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Top Ten Reasons Trump Should Not Leave The Country To Visit Kim


Top Ten Locations Trump Can Deliver The State Of The Union 

Top Ten Reasons Trump Should Not Leave The Country To Visit Kim

Our Dear and Fearless Leader, Comrade Trump, is planning a trip outside the country to see that other Dear Leader, Kimmy from North Korea.  It seems this time the boys are headed on the Road To Vietnam.  I’m surprised Trump is going given the last time he was to likely to go there, courtesy of the U.S. government, he got out of it due to bone spurs.  I suppose we can presume it will be safer for him to go there this time around.  Following my initial verbal outcry to my Spectrumized TV upon learning of his intended trip (“Oh, s**t, here we go again!”), I thought it prudent to make a post of my reasons that he should not go.

10.  Nothing good ever comes from him leaving the country. On the other hand, nothing good ever comes from him returning.

9. His local D.C. and Mar-a-Lago McDonalds will have to shutdown; the 17 locations in Vietnam would have to hire additional staff. (17 locations??? Did we win the war after all?)

8. Mueller will show up at the White House with a search warrant on a day Melania answers the door.

7. He needs to clear the trip with his Russian handler, Putin, first.

6. Truth might leak out without him around to deny it.

5. Giuliani might leak out.

4. There’s a strong possibility immigration would assume he’s an unaccompanied child and detain him at the border.

3. There’s a strong possibility immigration will let him back in anyway.

2. Melania will change the locks… again.

And the number one reason Trump should never leave the country…

  1. There’s no extradition treaty with Vietnam.


Top Ten Locations Trump Can Deliver The State Of The Union 

It’s apparent that Pelozi and Trump are doing the back-and-forth on being invited, or not, to the Capitol to give the SOTU speech for the year.  So since our Dear leader is having trouble finding an audience who wants to hear his lies and mindless mumblings I thought I’d submit some options for his consideration.

10. Deliver by Tweet on the Golden Commode.

9. From a long walk on a short plank.

8. From prison.

7. From Bellevue.

6. On stage next to Jeff Dunham.

5. From McDonalds

4. From one of the existing El Chapo tunnels going under the wall that can’t be dug under the wall.

3. On stage with Vladimir Putin.

2. From Nancy Pelozi’s bedroom.

And the number one location Trump can deliver the State of the Union…

  1. From Rudy Giuliani’s imagination.



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