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There are many in this country who measure a person’s level of patriotism by their magazine capacity.  -Me

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Um… no… we don’t.

The recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton have again brought the national discussion to gun control and again I am seeing the main Conservative defense for “leaving guns alone” as being the divine will of the Founding Fathers to allow for the average American to take up arms against an unruly government.

I am a ham radio enthusiast and this last July 4th, Independence Day, I overheard on my ham radio a fellow local female ham enthusiast I never met but recognized the voice, married, and a mother, blurt out the following over the airwaves…

“Today is the day we celebrate gun ownership!”

This is where we are at these days, folks.  It sickens me to no end.  In this case the woman apparently loved her gun more than the fight for our independence.  Ham operators over the decades have held to the “prime directive” of radio decorum that on air discussions of politics and religion are taboo… along with the a prohibition on cursing, and what might be considered contemporary vulgarity, and the usual racism, sex subjects, yada, yada.   Obviously this woman must have thought that her remark was of some universal acceptance and appeal and her spewing that ignorant and misguided remark was going to fall on sympathetic ears.  My first instinct was to grab the microphone and accuse her of her complete lack of patriotism on the most patriotic day of the year.  But no one listens to those back-and-forth emotional remarks, and because it was the Fourth I let it go.  It just illustrates the bizarro perception of ignoring the importance of the Constitution as a whole, and not faving just one or two pet amendments.

Also… your gun ownership does not equal patriotism, or vice-versa.  Love of the (entire) Constitution and willing to defend its principles with your life, equals patriotism.


Let’s start off this post with a quote…

“The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution isn’t for just protecting hunting rights, and it’s not only to safeguard your right to target practice.  It is a Constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against governmental tyranny — for the protection of liberty.  — Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, 2016


That Reasoning Is A Bunch Of 21st Century Hogwash –

Oh.. did I just strike a nerve with some of my readers?  Before you go off half-cocked (applicable term!) rest assured I am a supporter of the Second Amendment… for all the other reasons Sen. Cruz mentioned in his above quote.  For starters one should ask themselves the question.. why is this reasoning for the Second more prevalent now than in the past?  One of the strong voices bringing this argument forward has been the NRA in defense of military style assault weapons.  Add that to the current right wing political fervor, and you have a gun base spreading the fear of tyranny when there is really little or no fear of anything even suggesting that.

If you believe in the title of this post (maybe you saw the title and said to yourself, “Hot damn!  This is what I am talking about, dear!”) then you most assuredly are NOT viewing the real world much beyond your assault rifle’s fixed front sight.  In fact, as a “free people” we likely missed the opportunity to successfully overthrow any nasty and tyrannical  government, and fully recover from its effects, pretty much as the 19th century passed over into the 20th… and it’s not about the advancements in small arms weapons tech I’m referring to here either.  This post is going to explore the obsolete reasoning of the Second contributing to the preservation of American democracy… inside America.   There are a lot of things to consider before you decide to grab the family AK-47 off the fireplace mantle and march off to Washington, D.C. to kill those tyrannical tyrant politicians.


First, Ask Yourself This Question –

The easiest approach here is simply to pose this question to everyone…. If you are a gun owner, what would it take… what would be your line-in-the-sand… to get you to grab your gun and march off to revolt against the sitting government and kill fellow Americans who stand in your way?  I’m not talking here simply being pissed at the political opinions or ideologies of others as is being displayed in our current national divisiveness (unless in fact this is worth killing people for you).  I am asking here.. what would have to happen before you did indeed feel the urge to don your surplus camo fatigues, load up a couple military ammo boxes full of bullets into the back of the Family Queen Truckster all decked out with the American flag waving in all its glory from the rear bumper , and head to the source of all the discontent… maybe your state capitol, maybe all the way to D.C.  From my vantage point, you would have FAR MORE to consider in making that decision than just “I’m a patriot getting my country back from those tyrannical bastards shredding MY Constitution!”


Those 18th Century Founding Fathers’ Op-Ed’s –

One of the popular points of reasoning to argue for the Second Amendment being necessary as a “political backup remedy using force” to preserve democracy  has been that the Founding Fathers had enough vision to apply the then current political philosophy of the day.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s often called “The Insurrectionist Theory”.  Present Second Amendment “justifiers” oft quote from those writings of various Founding Fathers that stipulate it is a human right of people to revolt against those that attempt to take away their freedoms.  It was used in the wording of the Declaration of Independence in the first sentence.  Obviously the tool of choice to use as a weapon in any revolt is a firearm (given pitch forks are rather rare these days).  Hence to wording of the Second, controversial as it turned out and often debated, is to essentially allow the average citizen the right to keep and bear arms, in a militia, in the event they would be needed in defense and/or open revolt against tyranny.  Well, we all know that a SCOTUS court judged that line also meant it is ok for general gun ownership… and that is now the law (for as an inaccurate and imperfect an interpretation it is; purely my opinion).


Would Your Trigger Be Tyrants or Politics?

