to make one concession.  Trump is buddy with the Russians and that in itself is a whole volcano ready to explode in the coming weeks when the Mueller investigation completes its report.  Trump has done an excellent job bullying our NATO allies with idiocy falsehoods about the U.S. footing the bill for NATO defense.  Then there’s the pullout from the agreement with Iran… an agreement that was working just fine.  Now our nation looks likes we can’t be true to our word.  While Trump supporters are imagining the world is finally showing us some respect, the reality is showing Trump as a laughing stock and America is losing grip on our influence as a world leader along many fronts.

Isis? – He didn’t “eliminate” Isis.. our military did. It happened under his administration, sure.  And besides, common sense suggests you just don’t kill an idea.. it moves somewhere else.  Syria is still a mess.  But Trumpsters think he’s a great military leader.

Antagonist-In-Chief –  Trump has single-handedly bullied, dissed, victimized, and belittled a number of our nation’s treasured institutions with false, misleading, and outright lies as to their integrity.. from the intel community, the FBI, the DOJ, and even members of esteem of the U.S. military. This alone contributes to the national divisiveness and fear Trump needs to validate his own existence.  Trump supporters find these accusations acceptable and reasonable since it’s easy to believe in conspiracies and Trump’s enemies lurking around every corner.  

Cabinet Appointments – For the most part these appointments have been selected for their business acumen and have been ill-experienced and blundering fish out of water in their respective assignments… many replaced more than once. This constant chaotic administration, created by Trump and accepted by his supporters, does nothing but expose our national vulnerabilities to those around the world who would like nothing more than to discredit our democracy.  To Trump supporters, he has drained the swamp and replaced those elitists with wonderful business people; the best of the best.

The list of his failures just goes on.. and his own personal legal problems are likely going to manifest themselves further given he’s failed to be transparent with his tax returns and potential exposure to emoluments  violations.

The thing with Trump is that while his policies and campaign promises were based on his personal biases and ignorance of the facts, there was a measure of merit in some, yet his objectionable personality got in the way.  In the end.. his supporters will still support him in spite of all of this.


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