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In the midst of the daily Trump barrage of his administration nonsense there’s the headline of that school bus bombing in Yemen.  Not overly a big deal to the average American trying to digest the latest Trumpian fiascos, but there is something of relative importance each and every American should be concerned about.

The air strike that let to the apparently mistaken target of a school bus full of children was a Saudi strike as part of a U.S. supplied Saudi-led coalition to keep the government in power.  Below is a piece from the bomb that was used.. and therein is the problem.  It’s no secret that the Saudis have had arms deals with the U.S. over the years.  Here’s the story from CNN…

“The bomb used by the Saudi-led coalition in a devastating attack on a school bus in Yemen was sold as part of a US State Department-sanctioned arms deal with Saudi Arabia, munitions experts told CNN.

Working with local Yemeni journalists and munitions experts, CNN has established that the weapon that left dozens of children dead on August 9 was a 500-pound (227 kilogram) laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of the top US defense contractors.
The bomb is very similar to the one that wreaked devastation in an attack on a funeral hall in Yemen in October 2016 in which 155 people were killed and hundreds more wounded. The Saudi coalition blamedincorrect information” for that strike, admitted it was a mistake and took responsibility.”
According to CNN…
In March of that year, a strike on a Yemeni market — this time reportedly by a US-supplied precision-guided MK 84 bomb — killed 97 people.
Here’s an interesting twist to this.  The Obama administration put a ban on selling hi tech bomb weapons to the Saudis.. and then Trump comes along, and likely because he hates anything Obama did, he has then Secretary of State Tillerson remove the ban,
Here’s what CNN said…
In the aftermath of the funeral hall attack, former US President Barack Obama banned the sale of precision-guided military technology to Saudi Arabia over “human rights concerns.”
The ban was overturned by the Trump administration’s then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in March 2017.
As the US-backed Saudi-led coalition scrambles to investigate the strike on the school bus, questions are growing from observers and rights groups about whether the US bears any moral culpability. The US says it does not make targeting decisions for the coalition, which is fighting a Houthi rebel insurgency in Yemen. But it does support its operations through billions of dollars in arms sales, the refueling of Saudi combat aircraft and some sharing of intelligence.
Now, while I might prefer to blame Trump’s ignorance of world affairs for the destruction of this bus and the deaths of all these kids, certainly by extension given he removed an Obama-era ban, I know these things are the result of some past policies and are generally part of the international arms-for-profit market of which the U.S. is part of.  The selling of U.S. made weapons of death to the world is part of our economy… and likely helps to keep the “nasty” military industrial complex solvent enough to be there when we truly need it.  Some crazy moral expediency for sure.


But here’s my issue on this.  For decades we’ve been selling our munitions to other nations and it’s sadly not uncommon for these things being used on the “wrong” targets; bad targeting intel… and end up killing a bunch of innocent civilians all over the world.  It’s all too normal that by extension, our “Made in America” bomb debris is left behind to identify the bomb maker… and while the entity who dropped the bombs gets blamed, so does the good old U.S. of A. and then we wonder why the Third World hates us so badly?  Now our signature is left at the scene of a bunch of dead children.  How many parents/relatives are going to turn terrorist against us do you think after this event?


Ok.. if the market and foreign policy exists to provide this kind of aid to nations promoting our politics in the world then you’d think someone in the bowels of our government would have thought about making these weapons without all the identifying assembly markings.  Yes, I know… a lot of this stuff is retained in inventory for our own use and  we many times sell to foreign countries straight from our own inventories.  There are also production line considerations during manufacturing.  Making one bomb with our markings and other same bombs with generic markings means storing duplicate parts inventories.   But it still makes NO sense leaving our calling card at every mistaken target with large human collateral damage.


In the meantime… Trump is so damn ignorant of world affairs and has no concept what he is doing.  In the end, Americans will die somewhere.. either on some remote battlefield or at some shopping mall… or simply walking down the street… because some bomb that was made in America was mistakenly dropped on a bunch of kids.
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