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Back during the campaign I suggested that given Trump’s persona and general demeanor that him winning the White House will be his own career demise; the man will destroy himself.  Sadly.. it seems that’s the progression so far.  The nation will be his collateral damage.  Well, a few days ago the Prez admitted to the cameras that he and his White House was “under siege”.  Any “normal” president would never admit to that in public.. preferring to always present encouragement and optimism.  But Trump seems to be trying to communicate to his voter minions; letting them know that he is being attacked and he needs their continued support.  Keep feeding the divisiveness.

Now, we all know that when Trump has those rallies it’s his way of getting his power “fix”; his drug of choice to prop him up psychologically.  He’s supposed to be president for ALL Americans… but that doesn’t matter to him.  You saw a little of that today at the cabinet meeting.  Going around the table, each cabinet secretary paid homage and allegiance to the President, to show the nation that this is one kumbaya White House.  A couple of the secretaries had something of substance to report but most of them were just there to kiss the ring for the cameras.  It was embarrassing for the secretaries and me as an American.  But for him it was a shot in the arm.

Then there was Ivanka’s interview with Fox earlier today.  Of course she echoed her dad’s ridiculous response to the Comey testimony as being “vindication” that the President was not being investigated, at least as of January 27 (he’s surely under the microscope now).  But what was of note was again a demonstration of the Trump family presenting themselves as victims.  She went on to comment about the viciousness of Washington politics was more than anyone ever expected.  Well, the Trump family are outsiders to any sort of politics so anything might appear vicious.  More so…  while she is lamenting about being a victim to this viciousness she has apparently forgotten how vicious her father was during the campaign.  Calling people names, degrading and name-calling rally cries of other candidates, encouraging retribution on the floor of the rallies against those in the crowd protesting Trump, spouting lies and fake facts… no, sorry, Ivanka… daddy was pretty vicious.. and still is.  In fact, he’s playing games with this reluctance to come clean on whether he has taped (recorded, actually… “tapes” and “taping” is old school Watergate tech) his dinner chat with Comey, just to be dramatic.  Everything with him is a drama.

If Trump’s administration is under siege, his defense thus far is a mess… and his position on Mount Olympus, as worshiped by the cabinet members today, and his Conservative followers, is not likely tenable.  He’s not going to shut up and do his “campaign promises” agenda, he’s not going to stop tweeting his trash, and as of this moment it’s being reported that he might remove Special Prosecutor Mueller.  This guy (the President) has a political death wish… just because he thinks he’s a CEO.  Another salvo in the “fortress Trump” siege was from Maryland and D.C. in their suit filed today for Trump flagrantly violating the emoluments clause.

Not even Casey Ryback (Seagal in the Under Siege films) can help him now.  The beat goes on.

Carry On America.