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“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” – Marie Curie

Welcome to the NEW Finding Political I am Douglas G. McKenna, author of this place. I have been engaging in blog work for six years now on various subjects, on topics of living life, humanism, post-apocalyptic survival, and politics. Finding Political Sanity has been around since.. well, since the day after Trump’s inauguration. Yes, this is a political blog, up until now having been devoted to doing what I could to pursue Trump leaving office… trying to convey to wandering readers my objections and concerns regarding his lack of qualification and demeanor and threat to the security of the country.

What you see now on my home page represents a significant change I will be taking regarding future posts. Up until now I have been hard-hitting for Trump’s impeachment, resignation, or an invoking of the 25th Amendment to have him removed. The last three years have sadly illustrated the national political divide in the land and that alone very much dismays me beyond just trying to promote his removal from office. It’s this divide that concerns me greatly. As of this writing the impeachment hearings in the House are still continuing. For me that has changed my intentions in continuing with this blog.

In a way I have reached the place I was looking to be politically… Trump’s impending impeachment. It’s almost me saying… my job here is completed. What happens now is part wait-and-see and part preparation for what happens after all this… whether the impeachment goes through to a resignation or not, whether he wins the election or not, the final result changes everything. In the end all that matters is the state of America… and Americans.

While my new approach will be a kinder, gentler posting approach, I still reserve the right to comment about Trump as President, albeit not as caustic as before because by now we all know who and what he is, and those who don’t this far into his term have their minds made up. But my intent in this blog will be a bit less about pointing out or listing his latest immoralities and incompetencies and more toward trying to understand and question our American persona for the future. We all know his self-destructive behavior will continue should he remain in office. But collectively we are getting used to the chaos. A number of fellow Americans are simply accepting all he tosses into the wind, literally in many cases worshipping the ground he walks on as The Chosen One, and this phenomenon concerns me in general. Some extremists are hoping for some shooting civil war. I hope to be exploring this more as well.

Why do I bother warning readers that things are going to get worse in this so-called Trump Era before we see the end?  Because democracy is not on cruise control. Oh for sure the Constitution will win out in the end. It always does. But there’s usually a price to pay for complacency and arrogance; for self-centered righteousness and over-blown contempt for your fellow Americans… for your fellow human beings. The Constitution defines how we behave to enjoy the freedoms earned each day by those Americans who died protecting those freedoms, and many times died just living within those freedoms.. and because of those freedoms. Our divine right to all the freedoms so stated in those founding documents exists as long as we are willing to put up with the sacrifices along the way. This includes the sacrifices made to the process of our elections for not being always perfect in their outcomes for all, but perfectly followed according to the law intended for all. Trump has shown to be a test to our democracy and the resiliency of our Constitution, but more importantly his role as President is putting to the test our ability to respond to arbitrary power. To borrow a quote… .“ object to intellect without discipline and power without constructive purpose”. We can’t just force the man out, or replace him by vote, and simply move on, without acknowledging that he succeeded in being President by the Constitutional process we all defend… by Americans who, right or wrong or mistakenly, felt represented by him. The national divide amplified by him through his caustic persona and rhetoric, and the disappointment being revealed in his own legal abuses of power, is not the fault of the Constitution but in a combination of lack of vigilance of who we allow to convince us they have been sent to save us from ourselves, and the thought that only one political ideal defines our American patriotism. The lesson is returning to compromise, not dominance. This lesson doesn’t vanish when Trump leaves office, regardless of the scenario.

I’m not in the least looking for agreement with what I post in here… but rather discussion. One thing is seemingly for sure… no one is going to change their political opinions… but we do have a commonality… we are all Americans. The Constitution is not yours alone to protect from some perceived domestic political enemy… as that document, when followed, can protect itself from domestic challenges. We really need for all of us to protect it against the REAL foreign enemies, to our democracy and our way of life. You don’t have to be a “superman” to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Let’s discuss.