I might guess that your personal “line in the sand” to get you to the place of killing fellow Americans would be partially because you might perceive a personal threat to yourself and/or your family.  Most of us would do that, even against overwhelming odds… and willing to die trying.  That’s been the basic reason for taking up arms all through human history.  But to decide to kill fellow Americans over political ideology seems a bit extreme.  But as was illustrated in the history of WW2 the ascension to power of tyrants can and do occur.  As Americans we have a set of “rules” by which we can judge a tyrant.. the Constitution.  It sets down our freedoms that distinguishes ourselves as a nation from all others.  Any American leader who attempts to curtail the freedoms, particularly with the use of some level of force.. is a tyrant.  Hence, the Constitution (through SCOTUS) has allowed us to own guns to remove the tyrant.  Whooppee!  Lock & load!

On the other hand… our own Civil War was far less about a single tyrant taking over and more about political differences.  That included the geographic and political South feeling the geographic and political North was imposing unfair economic pressures and restrictions (against slavery).  In fact, many Southerners perceived Lincoln as being a tyrant.  Now, one presumes many folks back then already had guns and could form militias, but the Confederate government also saw to raising and equipping a formal military.  The conflict was, to the North, a war of southern secession, while to the South it was a war for independence.  It does matter what you are fighting for to the respective side you are fighting on.


Yet There Is This Peplexing Issue –

Now, what the Constitution and the Second Amendment has left out (given the current SCOTUS interpretation) is exactly how we proceed removing a tyrant, or bad politicians.  The Founding Fathers wrote the amendment as part of bearing guns in organized militias; citizen soldiers being called to muster and be formed into units in the town square and fight under some level of military discipline and meet the enemy (presumably the “tyrant’s” military) head-on in Napoleonistic fashion.    Quite obviously that’s not a realistic application today.  So.. how do you expect to wage war against the tyrant?  I am sure not many gun-toting Americans have given that much thought.  So I shall here.


First Phase: The Likely Trigger To Get Us To Revolt Against The Government –

Simply put.. just change our way of life by imposing restrictions to our freedoms is a good start.  The “authorities” getting brutal and violent on trying to control public order; suspending permanently habeas corpus.  Keep in mind that these situational events are usually gradual, over time.  The images that pop into our heads are the newsreels of the rise of Nazi Germany and Hilterism.  But this is where knowing a little history helps.  Back then the economies of the world, especially Europe, were in the grip of The Great Depression and a lot of people were struggling just to survive each day.  In Germany specifically a large number of the disgruntled public were also disgruntled over their government’s submission to the unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles.. the armistice of WW1.  So the German public at the time was pretty much primed to accept anyone that sounded good to lead them out of their national despair… and logic and common sense be damned.  In other words, in that political climate there was a measure of initial public support for Hitler’s nationalistic rise to power.

So just try and imagine.. what would have to change here in America right now to make Americans revolt against the government?  Our economy.. even in the so-called “bad” recession years, is hardly tossing the public into survival despair to simply just accept any smooth talking beer hall nutjob loudmouth as a leader.  Yet the last election has certainly illustrated how a disgruntled segment of the voters can send some radical incompetent maverick to the White House thinking that person was going to force change by upsetting some establishment apple cart… and of course not touching the Constitution.  In the long term Trump’s methods will not work and he will vanish soon enough because of his own idiocy, but this can serve to illustrate that a non-traditional president can be elected under certain conditions… and gradually circumvent the Constitution like no other president in American history.  But this post is not about Trump.. but rather how anyone can even imagine the idea of supporting the Second Amendment using the Insurrectionist Theory.


While You’re Contemplating Your Own Line-In-The-Sand That Would Make You Grab Your Gun To March On The Government And Kill Fellow Americans, Consider This…

So maybe you and a few friends and neighbors have clandestinely met over at the local Elks Lodge or VFW hall.. or Joe’s basement, and you’ve all agreed it’s time to kick some government ass.  The next question.. just how is your little group going to do that?  Someone might say that they have a contact with a larger group the next town over and that everyone should join forces.  Again… join forces to do what exactly?

Now.. we all know that everyone knows exactly what will happen during some revolt, breakdown of society, some cataclysmic event… because we’ve seen all the movies… right?  Yep.. we can fight aliens, zombies, economic collapse, but our real specialty as Americans.. we can kill each other for whatever reason we find important enough.  Just name your movie.. and we’ve got it all figured out.  Perhaps the one single theme movie that tends to light the fire of tyrannical revolt imagination are the two “Red Dawn” films.  The viewer could care less who the invader is …the “ex-Soviets” up from South America with help from all the local revolutionaries in the first version… or.. the North Koreans in the re-make version.   Both films used commercial jets as transports for enemy paratroopers landing in a town near you.  While those pretexts seem pretty whacked in the real world the idea is how the films depicted our response… we all became guerrilla fighters doing hit & run strikes from the mountains.  Everyone wants to be a guerrilla fighter!  Why?  Well, heck.. you are not a disciplined fighting force, take orders from no one, make your own targets without consideration of strategic value.. just plain do your own thing… and best of all, pulling the trigger and killing people when you damn well want.

