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Some of you readers might have followed me over at Doug’s BoomerRants and are now over here seeing, “What’s this guy up to now?”.  Perhaps some of you are brand new to following me at all.  I have to guess that some of you reading this don’t want to be here to begin with, because it’s just another (of many) anti-Trump blogs and you’re either tired of politics or think anyone anti-Trump has been poisoned by liberal ideology.  BUT… regardless why

you are here or how you ended up here you are still welcome, and welcome to post responses.  I don’t have a huge ego where I have set up “rules” and warn people about their responses being moderated for views contrary to mine.  Any “first reply” moderation is only going to be about replies containing more cursing than providing substance, pro or con.  Hell, there are times I want to spew out cursory vindictiveness as well (my TV gets a lot of that these days).  I truly don’t object to that when in context.

My BoomerRants blog was started as a social reflective on becoming an older baby boomer; looking at society in general, and my local living from a young senior’s perspective.  After a couple years of that the blog ended up drifting into politics, and much more so during the last campaign.  Since the “wrong” guy got elected president I’ve reached a point where it’s going to be politics for a while.  So, best to start a new blog and place the old one on hiatus.

Why An Anti-Trump Blog?

I encourage the reader to hover on the “MY REASONS” selection in the menu bar above… there’s two drop down titles that explain in detail my reasons and goals of this blog…

  • Why I Dislike This Guy As My President – First off, I am NOT a psyche professional, and I will mention this often as a reminder. What I have written in here is obviously MY opinion, on how Trump has demonstrated himself in public throughout the election and during his presidency to date.  You will note that I italicized “has demonstrated himself in public”.   I am NOT qualified to claim professionally that Trump has some mental health issues.. but I am as qualified as anyone else to judge everything he has ever said or done in public as reported in the media.  If Trump is perfectly normal and sound as any of us, in private, and his words and actions in public are just…. fake, for the cameras, or some grand strategy to make himself appear other than what he truly is, then how would I ever know?  How would any of us ever know?  All we DO know is what we see him say and do.  This is my critique of that.  (read more)
  • What I Hope To Accomplish With This Blog – My fight is to keep preaching his failings and inabilities and their ramifications to the country (which really means, to anyone who happens to stop here on my blog).   Hopefully by spreading “the word” I can keep all this discontent as a mechanism for change.  My blog exists to try and convince Trump supporters that all is not going to be what they are hoping or expecting.  As an American I find my hope inside the Constitution.  Inside that document rests the path toward removing Trump from office.  Keeping public opinion alive sends a message to members of Congress and hopefully Congress will act accordingly.  I want him removed from office, or in the least, not going beyond one term as president.  My blog here represents my small way to fight for that cause.  To summarize my position, my motivation has NOTHING to do with favoring Hillary Clinton and having sour grapes.  I have NO interest in some “invalidating” his election win.  My motivation is NOT regarding political policy differences; carrying out campaign promises.   (read more)

My Challenge to the Reader

Most of us who dabble inside blogs are veterans at skimming reading, looking only at titles and headers to determine how far we want to read… sometimes we pick out key words and phrases (sometimes base our responses incorrectly, too).. but we do these things to save time and it’s natural to want to read from authors who share our own opinions, helping to validate our own existence or opinions.  At times I do tend to get verbose (most notably on the menu MY REASONS) for many readers and that’s understandable.  As an accommodation I am trying something a little new for me…  AUDIO.

For now I will make an op-ed post each week that includes an audio rendition.  This will allow the reader to multi-task while listening instead of reading.  I may make the occasional post during the week without audio but once a week with audio should allow for a week’s summary of events.

Who Might Benefit From Visiting My Blog?

Anyone who finds value in discussing Trump and his presidency, and the politics  surrounding it.  Like most of us opinion bloggers, we feel good when someone aggrees with us, or better yet, when we can convince someone to our personal views.  My goal here is to try and help public opinion along in that Trump is not suited for the office and should be removed (peacefully and lawfully), or in the least not go past one term.  If you’re a die-hard, politically impulsive, welcoming divisiveness, the end-justifies-the-means, drain-the-swamp, make-America-great-AGAIN, dedicated Trump supporter then there’s nothing I could ever say or do to change your mind.  Just remember, my objection is to the man’s character and ability.. not so much his agenda.  My objection to him is non-partisan… especially since the partisan identities are so blurred these days… even the difference between liberalism and conservatism.

Regardless… anyone and everyone is welcome in the debate.

Make America Trump-less Again!