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I fully realize that those conservatives who do venture into my blog here (without wearing a condom) presume I am a raging liberal given my overall theme is to rid the nation of the guy in the Oval Office (when he’s not at Mar-A-Lago on weekends, and the world is placed on hold).  But I have ventured to proclaim my historical affirmation of being an “old school” (“BT”.. before Trump) liberal conservative.  In support of that view I made an early post about actually agreeing with something Trump has said.. that was in regards to his reaction to the Vegas shooting as not being a gun problem but rather a mental health problem (although I realize him saying that was In no way some commitment to addressing mental health issues in this country but rather one of his deflections away from any inkling of gun control).

Well, folks, lightening can indeed strike twice in the same spot.  I actually agree with his “Merry Christmas” proclamation… and I am nowhere near being an evangelical!

I dislike this political correctness run amok as much as the next person.  But you see, that’s a cultural preference because I was never raised on it.  Of course mom and dad raised me to tolerate and appreciate racial and cultural differences.  But… this hair-trigger knee jerk going way beyond just offensive language.. like changing  sports team icons, a movement to change the designation of computer hard drives from “master” and “slave” (for the obvious racial reason), or a town council banning the use of “brainstorming” in favor of “thought showers” to not offend those people with epilepsy.  It’s far more than nuts.

There’s a part of my “conservative-ness” that does hold on to some traditional values.  While I am a proponent of the separation of church and state.. as best as possible/practical within a democracy… I don’t necessarily favor a complete sanitizing of our religious founding, and I am willing to compromise in the views.  For example, I believe in that our Founding Fathers did in fact hold not only to the philosophies of the political theorists of the day, but were also God-fearing men in having an understanding of the Bible.  Both of these elements ended up having a strong influence in not only the Declaration but also the later Constitution.  Later in our history when our money declared our collective national recognition of Christian influence with “In God We Trust” and subsequently our “Pledge of Allegiance”, it all makes perfect sense to me.

Some readers of this might ask of me, “But wait, sir, you being a proponent of the separation of church and state yet you have no objection to the current “God” reference symbols.. you sound awfully like some damned hypocrite!”  Well, overlooking the fact that humans by nature are hypocritical (and I am still a human), I do have what I think is sound reasoning for my view (we all have sound reasons for our views… just many don’t sound like they make any sense).  Being a student of history (way more than the average person who has no care for it) I consider our nation’s early founding as having a deep Christian morality in trying to advance the equality of man (well, white man at the start) and including those concepts into our laws… and Bill of Rights.  These guys also had a rather unique idea that while they cherished their Christian roots, that they also saw ahead of their time the political necessity of the separation of church and state in order for the nation to hold all men equal… which actually meant an intentional political tolerance of diverse cultures and religious beliefs.

I really have no issue whatsoever in not having religious holiday themes and decorations on the grounds of public buildings.  If someone wants to decorate their office cube that’s one thing.  But more grand displays like nativity scenes seem out of place to me in or around public buildings.  For one thing, someone is being paid public tax dollars to put that stuff up and take it down… and if there’s lights involved, well, I’m helping to pay that bill as well.  I’d rather my public figures get paid for doing their jobs (or being available to serve me at the counter when I get there and not having to wait while they dress up Baby Jesus out on the front lawn).  Yeah… government buildings should be religiously and culturally neutral.  Obviously those older buildings with Doric or Corinthian pillared architecture containing the carvings of quotations and speeches around their facades that contain references to God, and the occasional “federal” (vs. Confederate) monument, are there to stay.. but those are likely just famous political/patriotic quotes anyway.

But even beyond political correctness… there should be no objection if the vast majority of Christians who inhabit this country wishing to use “Merry Christmas”.  If I see you on the street and say “Merry Christmas” in passing, and you are a Muslim or Jewish.. then simply retort back, “Happy Holidays” and I would think no different of you one way or the other.

“…one nation, under God, indivisible…”