So now your little “basement” group decides to pick a leader.  Certainly that’s democratic, but using what criteria is your leader being selected?  Best speaker?  Most educated?  Biggest gun?  Most ammo to share?  Your little group decides to join forces with the group the next town over.  Again, who picks a leader and by what criteria is the person selected?  In fact, how and when does the group decide when guns and presumably sabotage-for-effect should be used?  What becomes a target… target of opportunity… strategic target and who decides that?  Obviously the only way any fighting force is effective is if all the members act as a team… and not all deciding when and where to pull the trigger on their gun individually.  Is your little group going to allow for some level of strategic command and control in directing and coordinating attacks, or does your little group have a number of self-centered, macho, trigger-happy, type-A boneheads, as members?  Also… who controls discipline within the group?  Who is the authority to enforce strategic discipline and secrecy in planning?  More to the point, who decides to kill the traitor in the group?

Again, the only real comparison in trying to work this is the Free French and other guerrilla units in various countries in WW2.  While they maybe started out as separate groups doing generalized sabotage and thwarting German transportation and communications British and American intelligence (OSS, MI5, etc.) began airdrops of radios, weapons, munitions, and military advisers… for directed and coordinated sabotage, ultimately to lend support to various Allied missions, like Normandy.  Who on the greater scale is going to coordinate revolt targets in the U.S.?  Some presumed American “government-in-exile” in Canada?  Mexico?


I know what you are thinking… “This is rather complicated.  All I want to do is kill tyrants with my gun.” 

Yeah, I bet you do.  Well, if you think that’s complicated, there’s more to consider.  For a tyrant to gain some ground in taking over a country and compel an unwilling public to concede to his/her leadership, there has to be some control leverage the tyrant can exercise.  What I would do as tyrant is make a grab to control the utilities.. gas, electric, water.  Bingo.  I’m in charge.  But it gets a bit worse.  If electric is shut off for a town, city, or region then pretty much all surface commercial transport stops for the affected area.  Don’t forget.. all a tyrant needs to do to put the country back to the 1970’s is shut off the Internet.  The public runs out of food, medical, and other necessities… and either surrenders their allegiance to try and get services and supplies restored, or continues life in the dark and in survival desperation.  And we haven’t even touched on the reprisals by the tyrant to punish any unruly public.  Rounding up people… indefinite confinement in makeshift camps…  and let’s add to that the more “colorful” stuff like tyrant government spies arresting people off the streets.. all the usual fascist stuff we see in WW2 newsreels.


Another Consideration For The “Patriot” Gun Owner –

Now we reach a point where citizens with guns have to make a decision not of what would make them grab their gun and march off to fight some tyrant, but should they be leaving their family during a time of a very likely lawless society, desperate for food and medical, disease beginning to run rampant from sewage, decomposing unburied bodies, etc.  Who is going to protect your family from desperate people, gangs, rape, murder, etc. when you have the only gun, or they need you to provide?

Here’s the thing… it’s going to be hugely unlikely that there will be a point where society is intact and you just want to march on Washington to kill a few Americans who have a different political opinion than you.  That’s complete idiocy to assume.  Before you pull the trigger in anger against another American our society will be pretty much in chaos already and very likely your attentions will be focused on family and not killing some tyrant in D.C..  Very likely, you will end up dead anyway due to any number of events… like disease, gangs wanting what you have, lawless hungry mobs, government arrests, torture, and executions, KIA while trying to be a guerrilla commando in the hills, etc.


Let’s Continue On In This Lovely Insurrection Theory Scenario.

Let’s say the revolt is a victory.  The tyrant has been removed!  The victorious mobs have executed the tyrant and his family and hung their bodies from the Washington Monument.  What’s next?  Well, society is broken down.  Infrastructure is likely needing years of repair.  Winning the revolt doesn’t immediately suggest all be will be back to normal by Monday morning for going back to work after a latte at the local Starbucks.  The country will be a social and political mess.  Critical people in critical jobs are not around anymore, casualties of death, disease, purges, etc.  There’s no economy moving, much less an organized military given those organizations will have been purged already.  Anarchy is the norm… and here’s the biggest part of all this revolt nonsense………. there will be NO going back to the life that once was, a Constitution that once was.  The people that are left will all want to re-form differently.  In fact, the original fight for independence from England was done without a lot of damage to the country and from a point where the society was already established and flourishing.  We were also not dependent on electricity and all things that depend on it today like our technology.  An open revolt in America will have no such basis for recovery and reconstruction to any previous order.  It will be a long while before McDonalds opens up again.. or the local Walmart… or your local gas station.

Love your gun for self-defense, defense of house and home, hunting, plinking, competition sport, survival preparedness, CCW, all that is fine with me.  But The Insurrectionist Theory is NO argument to support the Second Amendment, much less assault rifles.

Also, quit listening to the NRA fear-mongering that Liberals are out to take your guns.  Removing the Second Amendment takes more than just a one-party Congress.  For decades each time a Democratic president came to power people would scramble buying guns for fear the Dems would pass gun controls or ban them completely.  Never happened.  But the gun manufacturers certainly loved it.  Just as they love the fear of random mass shooters that send gun buyers back to the stores… which in turn sends money to the NRA and political allies running for elections.



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