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Whatever happened to “Be Prepared”?

Now that we are heading into another election cycle it’s probably prudent to review the new “threat” to either gender of being exposed as a past groper, abuser, or the unwelcome “toucher” of another human being, affecting a candidate’s election success.  While this has started from the #MeToo movement  it actually flows across both genders given the  straight and LBGTQ possibilities with us humans.

In the last couple days former VP Joe Biden, not yet declaring his candidacy, has been challenged by  Lucy Flores, a former Nevada state assemblywoman, as she described Joseph R. Biden Jr. touching her inappropriately and kissing her on the head during a Democratic campaign rally in 2014, when he was Vice President.  This is the first such accusation against any current 2020 candidate, and the question as to whether it will be the last is up for grabs.  But the one thing that isn’t up for grabs is the apparent popular trend of women coming together to reveal past abuses by men of power.  It’s not just women either, as the case with actor Kevin Spacey allegedly trying to intimidate a male production staff member with inappropriate contact and verbal inferences.  The passage of time of these infractions doesn’t matter, as illustrated in the appointment hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, going back to his college days.

Now, I am not any sort of election strategist but seems to me that among the many things a potential candidate prepares for is the possibility of negative press given anything about the candidate that is known and, most important, anything that might be unknown in a candidate’s past.  Just because something is unknown in no way means it was made unknown by intent to avoid exposure, but also because of a past insignificance suddenly becoming significant.  Being prepared allows greater flexibility in steering the potential fallout; flipping words, creating spin, whatever gets the candidate off the hook, or in the least shift the narrative.  Frankly, if I were a male candidate, I’d have a public response already in the can ready to use, not because I think somewhere in my past I did something untoward to any gender of human being, but because I have no idea if I did.

For example, Biden’s two responses thus far are pretty lame IF he is going to be a candidate.  Here’s what I would have said as my public statement to the very first accusation…

I have had a long and successful political career in serving this country, which included the honor of serving the nation and President Obama as his Vice President.  One of the attributes I have called upon to engage with people, to empathize, to show sincerity, to show that I deeply care about the good things we do in America as well as the good things we yet need to do in America… I am, simply put, a person of friendly nature who has tended to express that trait with a measure of close physical contact that was not necessarily frowned upon in those days providing one was pure of heart.  This has often been  described as my “touchy-feely side”.  While that seems to suggest a casual, friendly human expression… I have come to realize that these actions could very much be interpreted as unwanted contact… leaving persons uncomfortable in the least, and possibly affecting  them far more deeply than I could ever have imagined.

Lucy Flores has come forward to make public her own feelings that she experienced such unwanted, unwelcome contact from me a number of years ago.  While I don’t actually recall that specific event or actions as she presents, as I have attended so many events in my career, I willingly accept the possibility that I could have indeed conducted myself inappropriately in that manner.  I have absolutely no reason to doubt her story nor would I insult her or anyone else in trying to reject total responsibility for my actions.  I would heartily deny that my actions were inspired by malice or with any possibility of sexual  connotation, but I do not deny that my actions could be interpreted as being inappropriate, and I do not deny that my actions toward Lucy Flores WAS inappropriate.

Having said that, I appreciate Lucy Flores in coming forward to make her story public.  If I plan on running for President it’s proper to expect a calling out on those things that imply behaviors not becoming of what Americans want to see in their President.  All I can offer to Lucy Flores is a public apology.. and most certainly a private apology if she would so accept that.  She was correct in presenting this when she did… and I am rightly dismayed over my inappropriateness as my thoughts were never to suggest anything other than friendly camaraderie.  If there are others who feel I have treated them in the same fashion, please let me know.. privately or publicly… and I will acknowledge accordingly.. and certainly apologize as appropriate.

In the end it will be up to the voter to decide if this should affect my candidacy, if I become a candidate.


The reader might note that this public statement contains a stronger element of explaining the “why” of his actions without using it as a reason to defend any culpability.  It’s a way of saying “I’m human and I acknowledge messing up.”  It explains that while the specific event he doesn’t recall, there is no denial that it didn’t happen and would be consistent with his typical outgoing trait in being friendly “to a fault”.  Of particular note is the subliminal message being sent in paragraph 3, second sentence.  It sends a subliminal message that perhaps anyone who serves as President be subject to the same scrutiny… implying the current sitting President being equally culpable in his own way, and likely to a greater degree.

It ends with an invitation to other persons who have also experienced his inappropriate behavior to come forward for a formal public apology.  As I already stated.. I’m not a political crisis handler but we see over and over again in political history that denying responsibility does more harm than avoiding it.  Yet politicians will still line up to try and put out a grass fire by tossing on gasoline and wonder what went wrong later.



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