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At least Obama told him to “Cut it out.” What has Trump done?

Contrary to what some folks might think, I generally do some level of research before slapping a bunch of words into a post.  But we all know that even that much makes no difference to Trumpsters hell-bent on following him over the cliff given facts to them are irrelevant.  But……………………..

Anyway.. I was going to open this post with a dramatic introduction regarding the Presidential oath of office, which I am contending the current president has violated.  I anticipated highlighting the phrase “..support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic..” but lo & behold… read this…

“Every Member of Congress and commissioned officer (civilian and military) in federal service as well as every enlisted service member takes an oath that requires they promise to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic …”
This oath is required by statute. The Presidential oath, the only oath in the Constitution, does not contain that language:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” 

(from   http://www.cnsnews.com/blog/rich-galen/enemies-foreign-and-domestic)

Now, this doesn’t really change my argument here but it remains yet another of those quirky government mysteries we easily overlook.  After all, wording means everything, especially in an oath.  It appears that we assume an incoming president will support and defend the Constitution from anyone, and anywhere there’s a threat to it.  I might suggest that this makes sense since future enemies to the Constitution of the U.S. could be from another world or another dimension.  If that were the case, my own oath at time of enlistment that is still in use today states… “I will defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic..” but not intergalactic or interplanetary or multi-dimensional.  If E.T. shows up on the White House lawn armed with a phaser I guess defending the place by anyone under the rank of president is optional.  Hmmm…  Beam me up, Scottie.

Okay.. back to Earth and the reason for my post here.

TRUMP is NOT defending the Constitution of the United States against Russian attempts at computer hacking in order to influence the last election.  That’s ONE reason that someone in Congress can wakeup and do something about.  Unfortunately Congress is grappling with extreme partisan differences and those investigations and they are nearly equally inept in trying to force the President to take action with Russia.  Trump is way too concerned with covering his ass in the investigations, and dwelling on and on, like his misguided supporters, lamenting about Democrats/Liberals.. and the mainstream press… in some secret plan to de-legitimize his election win.  He won!  Who’s arguing that point at all (besides the occasional left wing nutcase)??

Jump over to the CNN site to see that gawd awful exhibition of an interview with Kellyanne Conway early this morning.


The mainstream press is a buzz with the recent Washington Post story just today regarding the entire Russian hacking event as it was discovered and played out in the months before the election under Obama.  There is the obvious concern that Trump won’t even acknowledge the Russian hacks were real given all the intel agencies, including the FBI, says it happened.  When Kellyanne was asked pointed on target.. “what is the President doing about the Russian hacks?”… Kellyanne skirted the issue by remarking about there was no collusion by the President.  That back and forth went on for a long time.. with her continued evasion of any answer; blaming liberals who want to de-legitimize the election results,  blaming the press for having to use the word “Russia” for any excuse just to manipulate the public, making her belabored nonsense point that the news never reports Trump’s successes… yada, yada.  That woman  should never be allowed in front of a camera much less on camera speaking for the White House.

Now, it’s obvious that Trump and his crowd will just find a twist to blame Obama for not dealing with the Russians before the election.  The Post article does not suggest that.. but what it does suggest is the intensely difficult position of trying to work the problem when giving the details to the public would be interpreted as a political game against Trump.  The White House actually went to the Congressional “gang of 8”.. the people most cleared to learn what the Russians did, and telling them that it all pointed definitively to Putin ordering the hacking… only to find amazingly Mitch McConnell and the Republicans thought the whole thing was a scam to get Hillary elected (that’s how obsessively divided this country is… thanks to Trump).  There was also an issue that this intel was not collected by just computer trails.. that there was some human collection, which could be placed in jeopardy if revealed outside the White House.

Look… this hacking being used by other nations as a form of influencing outcomes is not very new… but the Russian intensity and ultimately the success in placing influence and the conditions to set influence (essentially placing Obama in a “damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t response condition) requires our attention.  We need to develop not only safeguards but a cohesive response to such attacks.  That means.. dare I suggest this?  A foreign policy, Mr. President.  Was the country caught with its cyber pants down?  Of course.  Did Obama screw up?  I honestly believe he did what he could.. without Congress believing it, preferring to believe conspiracy politics.  But here’s the thing… the country was not prepared for this… President Obama was not prepared for this… and they gave it their best shot.  Obama sent a few Russian “spies” out of the country, closed their country home, and applied a few sanctions.  Absolutely it was likely thought that the next president would be better to handle the problem and remedy after the election.  No question they likely thought the winner might be Hillary.  So what?  Most of us did.  But that’s old history.  Trump won, even though the popular vote pisses him off.    Timing favored the Russians in all this.  One thing we know for sure… no way in hell Trump could have dealt with this because he’s too busy trying to save his own skin.  Screw the country.

The bottom line, this makes a great reason to impeach this clown; not adhering to his oath of office to defend the Constitution.  This was an attack by a foreign power to influence an election, plain and simple.  Whether the President is guilty of collusion or not is irrelevant at this time.  We need to know what the President is going to do to defend our election process from this happening again.  According to the Post article, Obama instructed the intel agencies to develop “computer bombs” that can be set off to affect the Russian economy at will.  While there is no evidence to suggest Trump has terminated this program he certainly is signaling his ambivalence toward any retribution against Russia or trying to safeguard future elections, preferring to pay more attention to the various investigations and his own ass.

C’mon, Congress… you’re our last hope here to bounce this guy out of the White House.  Forget the damned healthcare fiasco the GOP is trying to slam through just to snub Obama.  Just do your jobs to protect the country.  The President surely doesn’t give a damn.

Carry on, America.